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Korean Government Warns USFK Commander Over “Undiplomatic” Remarks

Here is another sign that USFK Commander General Bell has been doing his job exceedingly well, he has officially pissed off the Korean Foreign Ministry:

South Korea expressed concern over "undiplomatic" remarks made by the top U.S. military officer here regarding possible delays in the relocation of U.S. military bases, a Foreign Ministry official said yesterday.

Earlier this month, Gen. Burwell Bell, commander of U.S. Forces Korea, said he would "fight" any further delay of the planned base movement.

"The comment (made by Gen. Bell) could produce unnecessary misunderstandings, so we delivered an indirect message asking him to be cautious about making comments," the ministry official said on condition of anonymity.

The ministry expressed its concern regarding the matter to U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Stephens while she was visiting Seoul last weekend, the official said. But it was not an official warning per se, he added.

You can read General Bell’s prior comments here. 

Why do I say General Bell is doing his job well you may ask?  It is because he is pissing off the Korean government which is a sure sign that he is not about maintaining the status quo, business as usual USFK relationship in Korea and the Foreign Ministry knows it.  Remember the Korean government is all about maintaining the status quo for reasons I have listed before here.  Apparently the Foreign Ministry doesn’t have the courage to tell General Bell what they think about him themselves, so in order to under cut him, the ministry has decided to complain to the State Department representative visiting Seoul about him.  I hope the State Department won’t entertain this crap from the Korean Foreign Ministry, but the State Department has a track record for entertaining characters that they shouldn’t.  Need I bring up Madeline Albright toasting Kim Jong-il for one obvious example?

If the Foreign Ministry wants to talk about being "undiplomatic" let’s discuss it.  First of all, isn’t unilaterally declaring that the Camp Humphreys relocation is going to be delayed by 5 years from the agreed upon date between the US and Korean governments and then the USFK commander first finding out about this by reading the newspaper just a bit undiplomatic?  Isn’t unilaterally cutting agreed upon money for the upkeep of the US-ROK alliance only weeks after making the agreement undiplomatic?  Isn’t giving over a billion dollars this year to North Korea while denying USFK the agreed upon money for the upkeep of the US-ROK alliance, which is no where near as much money as the Korean government is sending to North Korea, undiplomatic?  Isn’t the fact that US pilots had to fly to Thailand to conduct pilot training because the Korean government closed USFK’s only bombing range in Korea due to anti-US protesters and then denied the US Air Force co-use of a Korean Air Force bombing range undiplomatic?  Isn’t the fact that the commanding general of the US Air Force in Korea had to threaten to pull the Air Force from Korea just to get co-use of a Korean Air Force bombing range that the Korean government continued to deny him undiplomatic? 

You want more undiplomatic?  How about this classic post from One Free Korea listing the undiplomatic comments that leading figures in the Korean government have made towards the US:

*  Kim Won Ung, the unmedicated nutcase who holds a senior foreign policy post in the National Assembly, and who threatened to throw our Ambassador out of Korea, railed at Bell for suggesting that North Korean missiles could be viewed as a threat to the South, and even asserted territorial claims on Manchuria;

*  Kim Dae Jung, who blamed America for North Korean nuke tests and urged other poliiticians to adopt the same fraudulent spin; 

*  Current Foreign Minister Song Min Soon:  ”[The United States] has fought more wars than any other nation in the history of its establishment and survival ….”;

*  “Comrade” Chung Dong-Young, who as UnFiction Minister, published this rambling, illogical, error-riddled screed accusing the U.S. of responsibility for Japan’s occupation of Korea, over a peace treaty it helped broker in 1904, and which won Teddy Roosevelt one of the first Nobel Peace Prizes;

*  Chang Yong-Dal, the Uri representative and standing committee member who praised the 9/11/05 thugs who tried to tear down a statue of General MacArthur for their “deep ethnic purity” (the lead thug is now under arrest as a North Korean agent);

*  Jung Chung-Rae, the pervy Uri rep who compared the USFK to unclean sperm;

*  Presidential Candidate and Uri Leader Kim Geun Tae, who dances for the amusement of the North Koreans the week after they test a nuke; but declares an insult to national pride when the U.S. declares that it will actually implement UN Security Council Resolution 1718;

*  Ex-Unification Minister Lee Jong-Seok: “The Bush administration of the U.S. is fundamentalist in nature, and it has been raising questions about drugs and human rights abuses since it took office.”

Read the rest of OFK’s post for more great commentary about the demagoguery by the South Korean government towards the US government.

If anything the only one being diplomatic in Korea is General Bell. 

The drive by diplomats from the US State Department don’t have to put up with the daily demagoguery and anti-US maneuvering by the Korean government that General Bell has had to deal with.  General Bell was able to create momentum for the USFK transformation in the past because he had strong backing from former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Washington.  Once Rumsfeld was replaced last December the Korean government immediately took this as an opportunity to back out of all USFK transformation and alliance cost sharing agreements. 

So far the only one speaking out on the South Korean governmental betrayal of the US troops sent to Korea to help protect  the country is General Bell.  The Pentagon is so blinded by Iraq that it appears they don’t want to even be bothered with USFK related issues.  The drive by diplomats from the State Department have been of even less help.  American politicians have been just as worthless.  Once Congressman Henry Hyde retired from office, the lone voice in Congress that understood what was going in Korea was gone.  Why isn’t Hillary, Pelosi, Murtha, and the rest of the crew not visiting the 30,000 soldiers helping keep the peace in Korea?  Could it be because they care more about being seen by the media in the Green Zone then having any real concern about the welfare of US soldiers, especially ones being betrayed by the US’s so called blood allies?  The media is no where to be seen in Korea unless Kim Jong-il is launching a missile or testing a nuclear bomb.  The inattention to the plight of the USFK commander by the US military brass, political leaders, and media is disgraceful.  It appears General Bell truly is a lone voice and the Korean government knows it. 

You can read more of course at the Marmot’s Hole.



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