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USFK Court Martial Results for July 2014

Not many cases for July 2014 for both USFK court martials and ROK criminal prosecution.  However, three more servicemembers were convicted of DUIs and one other servicemember was imprisoned for 5 years in a Korean jail for a sex crime that I have heard nothing about in the media.  Does anyone know what this crime was?

Results of Army Courts-Martial in Korea for July 2014

At a Summary Courts-Martial on 25 July 2014 PFC Lennon Leandre, 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division was found guilty of one specification of aggravated assault (Article 128, UCMJ).  The Soldier was sentenced to reduction to E1 and forfeiture of $765.00 (both suspended until 27 October 2014) and confinement for 30 days.

Results of ROK Criminal Prosecutions for July 2014

In Uijeongbu District Court on 1 July 2014, PVT Israel Fernandez, B Troop, 4/7th Cavalry, USAG Casey, was convicted of Destruction of Public Goods.  His adjudged sentence was a 1,000,000 Won fine.

In Daegu District Court on 11 July 2014, SPC Philip Patricola, 75th MCAS, USAG Daegu (Carroll), was convicted of traffic law violations including DUI.  His adjudged sentence was a 4,000,000 Won fine.

In Uijeongbu District Court on 16 July 2014, SPC Emmanuel M. Barnes, HHB, 1/15th FA, USAG Casey, was convicted of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident..  His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 10 months, suspended for 2 years.

In Uijeongbu District Court on 23 July 2014, 2LT Sean D. Stuckey, 61st Maintenance Company, USAG Red Cloud, was convicted of DUI.  His adjudged sentence was a 1,500,000 Won fine.

In Seoul Central District Court on 25 July 2014, PFC Trevor D. Cortes, HHB, 1st BSTB, USAG Casey, was convicted of Indecent Act Resulted in Injury, in violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes.  His adjudged sentence was imprisonment for 5 years, not suspended.

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Tweet of the Day: Sex Offenders Keep Teaching

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Picture of the Day: Sewol Protest

Families who lost loved ones in April’s deadly ferry sinking rally near the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul on Aug. 23, 2014, demanding special legislation aimed at uncovering truth behind the disaster that left more than 300 people killed or missing. (Yonhap)

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140,000 Foreign Nationals Have Committed Crimes In South Korea Since 2009

I am not sure how relevant these foreign crime numbers are without context of what crimes were committed:

The number of foreign nationals who committed crimes in South Korea was found to have topped 140-thousand in the past six years.

The figure was disclosed in materials obtained from the National Police Agency Monday by ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker, Lee Cheol-woo. Lee is a member of the National Assembly’s Security and Public Administration, and Intelligence Committees.

According to the materials, the number of non-Koreans who committed crimes in South Korea stood at 140-thousand-766 between 2009 and July of this year.

The materials also showed that there are 17 foreign criminals who committed crimes abroad and are hiding out in South Korea.  [KBS World]

You can read more at the link, but how many of these crimes were parking tickets and other minor infractions that have been used in the past to inflate criminal numbers?

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Nuclear Negotiator Wants More Negotiations With North Korea

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, but a former Clinton administration nuclear negotiator thinks that negotiations with the North Koreans should start again:

The United States should open dialogue with North Korea because ignoring the communist regime would only make the already bad situation worse, a former top American nuclear negotiator with Pyongyang said.

Robert Gallucci, who defused the first North Korean nuclear crisis by negotiating the 1994 Agreed Framework deal with Pyongyang, also said in an exclusive interview with Yonhap News Agency that he is willing to play a role in helping resolve the standoff if asked by the U.S. government.

“The North Korean issue, shorthanded, doesn’t get better like fine wine, (with) the passage of time,” Gallucci said. “It gets worse. With each passing year the North accumulated more highly enriched uranium, we presume, more plutonium, develops more sophisticated delivery vehicles, probably more sophisticated nuclear weapons.”

The 1994 deal committed North Korea to freezing and ultimately dismantling its nuclear program in exchange for two proliferation-resistant light water reactors for power generation, and normalization of relations with the United States.

But the landmark agreement fell apart with the second nuclear crisis in late 2002, with revelations that Pyongyang had pursued a clandestine uranium enrichment program. Six-party talks were then launched in 2003 to defuse the crisis, but the standoff is still ongoing.  [Yonhap]

You can read the rest at the link, but I am not sure what about the North Koreans nuclear program there is to negotiate about?  It is pretty clear that the North Koreans are going to continue to develop their nuclear weapons no matter what.  Does he recommend negotiations then for the North Koreans to pretend they will denuclearize in return for free stuff like the US has done in the past?

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Released Documents Show Details of James Dresnok’s Defection to North Korea

The good folks over at continue their great work tracking down source documents from notable events from the history of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone.  The latest source documents they have tracked down are witness statements from people who were there when US military servicemembers defected to North Korea.  The documents I found of the most interest was of James Dresnok.  For those that have read feloow defector Charles Robert Jenkins’ book, The Reluctant Communist, Dresnok comes off as being quite an evil person if you believe what Jenkins wrote.  Here is an example:

Charles Robert Jenkins and James Dresnok in North Korea.

One day I was in my room [at a military school where he and another run-away GI were forced t teach the English language to would-be officers] and was called to the school’s clinic. When I arrived, a doctor, four or five cadets, and Dresnok were standing there. The doctor looked at my tattoo [of a military symbol with the words US Army] and prodded the skin. He said, “This has got to go. The English faculty said so.”

…He gave a nod, and the cadets grabbed me. They pushed me down onto a stool and held my arm on one of those preachers’ benches that are common when you are giving blood or a doctor is working on your hand. They held me down, and the doctor moved in. He cut above and below the “US Army” with a scalpel. That part didn’t hurt so bad, actually. But when he lifted up the flesh and started cutting all the connecting tissue away with a scissors, that was one of the most excruciating things I had ever felt. I screamed and nearly passed out, gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and breathed as deliberately as I could. I clinched my jaw hard in a kind of instinctive reaction, I think, to transfer some pain somewhere else.

The doctor told me calmly and without regret or sorrow at all as he was working that he couldn’t give me anything for the pain sine they save all the anesthetic and pain killers for the heroes on the battlefield. The cadets holding me down were laughing the whole time….Dresnok, for once, did not seem to be enjoying my suffering as much as usual. He told me later that he knew they were cutting the tattoo off and had come for the show, but he was surprised and even angry when they did it without anesthetic.

Here is another example:

Finally, I just told [the cadre] to go to hell and to stay out of it. Well, that did it. He practically started to shake, he was so furious. He called the driver over and told him to go to the car and get some rope. He tied my hands behind my back and told Dresnok to beat me for my insolence. I still cannot believe it today, but I’ll be damned if Dresnok didn’t step right up and do as he was told. He did not even hesitate. And I will never forget the look in his eye. The sick bastard enjoyed it. He took solid, square-knuckled cracks at me across my face, one after another. He must have landed thirty or forty punches in a row, every time looking at the Tall Cadre to see if he should continue. My nose began to gush blood after the first few swings. By the time he had finished, my top lip had split in two places and my bottom teeth were sticking out of the skin between my lower lip and my chin…..That was the first of approximately thirty similar beatings over the next seven years at the hands of Dresnok.

I have no reason to doubt what Jenkins wrote considering how up front he has been about everything that has happened since he came back in 2004.  Anyway after reading the witness statements made after Dresnok’s defection it appears this guy defected simply because he did not want to face UCMJ for leaving post without a pass.  Here is statement from his former commander explaining what happened prior to his defection:

That is quite the life changing decision to make because you got in trouble for visiting your juicy girl without a pass.  Anyway for those that are interested you can read more documents about Dresnok’s defection and the defection of other US military servicemembers at this link.

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Tweet of the Day: The Fatman and His Cookies

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Picture of the Day: Taetiseo

Taetiseo, the unit group of Girls’ Generation, poses at a press event for their reality show in Seoul on Friday. [Chosun Ilbo]

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Bloomberg Advocates for Banning the Sale of Smokes On US Military Bases

A Bloomberg News opinion piece is advocating for US military bases to stop selling tobacco products:

Even the most oblivious member of Congress knows that smoking is bad for you. As it turns out, it’s even worse for you if you happen to be a soldier. So would Congress insist that the Pentagon sell cigarettes — at a discount, no less?

The rationale has long been that members of the military have to smoke because their jobs are so stressful. There’s no denying the stress of military service, or that troops who smoke experience more of it than their comrades who don’t (though it may come more from their nicotine addiction than from their work).

Yet soldiers who smoke are not immune to lung cancer and the other lethal pulmonary illnesses that smoking causes. And like all smokers, they face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, as an article in the current New England Journal of Medicine points out, smoking is especially harmful to soldiers because it lowers their fitness for service: It makes them more susceptible to injuries and infections, slows the time it takes for their wounds to heal, and leads them to take more frequent breaks than nonsmoking soldiers take. [Bloomberg News Editorial]

You can read the rest at the link, but the article claims that smoking hurts fitness of servicemembers and then claims Marines are the biggest smokers and Coast Guard and Air Force personnel smoke the least.  The Marines and arguably the most fit branch of the military despite having the most smokers which destroys their whole claim.  As far as health care costs does Bloomberg support banning people receiving Obamacare subsidies and Medicaid from smoking as well?

Then the article claims servicemembers smoke to deal with stress with no facts to support it.  From my own first hand experience servicemembers in the Marines and Army smoke more because they spend more time out in the field then the other branches of the military.

Some more food for thought, if tobacco products are banned how long before alcohol is banned as well which causes far worse problems than smoking.

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Researchers Claim that Treaty Document Shows Dokdo as Korean Territory

The image of the map provided with the article is hard to see, but it does appear that the boundary line on the map does not include Dokdo as Japanese territory:

An old Japanese map in which Dokdo Islet was marked as Korea’s territory has been disclosed.

The Northeast Asian History Foundation on Sunday released the map possessed by Chung Tae-man, a Dokdo researcher.

The foundation said that the map, which was produced by Japan’s Coast Guard in August 1951 right before Japan signed the Treaty of Peace with the Allied Powers, was presented as an annexed document when the Japanese parliament ratified the agreement in October that year.

Japanese rightists have claimed that the map describes Dokdo as Japanese territory, but Japanese researchers have not disclosed the map, which specifically marked the area around Dokdo to exclude it from Japan’s territory.

Chung said that Tokyo has so far claimed that the treaty did not mark Dokdo as Korea’s territory, but the map shows that Japan as well as the Allied Powers recognized Dokdo as Korean territory.

Nah Hong-joo, former chief of a Dokdo research society, said that in terms of international law, it is more significant that the map was used as an annexed document for the treaty because it means that the then Japanese government and parliament recognized Dokdo as being part of Korea’s territory. [KBS World]

If this is in a fact a map from treaty document that formalized the borders between Korea and Japan it seems Korea has a very good piece of evidence here that Dokdo is part of Korea, not that there was any doubt of this or any chance they would ever give it up.

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