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CRC Sergeant Files Appeal to False Marriage Proposal Conviction

The Camp Red Cloud sergeant convicted for a false marriage proposal in exchange for sex has now filed an appeal to his 10 month jail sentence:

A married U.S. soldier sentenced last week to 10 months in South Korean prison in connection with an adulterous relationship appealed the sentence Friday, his lawyer and U.S. military officials confirmed.


“He is under the watchful eye and supervision of his command,” said Maj. Karl Ivey. Ivey confirmed that Han had submitted an appeal.

Officials at Uijeongbu District Court said the appeals process could take up to two months.

Apparently the sergeant is going to claim that he didn’t know the false marriage proposal law existed in South Korea:

During the sentencing, the judge acknowledged that the crime of sexual intercourse under the pretense of marriage exists in South Korea but not America.

Still, the judge considered that Han grew up in South Korea, lied to his girlfriend about his marriage and his rank, and even hired a person to portray his father when he met his girlfriend’s parents.

Han, a U.S. citizen, moved to the States during high school and joined the U.S. Army in 2000.

I don’t think it matters if he knew about the law or not, he still broke the law and was held accountable for it in a Korean court per the SOFA agreement. The only way I see this guy not doing jail time is if he makes a compensation payment to the victim, which from all that I have seen, he has not done.

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  • Free Ride
    11:36 am on December 7th, 2008 2

    There is a difference between telling some girl, "Yeah, I love you and I want to get married so let's do it," after a few beers and hiring a guy to play the part of your father.

    This is the type of scum this law was make to protect against.


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