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A Profile of Korea’s “TDC Ville”

The “TDC Ville” known in Korean as Bosan-dong, is the section of the city of Dongducheon located just across the street from the front gate of Camp Casey.

Camp Casey front gate, with Soyo Mountain in the background. I once saw a soldier arrested by the KNPs for pissing on the Indian statue.

This area is known as the “TDC Ville” because Dongducheon used to spelled Tonducheon and was shortened by soldiers to TDC. The ville is a bunch of old run down buildings that house a mixture of eating establishments, clubs, and shopping stores. The ville has actually seen much recent change. A large portion of the ville was knocked down to make way for the new subway line that runs through Dongducheon now.

New Dongducheon subway station

The new subway station is just a short walk five minute walk south of Camp Casey’s gate one. The subway is connected to the Seoul subway system and the trains running from Dongducheon actually reach Uijongbu in about 20 minutes. To reach downtown Seoul it takes about an hour and a half. Soldiers can even take this subway line all the way to Songtan, just outside of Osan Airbase, but it is a long two and a half hour ride.

Some of the new buildings across the street from Camp Casey.

One of the fortunate things about knocking down the old buildings is that it has actually brought some much needed urban renewal to the ville. Some park like features have been constructed along with some newer buildings. There are still a number of vacant lots where nothing has been built yet, but I’m sure additional buildings will be constructed in due time.

Vacant lots left over from the subway construction

The ville is boxed on its eastern side by Highway 3 while on its western side is the Highway 3 bypass and to it’s north is Camp Mobile. The south of the ville is the Korean portion of Dongducheon known as the 2nd Market area.

Ville area highlighted in red

Shopping in the Ville
The shopping in the ville is really outstanding. You can buy a great hand made suit for about a $100. The tailors can make any suit that you have a picture of. I currently own three suits made in the TDC ville and I have never had any problem with them. You can also have leather jackets made. My leather jacket has lasted seven years so far with no defects. In the ville you can have unit coins, plaques, and other memorabilia made for the half the price it would cost you in the states. I actually had a buddy state side who sent me money to buy some plaques for his unit and to mail them to him because it was cheaper buying plaques from Korea and shipping them then buying them at his current post.

Plenty of shopping to be found in the TDC Ville

You can also buy lots of great Korean trinkets to send to your friends and family. Plus if you like furniture, Korea sells lots of beautiful hand crafted furniture with great oriental designs on them. This is just a small sample of what is for sale in the ville. If you need something the shop owners will find it and sell it to you at a reasonable price. Just make sure you bargain with them because the shop owners will initially give you a high price. In Asian culture you are expected to haggle over prices. So don’t feel rude trying to drive a hard bargain with the local shop owners because it will save you money.

The view from the entrance into the TDC Ville

The Food
The only American fast food establishment off post is the Subway located just outside the front gate. There is actually a Kentucky Fried Chicken located in the actual Korean part of Dongducheon but it is located quite a distance from the camp. The other restaurants are local Koreans who cook up everything from hamburgers, steaks, pizza, and Korean food for hungry GIs. Also it is possible to find Filipino eating establishments as well.

The Night Life
As far as the night life is concerned the TDC ville is loaded with clubs. The majority of the clubs are really sleazy joints with the infamous “drinky girls” in them. If you don’t know what a drinky girl is, let me explain it to you. A drinky girl is usually a third country national from mostly the Philippines that you can buy a drink of usually orange juice for $20 bucks and they sit there and make conversation with you. I’m not kidding it costs $20! What is more amazing is that people keep buying them these drinks. The last time I was in Korea the girls would at least hang all over you and you could feel them up but things have changed now quite a bit.

Picture of a “juicy girl” in the TDC Ville from a Time Magazine article on human trafficking and the US military in Korea.

Plus the last time I was in Korea the prostitution was quite public and in the open. The bar owners would always hit you up to buy the girl’s time for $200-$400 and to go back to the hotel and do whatever. However, things now are much more concealed due to the recent exposure the whole prostitution scene received due to multiple exposes’ in multiple media outlets expressing their outrage at prostitution in Korea. The problem I got with this publicity is that it is implied that the US Army is allowing this prostitution to go on when it is the Koreans that are allowing it.

What really annoys me is that the drinky girls in the media are treated as victims even though most of them know what they are getting into and enjoy the attention and financial incentives of being a drinky girl. The few Russian girls that are left are in it for money and are really smart about playing soldiers and sucking as much money out of them as possible. I know many a GI that has lost his shirt to a Russian drinky girl. The Filipino drinky girls are mostly looking to get married to a GI so they can escape the poverty of their home country. I can’t say I blame them.

A street filled with sleazy bars in the TDC Ville.

However, the juicy girls that do play soldiers are extremely effective and if you go through my USFK Crime Archive you will see many cases of soldiers committing crime to feed their juicy girl habit. For some soldiers these girls are like drugs and is a leadership challenge that is unique to Korea that NCOs and officers coming to Korea should be aware of. Some of these relationships between young GIs and these girls in the bars end up becoming a marriage that from my own experiences I have seen filled with problems and with most of them failing.

Despite everything I have said about the juicy girls there are some good clubs in TDC. The website for Mojo’s Bar. has a pretty good list of the various bars in the ville as well as which ones to look out for. Some additional clubs worth checking out are located in the actual Korean part of Dongducheon commonly referred to as the 2nd Market Area. Have a KATUSA buddy bring you to one of these clubs so you can try something different out. Who knows you might like it. Plus there are also lots of coffee shops in the area that have phones on the tables where you can call other tables in the shop on. Weird, but fun believe it or not.

Be careful in the 2nd Market area though because there is an area near the bus station where Korean prostitutes display themselves in windows for potential customers that is known as the “Turkey Farm” that is off limits by the army. It is supposed to be off limits due to health reasons but I think it is more because the Koreans don’t want GIs messing with their prostitutes. Also in the 2nd Market Area there is lots of shopping you can do, but once again be careful because the infamous TA-50 Alley is also off limits to US personnel where they sell military equipment stolen by “slicky boys“.

A small park that has been built in the TDC Ville in recent years.

You can view more updated pictures of the TDC Ville now known as Bosan-dong at this link.

The Toko-ri Ville
Another ville area in Dongducheon is the village of Toko-ri right outside the back gate of Camp Hovey:

Toko-ri as viewed from Google Earth.

Toko-ri a few years ago used to be one dirty, sleazy, and crazy place. If you have ever watched the first Stars Wars movie and remember the bar with the space aliens in it, in the city of Mos Eisley, that is what Toko-ri was like.

Obi-wan Kenobi once described Mos Eisley as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, Toko-ri wasn’t much different. However, instead of horned, green, or beady eyed aliens, Toko-ri had Filipino and Russian juicy girls covered in chocolate and wax, a retarded barmaid, strippers that used to hold what was known as the P***y Olympics led by a Korean woman known as the Dragon Lady who did anatomy defying things with cigars and beer bottles, and to top it off there was even a midget. Before I had even ever stepped foot in Korea I had heard about the Midget of Toko-ri from old crusty NCOs about how they used to “stick to the midget” especially on New Years; that is how well known she is in the US military. After seeing the midget for myself I can’t imagine why anyone would want to “stick it to the midget”, but hey to each their own.

Anyway I have heard that Toko-ri has really died down and is not the wild place it used to be. I wasn’t able to confirm this myself on my last trip to Korea since my wife probably wouldn’t like the idea of me trying to confirm the status of the P***y Olympics, chocolate covered juicies, and the Midget of Toko-ri. So if anyone reading this knows the current status of Toko-ri feel free to offer you two cents in the comments section.

You can view more updated pictures of Toko-ri which is now spelled Teokgeo-ri at this link.

Overall – As you can see, the options in the TDC Ville are quite numerous. Great shopping, adequate eating establishments, and a very lively night club scene is enough to keep any GI stationed at Camp Casey occupied. It should be enough to do to get you through a year in 2ID. However, just don’t lose your shirt in the ville. Remember drinky doesn’t love you, she loves your wallet. Keep that attitude and you will be alright.

If you have an interesting or funny veteran story from your time in Korea I would love to hear it. If it is a good story I am willing to publish it here on the ROK Drop. It doesn’t matter what decade you served just as long as it is interesting or funny. If you have a story to share you can e-mail the story to me at gikoreaonline – at – Thanks for reading the ROK Drop.

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  • Cpt.West
    6:22 am on August 14th, 2007 1

    When I got to Korea there was still a midget in Tokori in 04. She up and disappeared though in 05, probably cause of the deployment of 2BCT. By the time I was doing CP duty in Tokori in 07 that ville was dead. There were only 5 clubs I think that were still open and there was no chocolate or anything else on them. There were no large crowds of soldiers left either. It became the same old story as the Stanley ville. There would be more CP's and MP's in the ville then soldiers. Casey ville is still packed on the weekends though with the drunk GI's roaming the streets. Made for some interesting nights.

  • Dan
    6:59 am on August 14th, 2007 2

    So how is the Stanley ville? Still there? I spent a bit of time at the Mustang club in 2002. Kind a miss it sometimes.

  • Bones
    10:53 am on August 14th, 2007 3

    A trivia question who at one time owned what is now Mojo's also owned the Black Rose?.

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    11:29 am on August 14th, 2007 4

    CPT West,

    It sounds like what I heard about Toko-ri is true, thanks for confirming it. I was in the TDC Ville in the late afternoon on a weekend this summer and it was already filled with plenty of people so I'm sure it gets pretty packed at night still.


    I stopped by Stanley Ville and it is still dead with more CPs walking around than soldiers. I didn't stop by the Mustang Club though.


    I don't know the answer to that one.

  • Leon LaPorte
    1:31 pm on August 14th, 2007 5

    Bones – That's easy, Big Bobby, who is out of the club business. He is focusing on other ventures now.

  • Cpt.West
    3:34 pm on August 14th, 2007 6

    Yeah Stanleyville is also dead. When they moved Fires and Aviation BDE out it went from 2500 soldiers to around 800 now at Stanley. I used to hang out at the Papasan which was like the 1/38 O club but then got taken over by 602nd ASB. Mustang club still draws a pretty large crowd on the weekend however.

  • ChickenHead
    4:16 pm on August 14th, 2007 7


    As always, you write well both in content and in form…

    …but, there is one point I have to disagree with.

    “The problem I got with this publicity is that it is implied that the US Army is allowing this prostitution to go on when it is the Koreans that are allowing it.”

    Koreans may be running it but the US Army (and US Air Force) ARE allowing this prostitution to continue.

    There is prostitution at the glass houses and USFK has put these places off-limits. This shows they CAN stop GIs from going to businesses engaged in prostitution.

    On the other hand, Ville clubs also have reasonably-open prostitution which is no secret to anyone. It is ONLY for GIs… as Koreans are not allowed in these clubs. Strangely, most of these clubs are not placed off-limits… and, when they are, they are back on-limits in a month… without even the formality of a name or owner change.

    It’s just a warning, and a month-of-income “fine”, to not generate the publicity which might upset the Gravy Train for everyone involved.

  • Cpt.West
    4:23 pm on August 14th, 2007 8

    Actually KTF clubs are allowed to have koreans and TCN's in them now. This changed over a year ago.

  • ChickenHead
    4:24 pm on August 14th, 2007 9

    If real action was taken by a USFK that WOULDN’T allow prostitution and human trafficking to be supported by their servicemembers, these establishments would go out of business or change their business model.

    So, yes… prostitution is being allowed instead of easily stopped.

    I’m curious how anyone can deny this?

    For the most part, it’s hard to see a real problem with voluntary prostitution… when it is a freely-made agreement between a buyer and a willing seller…

    …but that’s not the way it works in the clubs these days, is it?

  • ChickenHead
    4:27 pm on August 14th, 2007 10

    If the girl refuses a barfine, she is charged the amount of the barfine to the rest of her manufactured debt (airplane ticket, agents’ fees, monthly rent, etc,etc,etc). She may not get beat with a shoe any longer… but, as this is more than her whole family back in the PI makes in a month or so, she is not exactly in a position to refuse.

    Human trafficking and sexual exploitation supported by an intriguing double standard in USFK policy? You be the judge.

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    12:31 am on August 15th, 2007 11

    I have long discussed what to do about prostitution on this blog:

    USFK is not responsible for enforcing Korean law, Koreans are responsible for enforcing Korean law and prostitution is technically illegal in Korea though it is hardly enforced. So if anyone is to be blamed for human trafficking and prostitution it is the Korean government.

    With that said I have argued before that the move to Camp Humphreys is a great opportunity to change the business model in the ville by either not allowing underage drinkers in clubs that serve alcohol or not allow them in the ville at all past 2100. Then clubs with TCN drinky girls should be off limits as well which would end all concerns about human trafficking. This would force Korean girls to take their place who are harder to get to work in the clubs and more expensive. Doing this would greatly change the business model in the ville.

    I also think the idea of letting underage drinkers drink on post should also be explored. This would reduce the amount of underage drinking UCMJ and throw the younger soldiers a bone after being banned from drinking in the ville. I would rather have these guys drinking legally on post than drinking illegally off post and getting in trouble.

    I have a ton of other ideas but the move to Humphreys is the time to change the ville culture in Korea.

  • Rob
    2:46 am on August 15th, 2007 12

    More trivia…

    1) What club in the Tokori ville burned down in 1988?

    2) What club in the Tokori ville used to sponsor the lotto-lay, where the grand prize was a free overnight?

    3) What happened in the Tokori ville in 1987 that caused a mini riot outside the Camp Hovey gate?

  • GI Korea
    3:54 am on August 15th, 2007 13

    The answer to number two was the Ace Club I believe.

  • ChickenHead
    5:58 am on August 15th, 2007 14

    Right on, GI…

    These are all good ideas.

    All of my post(s) didn't come through… but the basic point was that USFK is not responsible for enforcing Korean law but they ARE responsible for insuring GIs follow Korean law and the UCMJ.

    While glass houses are actively off-limits, clubs engaged in prostitution are not… or only for one month if they bring too much attention to it. This contrasts off-limits for curfew violation which is forever.

    The question is… why?


  • Cpt.West
    7:22 am on August 15th, 2007 15

    It is a good question. When I was at Stanley, we had the Las Vegas club which was put off limits 3 times while I was there. It was no secret what went on at that club. And the worst part was that when they were off-limits they would cater to TCN's until they were taken off the black list. Soldiers would go back and within 3 months they would be busted again.

    Amusing anecdote. One night I was OD and out patrolling in the ville when we noticed two soldiers going upstairs in the Vegas club. We went up there to get them and they decided to climb the roof. For anyone that was in the Stanley ville before, you know that you can literally run rooftop to rooftop and make it back inside Stanley. We never did find out who the soldiers were.

  • Bones
    10:46 am on August 15th, 2007 16

    Leon your correct guess what he is in Pusan doin the same thang. what do you know about the Groove club do you know about the big Korean/American woman who is J and Spo G

  • Dan
    5:17 pm on August 15th, 2007 17

    I just had a thought,(always a scary thing), anyway this is about the ville at Camp Humphreys. There was a story back in the 80's that the ville was not always at the present location. The past location was near the present PX. There was a terrible crime and two GI's were killed in response. The ville gate was closed and business migrated to the present location. Since I heard this in 88, it may have been an event in the 70s. A wondering mind grows no moss.

  • GI Korea
    1:40 am on August 16th, 2007 18


    I think you have everyone stumped on questions 1 and 3. I'm curious to the answers.


    I have never heard that story before and I would have to say it must have happened in the 70's because a lot of the old crusty NCOs I know have told me plenty of stories about the 80's and never mentioned anything about this incident. I hope someone reading this can verify it or not.


    The ville system is set up to act as a babysitter for soldiers. If to many clubs are put off limits than the soldiers go elsewhere and get in trouble. Just looking at the GI incidents that makes the papers they almost always happen outside the ville.

    Also the club owners have threatened before to ally with anti-US groups if villes are hit hard with the loss of business due to increased curfews or to many areas put off limits. Also the club owners could start also start having GI incidents that happen in the ville start making the papers.

    USFK knows that it cannot stop all prostitution but they are making efforts to reduce it while at the same time playing a balancing act with not getting the club owners to pissed off and preserving the babysitting aspect of the ville. These reasons cause the off limits and back on limits game to continue.

    The reconsolidation of US forces to Osan and Camp Humphreys hubs is the perfect time to start implementing a new strategy to change the ville culture. Such a strategy cannot be implemented now because with US forces leaving from Area 1 there is no long term incentive for the club owners to change anything thus the status quo will remain.

    It would not be wise to directly take on the club owners with my proposed changes until 2ID is moved out of Area 1 and I think USFK will have no choice but to change the ville culture if the plans to allow everyone to bring their families with them to Korea is implemented.

  • ChickenHead
    4:58 am on August 16th, 2007 19

    "The ville system is set up to act as a babysitter for soldiers. If to many clubs are put off limits than the soldiers go elsewhere and get in trouble."

    Hear, hear! Somehow, though, USFK managed to take all the fun away from the Ville with constant patrols worried about people drinking too much… meaning they have pushed soldiers elsewhere WITHOUT stopping GI supported prostitution and human trafficking… the worst of both worlds, if you will.

    "Also the club owners have threatened before to ally with anti-US groups if villes are hit hard with the loss of business due to increased curfews or to many areas put off limits."

    This is the biggest cop-out/BS excuse ever made by the "leadership" who seems to like things to continue the way they are. Colonel Taliento demonstrated you CAN stop prostitution and human trafficking. The clubs put up a few offensive signs and made a few empty threats… but, in the end, they got on the program.

    "Also the club owners could start also start having GI incidents that happen in the ville start making the papers."

    Another excuse. As long as enough business is coming their way to make rent (for the majority of clubs), they will shut up and collect the easy money.

    "USFK knows that it cannot stop all prostitution but they are making efforts to reduce it"

    I disagree. I think they are making efforts to protect it… especially at Osan. Colonel Taliento didn't make an effort to reduce it, he made an effort to stop it… and he did. It CAN be done.

    "while at the same time playing a balancing act with not getting the club owners to pissed off"

    Through honest off-limits policy, the base is holding all the cards. Pissed-off club owners aren't going to make rent. They will play ball.

    "and preserving the babysitting aspect of the ville."

    Between curfew, drinking restrictions and punishment for grabass like low-level fighting, everybody is already leaving the ville… especially those who SHOULD stay in a babysitting environment. Once again, the worst of both worlds.

    Anyway, no matter what excuses are given, Colonel Taliento proved USFK can keep the barowners in line with American values and policy… because if anyone wants to suggest to me that club owners are equal in power to the American military, I'll have to laugh at them.


  • Chris Bowman
    6:58 am on August 16th, 2007 20

    Chickenhead..nice to se you on this board ok

    I have always stated over the number of years..that Town Patrol is basically supporting the activity of Human i know this post is on prostitution..but is there a difference?? In terms of the Korean scene??? As a former town Patrol individual (A-town 00-01, 04-05), we knew of the shit that had been going down in our "ville", with Korean Nationals barfining women…in 2004..the no more barfines went into effect..we were cracking down on USFK members, but yet, we knew good and well that Koreans were coming to the ville and barfining these girls…not only is this prostitution, but its human trafficking as well. The girls were forced to sleep with Koreans for a price.

    why is it, that the Armed Forces is so against human trafficking/prostitution, but yet they dont do anything about it,,,other than enforce laws on USFK members??? I believe the no barfine rule was put in place to be political correct…to show the world…the military does not engage into prostitution, as so many folks have the image of…taken from Vietnam and the old Clark AB days. If only the world really knew what goes down in the behind scenes world of the Korean Clubs and the Human Trafficking of girls from the Philippines.

  • Motorpool
    1:16 am on August 17th, 2007 21

    Dan: I had the dubious honor of being stationed at the Hump in 77-78. The story you heard was essentially true. At the time I arrived, the ville had been relocated to its present location, but you could still see the old bars/hootches/store fronts just outside the fence where the PX is located now. To add more to this story (though I can't verify, and parts could be wrong), what precipitated the old ville closing was indeed 2 GIs who apparently raped a Korean girl . . . a little girl is the way I heard it. Now, the incident supposedly actually happened or the girl lived (not sure which)outside the BACK gate of the Hump. When I was there, we had to go out that back gate every now and then to provide services to some Signal guys that were stationed on a Microwave site called Fayetteville, which could only be accessed thru that gate and thru the little town outside that gate. The gate was locked at all times and we had to have MP escort thru the town when we traveled to the site. In that little town, there was/is a little Church with a little steeple. What I heard from MPs at the time was that the locals managed to get hold of one of the GIs and made him a weather vane on top of that steeple. That supposedly started the movement of the ville to current location. I would guesstimate that about 65-75% of what I've related might be true. If memory serves me right, it happened in the 74-76 timeframe.

  • simp77
    1:16 am on August 17th, 2007 22

    I was stationed at the hump in 78 and I thought it was one of the wildest most insane places I had ever been to.I visited TDC in 80 and that place was even worse but I only visited for a couple of days.The grunts were out of control and you really had to watch yourself.Between 78 & 79 I remember two clubs being burned to the ground,one of them during the Christmas holidays by a drunk GI who decided to see if the decorations would burn.If memory serves me two or three people got killed in the fire.To us GIs the ville was playland,where you could get away with almost anything.Fighting was an every night occurence and you always kept your eyes open cause beer bottles would start flying.You went to the ville with your buddies for safety because the MPs couldn't keep the peace.Back then all the girls were Korean and the almighty dollar ruled.If you had the money you could get almost anything you wanted.

  • Dan
    6:14 am on August 17th, 2007 23

    MotorPool, Thanks for the info. That is much the same as what I heard. But instead of the weather vane, I heard it was body part relocation for both of them. Thanks for the time line. I don't think there is much info on this out there.

    Got any pictures of Anjun-ri from your time there. If so, I would love to see them. Thanks.

  • Motorpool
    6:54 am on August 17th, 2007 24

    NP, Dan. I do have some pix from my time there, but unfortunately, they are in storage in the states. In keeping with the wild and wooly times back then, the pictures I took couldn't be shared anyway, if you catch my drift. XMAS 77. What WAS her name . . . "Pillows"? Ah yes. lol

    There is 1 korean website that references the incident I saw several years ago, but I can't remember which one, http://www.badGI.ccom or something. I do remember an old faded CID bolo when I visited the post office at the time asking for info from anybody who knew who lynched the GI.

  • Dan
    4:38 pm on August 17th, 2007 25

    Drift understood Motorpool. I have a few from the 80's myself. I'm sure yours would top what I thought at the time was wild and wooly. Still, some of the best times I had — outside of the PI that is.

  • Rob
    9:53 am on August 18th, 2007 26

    GI, you are correct. It was the Ace Club. Some of the finest Korean girls to ever walk the peninsula used to work in there.

    The answer to question number one is the Olympus Club. It used to be right across the street from the Grand Illusion.

    The answer to question number 3 is two soldiers in Bravo Company 702'd crashed into the taxi stand with their 5-ton wrecker at the bottom of the hill (coming into to Tokori) and killed seven (I think) Koreans. The brakes on their 5-ton went out and they couldn't stop.

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    4:00 am on August 19th, 2007 27


    Imagine if an accident like that happened today. The anti-US groups would have a field day with it. Were they trying to take the wrecker through the Toko-ri gate of Camp Hovey? It is hard to drive a HMMWV through that ville much less a wrecker.

    Do you remember about 10 years ago when a soldier took an M-88 and smashed it into a club in the Toko-ri ville to get back at his drinky girl girlfriend?

  • Rob
    2:44 pm on August 20th, 2007 28

    Oh man! I can't imagine what an accident like that would get twisted into by the anti-US groups these days. And yes, their plan was to enter the Tokori gate of Camp Hovey, which was not uncommon back then.

    No, I don't remember the M-88 incident because I was in the states at that time, but lol. wtf? What club was it?

    Tokori was nice back in the late 80's, and a hell of a lot of fun. We worked hard and played hard, and there was no such thing as a curfew. Better days have passed us by I'm afraid…

  • Mark
    3:32 pm on August 20th, 2007 29

    Do you remember about 10 years ago when a soldier took an M-88 and smashed it into a club in the Toko-ri ville to get back at his drinky girl girlfriend?


  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    3:49 pm on August 20th, 2007 30

    I wasn't there either but I have heard from multiple reliable people about a mechanic that got pissed at his drinky girl for cheating on him and used an M-88 to smash through the front of the M-Club as Mark stated. No one was killed but the front of the club was trashed.

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  • jb
    6:52 pm on August 22nd, 2007 32

    Does anyone know if the russian juicy girls have returned to TDC?? I keep hearing that from people.

  • russian juicy girls dongducheon korea - Web - WebCrawler
    11:03 pm on August 30th, 2007 33

    [...] & returns. Sponsored by: [Found on Ads by Google] 7. A Profile of the "TDC Ville" at ROK Drop The south of the ville is the Korean portion of Dongducheon known as the 2nd Market ….. Does [...]

  • Billy B.
    9:03 pm on October 5th, 2007 34

    i was in 302nd FSB at casey 94-95, used to go to the "blue acid" and the "rock and roll together" clubs. while i was there, the girls were all korean, and the place was WILD, we went over to toko-ri and i met the midget, but wasnt interested. juicy girls were $20.00 then. but you could get a "long time" for $60.00….so… i never bought much juice. i agree that the girls ( most of them ) knew exactally what they were doing, and were good at "milking" GI's.

  • Mexico GI
    7:04 pm on October 13th, 2007 35

    I Just came from there like 3 months the midget is true???I thought it was a myth like vampires?yea all the girls in TDC are filipinos.I heard there is mongalian girls in the ville now?I think in WOW club.The ville is so dirty and it smells.The Korean be taking my Newports all the time.On another subject why when an american soldier is killed by a korean the korean ppl never hear about it?what happened to Van Her he was hit by a Taxi driver and died at the scene.thats not the worst part.The Taxi driver kept going because he had a passager to drop he got his money then went back to the scene of the crime.Van Her’s body wasn’t really able to be identified just by looking at it.The Taxi driver got his license taken away and 2 years in prison.If if was the other way around.The Koreans would want money and protest for years.The best place to go is in paju city.I remember paju its away from all looks like dongducheon but no americans.There is still juicy girls.oh and there is russians there too.never take home a juicy to can’t make a ho into a housewife, so makes you think you can do it with a Juicy?

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    1:32 pm on October 13th, 2007 36

    Mexico GI,

    I have covered what happened to SPC Vang Her here on the ROK Drop:

    The cab driver dropping off his passenger and then returning would explain the delay in reporting the accident.

    Where did you hear the cab driver was sentenced for two years and his licensed taken away? I have seen nothing in the Stars and Stripes or the Korean media about it.

    Oh yeah the midget is very real. The first time I saw her years ago she started hanging on me and I thought I was going to catch a disease from her just touching me from the stories I have heard about her. Now I really wish I would have taken a picture of her for posterities sake.

  • Sex Trade Worsens in US Camp Towns? at ROK Drop
    7:56 am on January 25th, 2008 37

    [...] The TDC Ville [...]

  • Comparing Red Light Districts in Korea at ROK Drop
    10:17 am on January 31st, 2008 38

    [...] in Korea, they are nothing like what you see in the above video.  I have posted about the TDC Ville and the Stanleyville before, but the below video gives a better idea of how different the soldier [...]

  • Marlan
    5:16 am on January 31st, 2008 39

    Was at Camp Castle(outside of casey) in 1984-85. The place was wild as hell then. The officers used to sit inthe bars and by hookers beside the enlisted. If i remember right, an american general was pulled from a car in Seoul and stoned to death. Wild times back then.

  • Sgt Rock
    9:12 pm on February 10th, 2008 40

    I was with F co. 702nd Maint. Bn from Aug 1978 to Aug 1979. Back then it was compleatly different than today. As an 18 year old Pvt from Michigan it was at first a major culture shock to me. But I caught on ASAP.I spent my first day at the Turtle Farm at Camp Casey. Then I was off to my Unit. I remember we had a dirt motor pool and old shops. Once a month on Payday at the end of the day our Company commander would release us from formation to the NCO club across the street. The drinks were on him. Needless to say we busted our asses for the guy.

    We had ration cards back then for everything from beer, liquor, coffie, etc. A GI could supplement his income by selling his rations in the Ville on the black market. When I was there the Commander of the 2nd Military Police was busted for selling appliances for the PX on the black market.

    We had to have a pass to get off post to the ville. You had to put in for it a week in advance. There was a 2400 hrs curfew back then the only people on the streets after midnight were MP's and KNP's and the occassional drunk GI. Me and three of my buddies got caught by two MP's after curfew one night while trying to make it back to my hooch at the base of Namsan Mountain. Before we made it to the bridge we were caught in on the strip behind the Oasis Club. There was 4 of us and only two of them. We disarmed them and whooped there ass then took off down the ally along the river across from 2nd Aviation all the way to gate 2. We climbed the fence and made it to our barracks. We never got caught for that.

    Back then I used to hang out a Johnnys 777 Club. It was a small place

    But it had some of the hottest Korean girls. Thats right not Philippino. Genuine Korean Beauties. It was $5 for a short time and $10 for an overnight. Everyone from Top Brass to the lowly Private

    were getting in on the action. You could get an overnight pass back then. The only time I had 2 girls at once was in the ville. I was in heaven. All night for $20 and they cooked me breakfast in the morning.

    In December 1978 I meet my soon to be wife Chong Soon. She was the bartender at the Oasis Club. We tied the knot on March 27, 1979. This March we will celebrate our 29th anniversary. I sewed my oats in TDC. It is where I became a man. Can't believe thay have a subway there now. Dosn't sound like a place were a GI would want to be now. No way to blow off steam. Anyway I have many more stories about the ville in TDC back in the day. ~ Sgt Rock

  • Sgt Rock
    9:12 am on February 12th, 2008 41

    You best watch them sliky boys! You know the story of the slicky boy stealing your jam box and leaving the music…'s true.

  • zigzag
    1:50 am on February 16th, 2008 42

    The year was 1989 I was 17 when I got off the bus in turtal village. All the old timers where hi fiven when we hit the ground. short time $10 long time $20 OB .50 bud was a buck. chicken on a stick (lol) was 4 for a dollar.

    Papason cleaning the hut doing your BDUs and boots $5.00 a week. Your rashon card was gold.

    I had the time of my life there. It makes me sad to here that TDC is no longer (DOWN RANGE) and the (DMZ) is no longer the dark man zone.

    89&90 GIs rulled that town. The only thing other than VD that you had to worry about was losing your shoes out side the door.

    It's to bad the young men today will never the the fun us old timers had back then.

  • Sgt Rock
    6:15 am on February 18th, 2008 43

    When you can't get downrange to do your business because your in the field during Team Spirt. The Ville will come to you.

    Back during Team Spirt 1978 are unit was taking part in the exercise along with most of the 2nd ID. It was cutting into mamasans profits. So she brought girls and booze to us so we wouldn't be lonely.

    I was on guard duty in a foxhole when mamasan approaches my position. I told her to halt but she wouldn't listen.She walks up and asks me if I need a nice girl. I look around and I see only the next position and its my bud so I asked her if she had any soju? She said I get for you. Im thinking this is freakin crazy. If I get caught Im deep in shit. After a few she comes back with a girl and a bottle of soju. So Im in this foxhole drinkin my soju while this girl is taking care of me when I here someone whistle. It was my bud and he was to late warning me because as I look up I see my Platoon Sgt lookin down at me.

    At this point I figure Iv'e had it. Then he says to me "I want her when your finished and pour that soju in your canteen before you get us busted".

    I swear on my mothers grave this story is true. I was an 18 years old Pvt and my Plt Sgt was a seasoned Vietnam vet. Im suprised he let me finish before he got himself some. ~ Sgt Rock

  • Billy B.
    4:33 pm on February 18th, 2008 44

    it didnt change much between your time and my time sgt. rock, i was in 302nd forward support, we were in the field ALOT, odjima would trade us a HOT bowl of chicken ramen ( IN THE FIELD!) and a bottle off soju for 2 MRE's. this was 1994-95, my buddy gerry brooke and i would STAY on guard duty, when relief came, we'ed say "we got it" … we would stay up all night eating packets of mre coffee chased with soju, we called it the "tasters choice kettle" then crash out all day under a humvee, or some other vehicle. we were mechanics, "we're tryin to get this starter out" hehe.

  • A Profile of USFK Camps in Dongducheon
    5:27 am on March 4th, 2008 45

    [...] runs through the center of the city and is known to flood from time to time. In 1997 the entire Dongducheon “ville” area was underwater during the worst flood in recent [...]

  • Scott
    8:00 pm on March 3rd, 2008 46

    Hey guys,wow a sight that talks about the ville.

    every word that sgt rock said was true.H e left

    out a few tidbitts though, like you could also

    rent a girl by the month,thats right,it was

    called having a yobo,wich is the korean word for

    mate.however,If you had a girl from ANY club

    other than the lions den(aka starze)the eagles

    club (aka the head club) or the dark side of

    the moon club,if you were in the field,mamasan

    would have her working the club while you were

    in the field.I seen it happen many times.I

    remember once a new guy asked me to visit his

    hooch at the lucky club and meet the love of his

    young life.well i went and when we got there

    there was another pair of shoes.He flings open

    the hooch door and there they were going at it

    3 ft from my face.He jumps on top of the guy with

    a wash basin in his hand,hitting the dude in the

    head with it while the guys nailing his woman.

    I pulled him off and took him downstairs for a

    drink and told him "I told you so" of course

    she came down and sweet talked him right back

    upstairs.I saw this a million times.Sgt Rock

    We shared the same motor pool at the same time if

    you were in the 702 motor pool by gate 2,I was in

    the scout plt csc 2nd bn 72nd armor from 78-80.

    I extended while there.went back to bn

    38th inf at camp hovey from june 82 to july 83

    I took in country leave as my daughter was born

    there,yep I got married there,she was awesome we

    also had a son.she died of a cereberal hemorage

    some years back and is buried in korea with her

    mom.another thing the hookers went to the field

    with mamasan too.Now my friend married his yobo

    out of the johnny bar 28yrs ago,I was best man

    girls,korean girls got trapped into it by there

    own people,sounds like there doing it again with

    fillipenas,I remember me and some friends tried

    to get a girl 14 yrs old out from under these

    scumbags,we went to the s-5 right across the

    tracks,neither the knp's or mp's would do squat

    in fact we almost got into it with the knp's

    every govt official was making money off them for the bars I mentioned before,they

    were hard rock bars and didnt allow hookers in

    the girls that worked there did just that

    they worked there.If they liked you,they might

    go home with you just like back here.I also

    served in the jsf in 84-85 and was in the last

    firefight between the us and nkpa when a czech

    defector ran into south korea during a tour,one

    rok was kia and a guy named burgoyne was shot

    through the jaw.several nkpa's were killed

    even though they broke out th ak's and at first

    we only had side arms wich they were only

    supposed to have.qrf showed up and we realy tore

    into them,I saw 3 dead nkpa's for sure,but when

    the cease fire was given,they dragged off about

    a dozen others,I later heard 8 kia's but cant

    be sure,I had left 1st ranger bat and we had

    gone to grenada and I was looking forward to

    peace and quiet,but that day in nov of 84 was

    anything but.however we did hear one of those

    killed was the man who led the axe murders 8 yrs

    before.PAYBACK. Anyway I gotta say in all my

    tours there,I never heard of the midget of

    toko-ri,I did hear of the amazon and went to

    toko-ri to see her,and,it was true.though I

    rarely went into toko-ri.Even on my last tour

    where I was training nco at sf-det k in yongsan

    I would still go to tdc,so you guys there now,

    let me tell you,I grew up outside deadwood south

    dakota a famouse wild west town and always

    wonderd what it was like then,TDC,in fact,most of

    korea in the 70's and 80's filled me in on what

    it was like.But I loved it and might go back

    some day.I served with 1st rangers in grenada and

    panama and 3rd in somalia and am proud of that

    service.But guys like sgt rock myself my buddy

    mike and thousands of others helped to make the

    rok what it is today,when I say this I do not want

    to diminish anyones service who's serving today.

    but thats why we vets of korea from july 53 to

    is it 1990?earned the new medal for fighting in

    the unknown but now recognized DMZ WAR,for decades

    after and during vietnam befor grenada,panama and

    somalia wich were spec ops operations,before iraq

    there was korea,the most rewarding time of my

    military career,saw some of the craziest,funniest

    things.some bad stuff too.But was glad to have

    served there on freedoms frontier.

  • Then & Now: TDC Ville in Dongducheon
    6:44 am on March 24th, 2008 47

    [...] You can see many more pictures and information about the TDC Ville by clicking here. [...]

  • Smac
    4:35 am on March 28th, 2008 48

    "It was the Ace Club. Some of the finest Korean girls to ever walk the peninsula used to work in there."

    Brother I can witness to that!!

  • NC47
    2:26 am on March 30th, 2008 49

    I was a soldier from 91-92 and 94-97. Was stationed at Casey and Yongsan during that time but worked in one form or another at Casey, Castle, Nimble, Pelham, Stanley, CRC, Yongsan, Market, Humphries, FED, Stanton, and Howze. I worked as a civiliam from 98-2007 on and off as an english teacher and more recently as a civilian at Walker, Henry and Carroll. I was TDY constantly at my last job from 2004-2007 going to Casey, Sears, Stanley, CRC, Yongsan, Osan, and Humphries. I think the only base I never got to during that time that was open was Hialeah for some reason. I have visited just about every base or have worked in some form at every base except Hialeah during that time to include the base at Cheju-do, which I believe has been closed also. A lot of changes during the times for sure and a lot of bases closed that hold a lot of history and memories for a lot of Americans.

  • ROK Drop — Keeping the USFK Gravy Train Rolling Since 1950.
    10:22 am on April 1st, 2008 50

    [...] A Profile of the TDC Ville [...]

  • Duke of Yon-Ju-Gol
    6:21 am on April 7th, 2008 51

    I was at Camp Garry Owen from 88-92, and Camp Casey from 96-97.

    Holy mother of God, that first 4 years was nothing but drunken debauchery. Yes, I stayed there 4 years. It was that good. Who cared if you were far away from home, the duty was good, but the partying was better.

    Our little ville was much smaller than TDC, but it was unbelievable. There were over 20 clubs, all of them whorehouses, the smallest had 2 girls, the largest had over 200. 5 dollars for a short time, 10 dollars for an overnight and they were all Korean women and girls in the clubs.

    The Happy Club had girls that all dyed their hair blonde. There was one girl with such an ugly face we called her "Monkey Woman". As ugly as she was, she was one of the most popular girls in the ville for her ability to deepthroat.

    The Nabi Club is the one that had over 200 girls working there. It was a candy store.

    Things changed in 1991. That was the year that the korean government finally passed laws against kidnapping, slavery, and indentured servitude.

    Up until then, many of the women that worked in those clubs were literally kidnapped off the street, beaten and forced to sign contracts to work as prostitutes.

    As soon as the laws were passed, the girls emptied out of the clubs.

    One week, most were just gone. The only ones left were the pros.

    It took a while for the club owners to bring in replacements, but it was pretty much the demarcation between the "Old Days" and now.

    As far as USFK not doing anything about the prostitution, things have really changed. Back then, you would just as likely to be swinging from the rafters of a club with a battalion commander while trying to drink him under the table. Units would march in formation through the ville on thunder runs, just swarm a bar, drink a beer, then form up and march to the next.

    You really can't point to one event, or bad incident that changed things, it evolved over time.

    I could probably write a book about that 4 years.

  • Duke of Yon-Ju-Gol
    6:25 am on April 7th, 2008 52

    Oh, one more thing, the midget was still in Toku-Ri in 96.

    I did her. It was worth the 40 bucks.

  • JW
    9:52 pm on April 14th, 2008 53

    I spent plenty of time in the ville. It has its appeals. We usually went to the metal bars, like JC Lounge, Head Club, etc. It got a little old, however.

    For the more adventurous type, you gotta check out second market. There are lots of bars and restaurants downtown TDC. One notable bar is Boozers, which has a lot of different international beers. There were about five different Karaoke bars (Noraybang in Korean) downtown too. You get your own room here, and can be fairly rowdy at your own discretion. They have a huge selection of karaoke music, and are real cheap. Unfortunately, a lot of Koreans are racist, and some of them wouldn't let us in when we brought our black friends. Emberrasing and disgusting :mad: .

    Note: The Karaoke bars on or around the bus station are red lighted. Do not go there, as the repricussions are severe.

    There is also the part of town called New City (Jee Heng in Korean). If you ever get tired of the army crowd, go here right away. This is located at the end of the road to Toko-Ri from MSR 3. This is a very nice part of town and has more restaurants and bars than any part of TDC. There is a German restaurant here, a Pizza Hut, a Dominoes, a Japanese steakhouse, Sushi bars, and a Baskin Robins. There is also a landmark bar here called "Captain Hamel's," which is clearly visible from MSR 3. There is also a bar called "The Beer Hunter," which serves spiked beer, if you want to get drunk fast :).

    The road from Jee Heng to Toko-Ri also has a lot of smaller restaurants and bars. There is also a Jim Jil Bang here, which is a gym/pool/community center, which is a great place to interact with the local Korean population.

    I left just before the new subway station was completed, but most of this should still be here. You'd be a fool not to check it out at least once.

    7:07 pm on April 20th, 2008 54

    First off, the ville is for losers. How about Gangnam, Agpugeoung, Seongsu, Sinchon, and Hongdae. The ville is .05% of Korea; Korea's Asshole. Do your work week then put a pass for the weekend and enjoy REAL Nightlife. Then again the ville is for the desparate and "never had ass before" guys, "suckers", and no game havin LOSERS. So I can see why most choose the easy access. These guys are what I call non-tree climbers. The best fruit are at the top of trees, but you rather pick the woman on the ground that are easy for everyone. I came to Korea to interact with Koreans, not filipinas, russians, and sleazy korean whores.

  • GI Korea II
    8:56 am on May 25th, 2008 55

    Hmm I was there in 03 to 05 and I dont remember the midget being back she retired just before I got there right after the Expose. IF you saw her CPT West I am guessing she came back temporarily and did some sort of a juicy girl reunion tour kinda like AC/DC but older and more beat the hell up.

  • GI Korea II
    8:57 am on May 25th, 2008 56

    Oh and I agree completely with SSG MERC. He is absolutely right but don't follow his advice. Please stay in the ville and leave the quality ass to us. We can handle it :P

  • Camp Stanley
    5:11 pm on May 29th, 2008 57

    Does anyone have an idea on where I can go to chat or post with the club girls outside the back gate at CP Stanley? Any web sites? Or at the very least recent photo's of the clubs & the ville :twisted: . I was there for 2 years & was in those rooms behind the bars all night 7 days a week back in 1995-1997 & would like to see how the old ville is.

    Thanks! :smile:

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    11:49 pm on May 29th, 2008 58

    As far as chat rooms with the club girls I have no idea but you can see video of Stanleyville today by clicking here.

  • Bones
    2:12 am on May 30th, 2008 59

    Yon ju gol Lord have mercy, some the comical shit that went on there.

    I was there from 86 to 87 the only club that had that many

    girls was the New Seoul Club, next was the one across the street, I think it was the US America Club. Your right about the Happy Club those were some of wildest girls in the ville….some of the girls in the other club were envious of them. The Happy girls must have went back to blond, when I was there they went to their natural color (some GI brought his wife in there who was a natural blond). Loved it when the girls would have their cat fights.

  • JW
    12:10 am on June 5th, 2008 60

    SSG Merc, i totally agree.

    Apgujeong and Sinchon absolutely rock. Every four day weekend we were down in Sinchon. I like it way better than Hongdae, and seriously its Seoul's best kept secret.

    But for weekdays, the ville, second market, and jee heng do just fine.

  • GI Korea2
    5:14 am on June 5th, 2008 61

    Yeah Sinchon is great because it is cheap and you can meet the poor college students who just wanna get drunk and have fun.

  • shattered
    5:16 am on June 5th, 2008 62

    "Sinchon. I like it way better than Hongdae, and seriously its Seoul’s best kept secret."

    That made me laugh. :razz:

  • Bruce Richards
    2:39 am on June 10th, 2008 63

    I had 4 tours in Korea. 60-61, 69-70, 78-79, 81-82. The 60-61 tour was at Casey, and was PRIOR to the SOFA. TDC was 95% thatched roof houses that were framed with regular wood, but the walls were branchs with a mixture of about 80% mud, and 20% cement. You could put your fist through them, but the branchs would tear you up pulling it back out. Every weekend you would see a black cloud rising up from the village from someone getting into it with one of the girls, and torching her houch.

    We had to wear uniforms off post on my 1st 2 tours, and I remember one night taking a short cut accross some paddys to try to make it back for bed check. Well after several hours of drinking, I didn't do very good on the paddys, and fall in at the corner of one. Well, wouldn't you know it, I fell into one of the pits that they dumped the honey buckets into. When I got to the MP shack at Gate 1, they started to stop me for being after curfew, but could smell me coming, and told me to just keep going. My unit was in Happy Valley, now called Dragon Valley. I was stopped by a MP jeep while walking to the valley, but for some reason, they did not give me a ride. When I got to my quonset hut, I had to go to the central latreen, and take a shower and run to my hut in my drawers. I asked the house boy pic up my cloths in the morning.

    Looking back, if the Army knew how much fun I had, they would take my Retirement Pay back.

  • Bruce Richards
    7:17 pm on June 12th, 2008 64


    Hey, I was at the Hump 78-79 also. I was in Hq Company Garrison. I was in charge of the TMP Motor Pool there. What a job. What unit were you in? That was the closest to being a cilivian while in the Army I could ask for. :)

  • MK
    4:03 am on July 5th, 2008 65

    I love your comparison of Toko-ri to that village in Star Wars! What a perfect description. I was stationed in Seoul in 2001-2002 and dating a guy at CP Hovey. I could not BELIEVE the mass exodus on Friday night to TOkori. Soldiers were literally walking in packs out of the gate. I was one of the few females in the bunch (and, unfortunately, in the juicy clubs with my bf.) I saw the infamous Dragon Lady (and later to my disgust saw her washing up with a hose in the women's bathroom) and was even hit on by the juicy girls. I stayed close to my bf and tried not to interact much. I was shocked that such a world existed. Most of the guys in our group disappeared with various women and by the end of the night we were alone!

    Oh, and my bf told me that his BN XO and other upper ranking men had their own "secret" juicy bars in TOkori that they used. His XO had extended to spend time in those places (and avoid his family back home). Some of the LTs in his unit rented apartments in Tokori to spend time with their juicy girls on the weekends. About seven LTs would chip in to pay the rent and share the apartment.

    THe Hill in Itaewon was another CRAZY place. Guys used to take me by the arm "for protection from juicy girls" when we walked up that hill. I had never seen so many fights. Back in those days we had no curfew, and I didn't expect to return home before dawn. A SPC in my unit ran one of the juicy bars on that hill and would return to our unit in the morning with sacks full of cash! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see how tame things. However, women should not be forced into prostitution. I believe that situation is the fault of the BAR OWNERS and KOREAN GOVERNMENT, though, not the soldiers. THe TIME magazine article was biased against soldiers!

    I can only imagine what the area was like in the late nineties!

  • The Lion
    5:44 am on July 12th, 2008 66

    Hmmm…what to say about TDC that hasn't already been covered. Toko-ri. Well the place is alot more run down now than it was when im sure most of you were. GI's still go there, its the easiest place to pick up a juicey girl thats for sure. And also loved the reference to Star Wars too. TDC for the most part is tame. There is alot of uniformed soldiers walking the ville now. MP's and CCP guys walk till curfew. They pick up anyone who might be having a little to much fun. Sometimes it can be a drag but I know they have saved my ass a trip to the MP station a few times. The juiceys are still there, and with Tok dieing slowly into only a few clubs they are importing the girls from Tok to TDC. Ive only been to Itaewon once and I plan to head back there. Of course not to the hill but to this place Seoul Pub. I went there on a sunday afternoon and the crowd was as diverse as it can be on the Lords day. Retired Colonels, locals, and some europeans were there so it was a good time. So yea things have changed and they havnt.

  • David Wester
    7:37 am on July 12th, 2008 67

    Motorpool, regarding your experiences at Humphrey… I was there 75-76 and indeed the story was that 2 soldiers raped a young girl. The story went on to say that the 2 were lynched, but I dont know how much credence. I used to work at the microwave site, in those days it was called "Fresno". Other than anjung-ri, there was no permission to go to the little villages that abutted Humphrey.

  • Earl
    9:57 am on July 18th, 2008 68

    i am currently in camp casey and the ville has died down alot from the stories i have been hearing but you can still buy a girls night off for 120 to 400 dollars for the night or three hours during their working hours but you can also tell a cab driver bum bum no MP and he will take you to glass house and it will cost you up to 300 dollars. but it is with koreans. the same goes with TOK they still have their nights off as well i am speaking from personnel experience here but they say that the ville is so small that the girls are used up so good luck getting one but if you do make sure you wrap it up

  • Jim
    12:31 am on July 19th, 2008 69

    OMG! 120 to 400 dollars! There are either very desperate GI's or very beautiful women… I lived in Tokori from 80-81 and 82 and served with CSC 1/38 INF. There was a 2/1 ratio for GI to Girl in the clubs. However, there were girls in the ville that did not work the clubs. Sure they were there looking for a better life with an american GI but they refused to work the clubs. They kept a low profile and was kept by families who they usually owed alot of money too. I remember prostitution being legal. The girls who worked the clubs were required to carry a VD Card that showed they were up to date on their VD tests. If they were caught working the club without it then they were sent to a VD farm for 30 days or more. Tokori was no doubt a fun place to live. I rented a hooch at the intersection that let to TDC. I remember some extreme times in that ville. Monday morning you did not want to be in the back of the PT formation. The smell of SoJU coming from the breath of everyone in front was overwelming and I do mean EVERYONE!. We had a midnight curfew and had to have a pass unless you were an NCO. I seen a riot at the gate one time when an alert was sounded and every club emptied out in three minutes it was always a mad dash for the gate. This one time it was a false alarm and when everyone returned to the gate the MP's would not open it becuase they never recieved word from Battlion to do so. A GI started to climb the fence when a Korean National in the tower lock and loaded his M1 sniper rifle on him. He continued to climb the fence when the MP at the Gate told him to get down or he would blow his whistle which would give the Korean permission to fire. The GI jumped the fence, the MP blow the whistle and that poor GI's was back over that fence just fast enough to catch a round in the ear lobe. The rest of the GI's waiting to get the out gate, Became furious and torn into that MP like a feeding frenzy. They climbed the sniper tower and the Korean National was never heard from again. After the gate burst open I just walked home. I found that MP's Badge in the road the next day. I could tell stories for quite some time and never repeat the same day.

    10:21 am on July 27th, 2008 70

    :grin: NO matter what kind of experience we all had while we were there,it seems the ROK will always be in are soul.I was there in 87-89 &90-91 and let not forget about the Katusas, LOL

  • Earl
    12:22 pm on July 27th, 2008 71

    yeah i know that there are girls who go out there that dont work in the bars because i am currently datin three of them and 2 koreans at the same time talk about stress

  • scott
    12:21 am on August 4th, 2008 72

    Jim,you and I were at the same place at the same time.

    do you remember running the horn?I thought toko-ri sucked and as I has done on my first tour,78-80 (I extended)I went to tdc,the starze,dark side of the moon,

    and eagles,aka head club,were my whores in

    those joints,just great ladies and great times.I also agree with you about the money,you could get a yobo for $80 and up and a short time was never more than $10 and

    overnight was $20.that was in the late 70's and early 80's.most,not all but most guys who had a yobo from any other clubs were sorry.some, however got married and still are to this day like my best friend mike who married his old lady out of the johnny bar and there still married today,they live in colorado,Im in maine

    weve been friends 30yrs this year,I was married to a korean girl too,we had 2 beautifull kids,she died of a brain annurism in 06.I find myself looking back to those first 2 tours over there,I did 7 in all.I wonder,what ever happened to all those girls that never

    got a tickett out of that place,believe me guys it aint the same there as it was in those years,what I wouldnt give to go back,not to korea,but to korea in those years

    I served a few tours in panmunjiom and in seoul,I served with 1st ranger bn in grenada,panama and 3rd bn in somalia.very proud of all of it,but them 2 first tours in the rok were the the way jim,I was in B co. 1/38th same time you were there, well 82-83,maybe we knew each other.would like to email and exchange pics with guys that were there.

  • The Lion
    9:23 am on August 4th, 2008 73

    hey Earl what unit u in

  • motordaddy
    10:07 am on August 4th, 2008 74

    Hey Guys new to the site, couldn't help but notice some first hand knowledge, was there a couple of times Camp Howze, Hovey and Casey. Anyone remember the parisite club at camp pellam? when I was there it was the wild wild west and everyone got buck wild (WHO YOU WITH) biggest thing was the gang's like the Western Corrandor Posse (WCP),

    Being real does anyone know how I an get a new Manchu Belt Buckle mine broke got it when I was with 1/9 IN 2ID doing the Manchu Mile?

  • MIchael
    8:52 am on August 12th, 2008 75

    Man, I just stumbled on to this and have read all the post and found it to bring back some fond memories. I was with B Co. 44th engineers Combat Heavy Camp Nimble 84'-85' as a mechanic/recovery specilist and got to see and do many things others didn't because the position.(lifting and loading in remote locations. (hill tops) ect. We had a remote location in Munsan as we built 4P3 fire base and one late afternoon a M54 dump truck with troop racks and troops GI's and Katusa's were heading back to Munsan from a day of M-16 qualifing at Casey and the driver fell asleep at the wheel and the 2nd Lt shot gun was asleep also the truck went off the road and into a turtle trap and flip doing about 3 cartwheels sending bodys every where but there were no fatilitys one katusa was pherlysed from the waist down. I still have some pic's from when I was there .Thank you for all your input and sorry for the spelling errors.

  • Ancient Soldier
    4:35 am on September 5th, 2008 76

    Although this is mostly a dead thread now, reading through it brought back some memories. My last time there was in 1970 and from the above article; I don't think I'd even recognize it now. Kind saying this with tongue in cheek but I guess they did away with the Moose Chute at the front gate? (I know that's not PR, but it is both a historical and a hysterical memory.) I spent two tours in Korea, a total of 32 months. 19 months at Casey. Along with the 7th ID, I taught at the Wightman NCO Academy when it was at Casey. I understand it moved and has a new name these days. Our crest was the Compass Rose on a white background, but I guess that has changed as well. Well heck, it's only been 38 years, I can't understand the place changing so soon.

    I wouldn't mind coming back to take a look, but that is kind of out of the question now. I’m one of them sexy senior citizens now living the good life.

    Good article…thanks for posting it.

  • Earl
    9:06 pm on September 7th, 2008 77

    i am in 6-37 FA

  • camp casey drinky girls - Dogpile Web Search
    4:09 am on September 22nd, 2008 78

    [...] summer camp… Sponsored by: • Found on Ads by Google A Profile of the “TDC Ville” Camp Casey front gate, with Soyo Mountain in the background. I once saw a soldier … The majority [...]

  • TONY
    1:18 am on September 23rd, 2008 79


  • Steve Dudas
    1:36 am on September 24th, 2008 80

    I served with the 7th Infantry Division, HHC, 2/32nd, in Camp Hovey from October 1966 until December 1968, although actually some of that time was spent down south in Camp Howard after the Pueblo Incident and the North Korean attack on the Blue House (Korea's White House). I loved that tour so much that I actually extended my 13 month tour twice in order to stay longer. Toko-ri was a great little village with the usual amount of 'activities' for GI's. Back then we were required to be in uniform when off post for anyone stationed north of Seoul. I still remember walking back to camp in my underwear because a slicky boy snuck into my village hootch and stole my uniform. I lived with my yobo who I paid on a monthly basis, $15 I think. It was a little insurance against VD as if you had a regular yobo your chances of catching anything were somewhat reduced – though not guaranteed. From reading the postings and Google earthing that area, it would seem that Camp Hovey and Toko-ri have changed a lot in the last 39 years. I still miss that place but I imagine that the Toko-ri I knew is long gone. What I wouldn't give for a teapot of Makli and a dish of oma rice – 15 won each at the time. Bulgogi was about 100 won I think. Makli was a little yuckie for the first little teacup but by the time you started on your third, you were pretty blitzed. And these were those little pinkie teacups. I could go on but it would take many many pages to unravel the stories I could tell. Everything back then was a Magical Mystery tour, enhanced of course by the local herb – which back then was fairly mellow by today's standards, so I've heard. It was good for kicking back and listening to Hendrix or the Butterfield Blues band and still being able to maintain if the law showed up. More later. If anyone was there around that era, drop me a line. If you're the MP's still looking for me and my two friends, Jim and Larry, the Statute of Limitations has run out on almost everything we did back then.

  • Earl
    7:44 am on September 26th, 2008 81

    the other club in tokorie is hoovey club and fox woods club

  • Saber22
    12:18 pm on October 9th, 2008 82

    I was stationed at Camp Hovey from 05-06, 4-7 CAV, Tokori was just out the gate. When me and partners would roll to the TDC ville, we would hit up Tokori as an after party spot before hitting the backgate at curfew….When I left in 06, Tokori was pretty dead as most have said more MP's and CP's than GI's. Does any remember the Adashi taxi cab suicide rides from TDC to the the Tokori backgate?…, if you were stationed on camp Hovey and didn't want to walk back to the Casey gate,you told Adashi "bali bali" and this cat would be doing 50 to 70 mph through a compacted residential area to get you to the back gate in time…those were the scariest cab rides ever, but we always made curfew.

    I didn't see the midget when I was there, I heard that she got married, but anyway does anybody remember the B & B club and the Eve club there and the Foxwoods club. The Foxwood club had very high back booths to conceal the drinky girl from the customer while they were being entertained. There were some real sluts there, and the girls took turns on looking out for MP and CP's while you were getting a blowjob.

    The girls there had a little game where they would charge $40.00 for a blow job, but they would turn in $20.00 for the drink… so, they had to make you bust real quick….There was a chick named "Rose" that could give head like a champ she'd bring the drink back from the bar and dive like a submarine. While I was waiting on my battlebuddy, I saw her head bobbing thru an opening in the booth. You'd swear that girl had a mechanical device in her neck.

  • Korean Job Discussion Forums :: View topic - waht's up in Dongducheon?
    4:06 am on November 15th, 2008 83

    [...] I live up by that way but I tend to avoid it but it’s one of those one time trip things a lot of American and other international restaurants catering to solders and foreign factory workers. Cheap clothing. A lot of people speak english and you can get American money if you miss the feel of it. Here’s a site to tell you more. [...]

  • A Walking Tour of the TDC Ville
    5:03 am on November 24th, 2008 84

    [...] Here is a video that two brothers stationed at Camp Casey have posted of a walking tour they conducted of the TDC Ville in Dongducheon, Korea. [...]

  • Korey
    6:14 pm on November 25th, 2008 85

    Aight.. Well I married a Juicy girl, and i'll tell you what I would NEVER marry me an american girl. She is the most caring, person I have every met. They are really old school pretty much. They basically slave to there husbands, even tho my wife knows I hate that, i can still do S*** on my own. We have a 2 month and hes my pride and joy, So you know Yeah you have bad Filipina juicy girls that f*** for money, but you gotta look whos paying for it, YEAH THE GI. Then you have other filipina girls that would NEVER do that and have more respect for themselfs and there bodys then anyother person, so you have your good and bad GI's and your Good and Bad FIlipina girls. If you havent been to the philippines you wouldnt understand why these girls work here and support there familys. I've been to the philippines twice, and where my wife lives, Im basically staying in the field, and im not talking about like warrior base in korea by the DMZ Im talking about tent style shit, So Give some respect to some, The clubs that do most of the hooken is in Tokrie, My wifes club shut down at curfew, and didnt do that shit, you know how i knew that after curfew they were closed. Because Ima MP and i could go check, and she was there in the room everynight, bc i would go do curfew club checks and talk to her while i was out. So Stop hating on some, If you wanna hate on girls, try Female GI's talk about clearing barrels when they get here, I think they are ALOT WORSE then FIlipina or korea girls. and you dont even have to pay them.

  • robby
    11:26 pm on January 1st, 2009 86

    i was just recently in the camp casey ville on new years day. at one of the clubs, and yes there were some very beatiful filapinas in there.

    before i walked in i knew the intentions of this establishment. who does

    not know that yet? all the girls wanting something except one i played in pool and lost i was expecting her or the owner to make me pay up. but

    instead i bought her a drink anyway and sat with her a good part of the night talking to her about why shes here and what she does. i explained to her that i know she did not come here for this and that she diserves better. she agreed 100% with me and she was aware of what this was doing to her she does not want this. i asked her still got a passport with you she says yes i say then go leave theres better things out there for you. it got to the point where i felt sorry for her in a serious carring manner. a question about marrage came up by her and i honestly did not know what to say. with any other situation and any other girl there that question would of never came up. but with this girl i gave a motion like you ask and there would be a possibility of a yes. nothing like that came up again but i know she wanted to ask.

    anyone smart would get to know somebody before marrage would even talked about but at that point i just wanted to help her. i'll see her again, i only have 2 months left here and if shes for real i will push for it

    in this little amount of time and to expose the place to athorities to get the rest free to persue better lifes. (just curious any gi who has merried a filipina here where do you go and what do you have to do to make that happen and how long would the process take to get them to the u.s. just wondering. some advice to all, most drinky girls are aware and ok with there situation but for those few who are not ok with it

    and tell you and mean it do something about it im not condoning marrage

    but at least help by expressing the honest truth of theres a better life out there,and help expose whats realy going on in these places. who knows maybe in the years to come there wont be this problem. because it should of never been like this to begin with. happy new year

  • Kmandyk
    2:01 pm on January 3rd, 2009 87

    Go to the USFK website and find the policy letter on marrying a foreign national. It explains step-by-step what a soldier would need to do. Your command would need to be involved too based on a policy update by General Bell a few years ago.

    The process takes time. For example, the Filipino embassy must provide proof that the woman is not currently married in the Philipines.

    It seems unwise to marry someone that you don't know. Why would you want to let yourself be used? Many of these women try to get pregnant as quickly as possible so you are obligated to them. If you want to help, don't go to those establishments, and encourage your friends not to go. Getting married will not change anything.

  • Leon LaPorte
    3:46 pm on January 3rd, 2009 88

    Don't even think about hooking up with this girl.

    There are a few bars in the ville which are not "juicy bars" and do not human traffic. Go to those.

  • Saber22
    5:22 pm on January 3rd, 2009 89

    Just be careful with this young lady. Wanting to marry her so quickly, she'll basically become your future ex-wife as you are marry someone you dont know very well. I know it seems honorable and noble to be the "happily ever after," for this girl's situation, but understand marrying you is her conduit to a much better life than she could've ever imagined

    6:19 pm on January 3rd, 2009 90


    6:22 pm on January 3rd, 2009 91

    FROM 1990 TO 1991 HAD A BLAST

  • SgtRock
    11:19 am on January 5th, 2009 92

    I married a Korean girl in 1979. She was a bar tender at the Oasis club in TDC. I was a 19 year old private. Back then there were only Koreans working the clubs, no Filipinos or Russians. This comming March will be are 30th anniversary. She is in the kitchen right now making jam bong (spicy seafood stew). We are going to Korea for are anniversary. We will be staying in Seoul but we may take a trip to TDC just to see how it has grown. She has a friend that still lives there.

  • Saber22
    1:30 pm on January 5th, 2009 93

    Congrats SGT Rock on your 30th anniversary, sounds like you found a pretty nice woman back then as a young private. Sadly today, the vast majority of third country national females in the ville that a young soldier would marry today have d**k on their breath from human trafficking and prostitution, and unfortunately not all of them desire an American service member as a spouse for the right reasons.

  • kdryan
    6:47 am on March 9th, 2009 94

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I was stationed at Casey in '85 through '86 and I wish I could say I was intelligent enough to stay away from the Ville. But I was 18 and stupid, so I didn't. There were only Korean girls as I remember, and you couldn't go into the Turkey Farm because underage girls were working there. I got caught in there once, and never went there again.

    The price for a drink then was $3.00 to $5.00 and a short time (one time) was $10.00. An overnight was $20.00 and was just as described. I'm amazed my wallet never got lifted on that…

    Looking back, I wish I had gotten out into the country more with my KATUSA room mate rather than spending all my time chasing girls. It would have been interesting to see the country and learn more about the culture.

  • kdryan
    6:50 am on March 9th, 2009 95

    Oh, and the big attraction at Yonjigo at the time was blond hookers. I got up there a couple of times.

    My tank crew did win a trip down to Cheju Do, for placing second in the division on the firing range. Beautiful place, as I remember…

  • IMONTOP4x4
    3:55 pm on March 22nd, 2009 96

    :lol: :lol: . Im not sure how i found the blog, but man i must say it is so funny. '03-'08 stationed in korea. Married a school teacher. Not a juicy. Been with them all until i found what i was looking for. Korean, canadian, phil, russ, tialand. Had a hell of of time, that's why i stayed. 1st stationed in Seoul, then k-16, then camp carroll. here's what i got to say to the guy that would think the highly of the juicy…. narf. don't do it pinky. I was a E-3, in the unit 3 day, guy went a-wall chasein' his new wife to the philippines. Basically they got married and she went a-wall on him.

  • JC29
    2:58 pm on March 28th, 2009 97

    Wow and I thought I was having a good time after reading all the stories about the 70's-80'sand 90's I think I have been cheated ! but no I love it here I am at CRC and spend a lot of time in Uijongbu of course but I have made a couple trips to Itawon which is overun by CP nowadays and have yet to go to TDC for pleasure but we spend a alot of time at Casey working and I was shocked to see the amount of filipinos on post with their litte strollers lol but after talking to some folks and reading post on here it all makes sense. I like to go out and drink and meet women we all do but to anyone in country right now or who is on the way just make sure you take some time to see what Korea is really all about go visit a temple go hiking get away from your Camp and meet the people of Korea this counrty is wonderfull so see all you can of it not just the part connected to a bottle or a juicy ! :smile:

  • Richyrich03867
    6:52 am on March 30th, 2009 98

    I was an Army MP stationed at Camp Casey '79-'80. TDC was a wild and nasty place back then, being "downrange" on a payday Saturday night was downright scarey. There was a bus that ran from Gate 1 back to Hovey, and on that Saturday payday the last bus ran at 0030 hrs and was usually a rolling riot. An MP had to board it halfway through the trip to quell some disturbance between grunts and tankers – they stripped this dude naked, cuffed him to the railing and stole his .45. I NEVER went on that friggin bus alone!

  • Bruce
    9:22 am on March 30th, 2009 99

    You guys that think the 70s and 80s were wild, you should of been there in the early 60s before SOFA. I Swear, it was the Wild West in Olive Drab.

    I wish they would have had pin on rank back then. It would of saved me a bunch. I was E2 2 or 3 times, PFC 3 times, Sp4 once. My Plt Sgt told me I would of went from E2 to E5 easy if would just stay on post.

    I Remember one night in early Winter when we were wearing the old OG wool uniforms, me and my buddy were very late heading back for bed check. We were at a Makgeolli House, and it was all we could do to walk. Well, we taking a short cut across some rice paddles, and I miss judged a turn. I ended up right in one of those special places in the corner where they pump the out houses into. My buddy helped me out, and then we were real late. When we got to Gate 1, the MPS took us over to the Desk Sgt. He told them to get us out of there, and to let us walk back to our unit. I guess that was one time having a centrally located latrine was good. We got in the shower with our OGs on, and washed, then pulled them off and showered. We left the cloths outside the quonset hut, and dried off, and went to bed.

    In the morning, my squad leader wanted to know why our OG were wet, hanging on the mop rack. I Told him he would not believe me if I told him. What memories….. :)

  • Steve Dudas
    11:46 am on March 30th, 2009 100

    This is a continuation of my earlier comments (#80)about my years in Tokori with the 7th Infantry Division. Back then, all the 'business' girls (as they were called back then, not juicy girls) were strictly Korean girls. Never saw any girls from elsewhere – other than maybe the American Donut Dollies who came around a couple of times a month to each company. These were basically American girls who were working over there in some kind of USO status. They were off limits or were supposed to be. They were all looking for young single officers ala An Officer and a Gentleman. I guess what shocks me most about the recent pictures of the villages is paved roads. Nothing was paved back then in the villages. When it rained, the deuce and a halfs coming through Tokori would rock and slide all over the thing they called a road. Inevitably a villager would claim he was run over by whatever military vehicle had most recently passed through the village. All part of the game. We had the Niagara Club, the New Seoul Club and a few others that kept things lively. Officers weren't allowed to go into any village north of Seoul so it was all enlisted men. The MP's rarely came into the villages to screw with anyone. When you came out the Camp Hovey gate, it was about 200 feet to the village with the river on your left and a mountain on your right. Once in the village, you would reach a fork, one road going up a hill and then on into TDC via Kimchi bus if you so desired. The other road bore left and would take you out of town into rice paddies and hills. A friend of mine and I took our yobos (girlfriends) for a long walk out that road along the river where we all went skinny dipping. My yobo, Jin, and I took off up the river a little bit and did the nasty on a flat rock in the middle of the river. Pretty risque stuff for a Korean girl to be doing back in those days, even if she was a hooker. The local farmers would have beat us to death if they had caught us. They weren't real fond of us boinking their women in the first place. I was 20. What did I know? It was all very rustic and grungy back then. I enjoyed every single minute of it, even those long walks back to my barracks (corrugated metal quanset huts with space heaters) just before midnight with the temperatures below zero and the wind blowing through the mountains.

  • Flores
    2:45 am on March 31st, 2009 101

    Korea 88-89 and 90-91 2nd Tank

    Oh the good old days I wish I could go back in time………….Drag your ass in before the gate close and get yourself a whopper off the mobile burger king truck… auhhhhhhhhh

  • King dog
    10:05 am on April 4th, 2009 102

    I also was sationed at camp casey 1984 to 1985 fresh out of high shcool man it was a new exsperience for me it was wild i was 18 I was in A co 702 maintanace.Me and the guys called ourselves the dog.We would find each other in the ville by barking a boo a boo ru ru.Drinking soju and silvac hanging at the club UnderGround,getting taylor made clothes.Im still looking for some of my buddies its a shame in the milatary we known by last name I never knew any of my buddies fist name if you are out ther look me up ;JUdy ;Auston;Porter;D.A. Nash;Jones;Pope;Knox;Sgt Acoff;

  • King dog
    10:08 am on April 4th, 2009 103

    I remember the black rose

  • King dog
    10:23 am on April 4th, 2009 104

    I was at Aco 702 in 84 85 the times were wild we had slicky overnite passes the girls were cheap and slick

  • King dog
    10:43 am on April 4th, 2009 105

    You are right you better rap it up.I remember getting burnt when I WAS THERE In 84 T0 85 at CAMP CASEY I WENT UP TO 2ND MED I WAS IMBARRESED UNTIL I SAW HOW MANY GI'S WERE THERE FO THE SAME THING

  • King dog
    10:49 am on April 4th, 2009 106


  • King dog
    11:05 am on April 4th, 2009 107

    being stationed at camp casey is one tour of duty i will never forget i had goodtimes and bad times but i loved the ville it was a young single mans paradise :lol:

  • SgtRock
    4:25 am on April 5th, 2009 108

    Hey Richy, I was at Camp Casey from Aug 78 to Aug 79. Our baracks and motorpool were over by gate II. I remember your company commander was busted selling appliances and electronics on the black market. A Company 702nd Maint Bn Tech Supply Sgt was busted for selling parts including tracks for tanks and dozers among other things to the ROK army. Everyone was supplimenting there income one way or another. Coffie, alcohol, tobbaco rations where good as gold. We used to get the turtles to give us there rations before they found out what they where worth.

  • Rocket 3 Ancient
    9:20 pm on April 20th, 2009 109

    You are so busted

  • Ddee
    8:00 am on May 18th, 2009 110

    I see this sight is filled with the male species. Didn't any of you hang out with any of the female soldiers. I arrived in June of 1987 did 18 months and rotated out December 1988. I was at 2nd ID HHC G1, Camp Casey, Admin Clerk,and lived at the back of the base. Of course I was 19 and lots of energy. We used to have to run to other camps, hump the mountains, train, train and oh yeah train. So on weekends my friends and I would hit the TDC and spend our paychecks. Of course we went down the alley more often then not. We usually always missed the last bus and walked the 2 miles back to barracks. Staying out of the turtle ditches was no easy matter after a night out of drinking. Our 1st Sgt didn't care what we did as long as we made it to formation before him the next morning. I used to always want to go back as a civilian and live in Korea. But after I saw the pictures of the modernization of TDC, maybe not. I liked the rawness of the old not the brightness of the new. I probably ran into a few of you back then, I had tanker friends as well. I also went to Seoul when the Olympics started. What a sight. Later

  • Wiles
    3:53 pm on May 27th, 2009 111

    Just found the site, reading all of the posts sure brings back some great memories. I was stationed in B. co. 702 maint. on Hovey from 88-90. I read the trivia questions early on about the lotto lay at the Ace club and the Olympus club burning down. I also remember the wreck in Tokori that killed 8 people because I was the passenger in the wrecker. Pretty scary ride and I also have some pretty graphic pictures of the wreck site. Sure sad to hear about Tokori dying like you all say it is. We spent about everynight in that little village and I can safely say it was some of the best times I have ever had. I married a gal from Tokori and we just celebrated our 19th anniversary. Thanks for posting it sure has been fun reading them. "Warrior Maintenance!"

  • Spc Eaves
    4:02 am on May 28th, 2009 112

    This site is awesome! I don't even remember how I stumbled onto it, but I've spent the better part of an hour reading and remembering. I was at Greaves from 98-01 and spent a lot of time (well weekends really) at TDC. My favorite place was the Starz club. They had the most beautiful Filipinas in there. I spent so much money on one girl there! Damn, this has been awesome reading all these posts!

  • tongmul
    8:17 pm on June 3rd, 2009 113

    Korea went down hill when the Korean girls left the bars. Some fun pokin the PI girls and the Russians………Would make me want to stay home.

  • D. Turmel
    12:17 am on June 13th, 2009 114


    Nice website – I need to sit down and read through all the comments….

    I have photos of the "Together Club" or "T-club" (Tongducheon) on my Flickr site. Circa 1993-1994. I'm also starting to upload the rest of my Korea photos of Camp Hovey, etc.

  • D. Turmel
    12:59 am on June 13th, 2009 115

    Great story! Did you take any pictures?

  • D. Turmel
    1:04 am on June 13th, 2009 116

    What I remember going to the Tongducheon 'ville is that the people from my unit would be there, both men and women, and that was fun.

    As for the places you mention – are those locations in Seoul?

  • D. Turmel
    1:17 am on June 13th, 2009 117

    I uploaded some photos of the "Together" club to my flickr site:

  • Rich V
    12:57 pm on June 25th, 2009 118

    Great site to remember the old days;

    1986-88 B Co, 2 AVN UH-1 driver, 1991-1992 C Trp 5/17 Cav Cobra driver.

    Yes the Infamous ToKori Midget did exist, a buddy of mine (honestly not me) was a midget miester in 1992, I don't remember seeing her back in 1987. Downrange TDC was much better in the mid 80's( 30-40$ for an O-Nite vs 80-100$ in 92.) All the girls were Han Guk, best looking were in the Peace and NY club which absolutly sucked. T club was great in those days, I started the dollar bill on the ceiling thing. You could also hook up with a non-Business Korean girl in some of dance clubs. Got overly involved with a NY Club girl and had to ETS in 94. Should have stayed in Germany after Desert Storm rather than going back to 2ID.

  • D. Turmel
    1:19 pm on June 25th, 2009 119

    Oh – you were the one that started the dollars on the ceiling? Wow, that club was plastered with dollars by the time I arrived in 1993…

    What I do remember was just after I arrived, the new leadership got rid of the "Warrior Pass". I can't remember exactly, but it was part of the restrictions for getting on/off post?? I remember sitting in the T-Club around December 1993 watching people burn their Warrior Pass…..good times!! To this day the smells of fresh and stale beer and cigarette smoke still remind me of being downrange.

    I never got to go to Germany…but I remember when we deployed for Desert Shield to Saudi Arabia, we sat in a tent waiting for the rest of the unit to arrive and I listened to hours of people reminiscing about Germany.

  • D. Turmel
    1:35 pm on June 25th, 2009 120

    Well yes, we had a lot of great females in our unit and we would go downrange with them…..or there were parties in the barracks, or maybe even a train ride to Seoul for the long weekends. The Dragon Hill Lodge was very nice….

    I understand what you mean about the modernization of TDC. Some of the attraction of Korea is its otherworldliness. In America things are a little too well-organized, the streets a little too straight. In Korea, the winding alleyways and streets fascinate me, the labyrinth of the towns or even of Seoul. The surprise of the unknown. And soldiers enjoy things being a little wild and unpredictable. I don't think Americans relish disorder, but sometimes the order in America is boring. So Korea is a great place to explore….

    As I've mentioned further down in this thread, I'm continuing to upload Korea photos at:

  • Sanchez
    12:30 pm on September 7th, 2009 121

    Okay, I did Tokri,TDC, CRC ville, Osan, Camp Stanley, at the begining of my tour, but it doesn't compare to the he best thing that happened to me Korea. Which was when 2ID tookover K-16 they had all the NCO's move into off post apartments in Seongnam just south of Seoul. I lived in an apartment at Samsung Plaza and with little to no other GI's around to include CP. I was able to enjoy a diffrent Korea a "juicy" free Korea. Filled with Canadian and British English teachers. If anyone is still in Korea and your reading this check out the following Bars at Samsung Plaza located at the Seohyeon subway Station; Monkey Bar, Irish pubb, Carni Station. And when you get tired of that action check out subway stop 416 you will forever be greatfull, this was back in 2006 when i left but i will return ;-)

  • gmoney
    3:31 pm on September 12th, 2009 122

    :twisted: i didn't realize how much fun i was having runnin around tdc and tokori with the 1/9 until i got to the 502nd, i should have extended got that bonus and spent an other year with the drinky girls, hooah

    5:47 pm on September 12th, 2009 123

    Wow things have changed so much since late 70s and early 80s. We called our tour in Korea " A GI's Best kept secret ". And did I love it ? only enough to go back after first tour in 79, and to extend three times in early 80s Left with Love of my life in 83.

    6:18 pm on September 12th, 2009 124

    Did you marry a juicy? You lucky dog. How much did she cost you?

    6:32 pm on September 12th, 2009 125

    :cool: I wasnt done but hit the enter button and sometimes that will post you at this web site. Anyway my point is simple and quick. Even back then there were good and bad girls but they were called business women LOL. Silly Huh. Ya I know. Damn I had a good time though, and I met so many girls that came from villages where they had read some add in a paper or magazine about how they could have a better life if they came to these villes. Back then it was only Korean Women and for the most part real clean and kind women in a bad situation. Some were there by choice also. Now as I said I traveled around Korea, and I seen prostitution in cities where there were no Americans and it really sucked for those girls. Whoa. But most of them made the best of bad situation. I mean they always smiled and were sweet for the most part. Very happy to see a GI. Now,, I hear that much of this is by choice, and I believe that is good. Except in the villes it was legal when I was there, and girls had cards that had to be checked weekly. You get the picture. I know this isnt a great subject for Korean people but I gotta say those women brought so damn much money back into the economy it is just mind boggeling. They should be ohnered for this. Listen, I went into clubs where there would be thirty women and maybe two or three soldiers at times in different villes. It was a time when your check lasted all month long easily, and if you had rations they got you quite a ways in the ville. And everybody played. It was a different time. "Best Kept Secret". Not a secret anymore and in my eyes just a time after war in Korea while she was getting on here feet. I will always love South Korea and the people. I told many young girls the reality of their situation, and even was able to see a few go back home but that was so rare. My name is Duffy and my favorite club in An Jung Ri or outside Humphreys was the 7 club. Duffys Club was fun but a bit tough on the Girls. I did not have to pay for drinks at Duffys Club after I had been in Korea for about a year. My favorite club in Songtan was the Hilltop and I carved my name deep into the bar in 82 and 83. Talked to some people who had been back to the old ville at An Jun Ri outside old main gate at Camp Humphreys. I guess the government gave some of the girls that did not get married a small allowance. Its about 300 a month. Im now 52 so many of my friends their would be around that age. I miss them all and hope they are Okay. 300 wont get them far but they always seemed to get by. I bet they are using charcoal for heat and not many fancy meals. My wife is from Souel. I met her when I was traveling. We are going back next year. Hope this didn't bore you. BTW I remember Camp Casey when there were so many clubs you could no way hit all of them in two days. Hundreds!! Later, Duffy

    6:42 pm on September 12th, 2009 126

    LORDOFE2 Damn right. And she is with me still. she is beautiful at 48 years young, and she loves me. That is hard for me to understand somtimes. LOL. But damn she has made my life so good. Hope I have done same for her. Later

  • gwv
    8:03 pm on September 13th, 2009 127

    D. Turmel

    Nice pictures of the T club, Was in Korea 96-97, 2003-2007.

    O-ki still works there.

  • gwv
    8:15 pm on September 13th, 2009 128

    Married mine out of the ACE club in Toko-ri.

  • Duffy
    2:01 am on September 23rd, 2009 129

    This is Duffy again. I was wondering if anyone knew of any web sites where folks may talk to each other about past times in Korea. I mean where the girls may be posting also. I knew many that came to states, as did my wife. We have ran into two people we knew in Korea. One was a friend my wife grew up with. I mean they were little together back in the sixties. Now my wife was born in 61. Man the two of them were so happy to see each other i thought one of them would have a heart attack the way they carried on. This was very cool. Now they call each other allot, and visit occasionally. We live 4 hours apart from them. She has been married for 28 years also. These girls were clever enough not to have to work the clubs. They grew up close to the club world and knew the scene. Took me from 80 to 82 to tame my wife. She says I'm still wild. Hope so! In truth M would really like to talk to people I met in Korea.

  • Bruce
    4:29 am on September 23rd, 2009 130

    I started one for guys that served in Korea, or are still there. Anyone on here, and there families are welcome. It has not been up very long, so could use a boost in action.

    I set it up by areas, so it would be easier to meet up old friends.


  • stephen holinka
    2:47 am on October 1st, 2009 131

    I was stationed at Camp Casey in 1966-1967 at the 7th Admin Company which was right past the main gate. I loved it there and also fell in love with a girl named Angel who worked at the Rendevous Club which was located in the upper part of TDC. Other club names I can remember were the New York Club, and the Savoy. There were about 13 in the village at the time. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or the village at that time. My email is

  • stephen holinka
    2:50 am on October 1st, 2009 132

    And I forgot. My nickname was Special Forces Holinka and I was from Jersey City, NJ and I still live there.

  • Saber22
    6:45 am on October 1st, 2009 133

    Hey Stephen

    Wow…I was stationed in Korea from 2005-2006, you mean to tell that the Rendevous Club was around in '66-67 timeframe? That was one of my favorite spots in TDC because the Ajimas didn't hassle yoiu about buying drinks. I met a few nice girls that worked there, from talking to a few of them, ti was one of the better clubs to work in.

  • Duffy
    9:29 am on October 6th, 2009 134

    Hey Bruce,

    Just wanted to thank you for the website. I just found your post as hadnt checked my email on yahoo for a while or some how missed that. I really appreciate the website . Just sighned in and am waiting for confirmation . Am really hopefull to find some folks from my place and era in Korea. The website is an awesome idea. Thanks again, Dan Duffy

  • Bruce
    9:59 am on October 6th, 2009 135

    If you have any pronlems, let me know.


  • scott
    7:14 am on October 12th, 2009 136

    Hey Duffy what outfit were you with and when were you there?

  • Duffy
    11:51 am on October 12th, 2009 137


    I was with the 1st and the 44th 78and 79 camp Howard. Had a friend at Casey that year and when I had time off that was the place to party. I got around Korea quite a bit. Big Red 1 Kansas for a year. Then 520th Camp Humphries. Dec 80 to Jan 83. Korea got in my blood. I loved it and remember allot of people. Some folks are saying it is allot different now but I am wondering. Gotta go see for myself! :smile:

  • guitard
    11:55 am on October 12th, 2009 138

    Last night I drove out the Camp Hovey gate into Tokkori. That first section of Tokkori that you see as you leave the gate has not changed one bit from when I first saw it almost 30 years ago. Actually, the way I should describe it – it hasn't changed and it has seriously gone down hill since I first saw it almost 30 years ago. Seriously – it's the same shitty little store fronts, but most look like they are empty. There is one tailor and one trophy shop who are still in business. The rest of Korea has advanced and all the old stuff has long since been knocked down and replaced with shiny new buildings – but not in Tokkori.

  • TANKER81
    1:01 pm on October 12th, 2009 139

    I was stationed in Korea from Aug 2004 to Aug 2005 (Garry Owen till December then Hovey) Some of the best units I ever been to I was in 4/7, 2-72 and then 1-72 in fact trying to get back there in Aug 2010 in between Iraq deployments Korea has been my vacation. I love that place and I love to drink. I here the stories from my 1SG and CSM not a damn things has changed that much thru the years. So even the years I was there some of the stuff I hear on this site is some of the stuff I did too. Got to love it

  • scott
    12:12 pm on October 12th, 2009 140

    once a shit hole always a shithole thats why I loved tdc.

  • Bruce
    12:20 pm on October 12th, 2009 141


    If you can scan them, email them to me, and I will add them. Email to the address at the bottom of the pages.


    I am looking for pictures of Camp Red Cloud from the 50s through the 80s.

  • scott
    12:33 pm on October 12th, 2009 142

    Duffy,I was in csc 2nd bn 72nd armor 78-80, B co. 1st bn 38th inf camp hovey 82-83,jsf panmunjiom 84-85 and sf-det k yongsan 85-86.I hear its all gone now.In fact I saw alot of changes over the years.

    nothing beats those first 2 tours.I just had a reunion with my best friend from that 1st tour nearly 31 years to the day we met.He is married to a girl from the ROK I was at his wedding. It was awesome,he has no desire to go back.Id like to go though.get a bunch of guys together and go,it would be cool.

  • guitard
    12:51 pm on October 12th, 2009 143

    That's just it…a lot of the shitty parts of TDC have been torn down and rebuilt. There are modern hi-rise apartments all over the place…it's a totally different place now. But Tokkori is stuck in a time warp, and slowly falling apart.

  • Bruce
    3:44 pm on October 12th, 2009 144

    If you have not see this, I am sure you will enjoy it.

    Same area in the 60s and 70s.

    I was there in 60-61.

  • scott
    5:41 pm on October 12th, 2009 145

    wow when I was in csc 2nd 72nd 78-80 it was located as you went through th main gate,past px and turtle farm,maybe1/4(?) mile up on the right,Bruce I want to put pics up on your site of my years there including my reunion with my bro from 1st tour mike but need help.

  • Steve Dudas
    12:00 am on October 13th, 2009 146

    Still waiting to hear from anyone at Camp Hovey circa Oct. 1966 through Dec. 1968. Previously posted #80 and #100 (I'm too lazy to repeat all that info in this post.) I'm actually happy to hear that Tokori hasn't progressed too much over the last 40 years, although I see it has paved roads from the GoogleEarth pictures. I'm sorry to hear that it's mostly Russian and Filipino girls… I miss the charm of the Korean girls. If you were there back then, would love to hear from you.

  • "Misfit" A
    7:43 pm on November 19th, 2009 147

    LOVE this thread…was in the ROK 82 & 84 on Team Spirit w/ 25ID-65CEB C.CO @ Camp Page and went back for a full tour w/ 2ID in 86-87 @ Camp Castle w/ the aforementioned "misfits". "The good we do never remembered, the bad never forgotten" caught ALOT of shit over that sign hangin outside our side of the "I" shaped billets we had, now dozed over according to google sat photos..:( My NCO Asso. plaque from that tour says "Stay Dedicated and Determined Misfit" on it, it hangs on the wall. Have a good pic of my sqd and the sign "picture pop" on castle took for us hanging on my wall too. Someone once said .."these were the best of times and these were the worst of times"…Ill drink to that..All the stories I can tell about that place could fill a book or two…It was the wild wild west and we were jolly green giants in jungle boots…I saw posts mentioning the Darkside of the Moon Club in TDC, The Happy Club w/ the bleached blond koreans…top and bottom…OMG thats just too unreal to recall…Anyone remember a chick named "Hanna The Barbarian"? from up in that north neck of the woods??? LMFAO!!!! And Tokori was a fav haunt of us engineers but the grunts didnt like us there much…dont recall the midgit tho…before her time i guess..damn! what a time!!! The Harley Club the Montana club and soooo manyyy others pounding down kettles of so-ju and scoring for 5-10$$ and NO MORE than 15-20 for an overnite…..Anyone remember Me-Me at the point of the TDC 'ville where the main road split at a "Y" an alley wench that could suck nails outta a 2×4? Facing dwn range the RR tracks were on the left and the main drag was on the right…Club 51 where Boyle was doing "The Worm" dance and landed right on his head and busted it WIDE open on the floor..bllooooddd eveeerrryyy where and the MP's asking him who hit him and hes like "i was dancing"….LMFAO…Had a kid (E-2) come up to me in frnt of Bn once after we just rolled in from the field… all starched pressed and spitshined… I was standing there w/ a Cpl that i helped get promoted bullshittin and hes like sarge i hear you have the best squad in the Bn and was wondering if you have a job for me…I started f*****g laughing…asked the Cpl who the hell this was and he said he was the Bn Cmdr's jeep driver… bla bla bla "son where ya from" as the salty old pro i was at 22…"im 18 sarge and from around Pitts Pa." Im from that area too so I narrowed it down to "Where exactly ??" he was from a few miles from my home town…we got him a job in the plt…the Cpl and the E-2 both retired w/ 20+ yrs..I saw Brutis at Ft Bragg at the cng of Cmd Cerm. when he took over a Bn. of Paratoopers and I made the comment to his Bn Co. that dude its ironic that you started your Army career driving a Col around in a jeep and now your gonna end up your career driving around w/ a Col….in a hummer…"This is the strangest life I've ever known" The Doors….. :twisted:

  • "Misfit" A
    7:54 pm on November 19th, 2009 148

    Oh yeah I forgot after that rant…THANK YOU!!! all of you vets out there still doing the job…wish I could join ya…. ;-) hope you make it home soon and STAY SAFE!!!

  • Rocky
    9:54 am on November 23rd, 2009 149

    I was stationed at Camp Hovey from 1974 to 1975. Toko-ri was a trashy run down village. Lots of bars there. You could get a korean girl for 5 bucks, or 20 bucks for the night. Even have one by the month for about 150 bucks called a yobo. Weed was about 2 bucks an ounce, used to buy it in suit boxes for about 35, or a lunch bag full for 5. There were no phillipine women.

    I was in B co. 1/9th inf.

    There is a lot of nice places in Korea, But not in the ville around the camps.

  • Ricosniper (hyong-by
    6:01 pm on December 3rd, 2009 150

    I was there in 1979, and i was part owner of a restaurant and club. i wore a full face helmet and no one knew who i was. But i was an MP. I enjoyed everybody elses yobo. 80% of soldiers with a yobo in the ville,Tdc, tokori etc.. had affairs , especially with club owners. after they killed the south korean president in dec 1979, i really had fun. never got married but i lived the high life with an S-5 partner and my korean counterpart. it was heaven. and even when i went to the u.s on vacation i met some of these ladies around military bases and we revived old memories. ohhh yeah hoooooaaahhhhhhh.

  • Texas Soldier
    6:08 pm on December 13th, 2009 151

    I vividly remember that wreck in Tokori in 1988. I was the soldier that dispatched the wrecker involved in the very tragic wreck. Luckily for me, I dispatched that vehicle in accordance with Army policies and nothing happened to me. However, the Company Commander that authorized the vehicle to be dispatched and operated lost his command and had a letter of reprimand placed in his Army records. This effectively ended his Army career. The solder that drove the wrecker was never quite the same after the wreck. As I remember, this was the third incident involving U. S. soldiers in a very short period of time so it got quite hairy for the soldiers for a while.

    By the way, two of the persons that died in that wreck was a Korean grandmother that was holding her grandchild. What a tragedy that was.

    Also, the driving of military vehicles through Tokori was an everyday occurrence.

  • LOL
    9:06 pm on December 22nd, 2009 152

    PUHAHAHAHAHAHA thats funny has hell

  • Tom Langley
    11:09 am on December 24th, 2009 153

    I stumbled across this website and it brought back tons of memories. I was stationed in Yongsan from 1979-1980. We used to go up on hooker hill or towards where the 7 club was. A short time was $10 and an overnight was $20. When I first got to Korea I went to the NCO Club and picked up a girl and went to her hooch. I was really f'd up and I did something you shouldn't do with a hooker. Any way a few days later I thought I caught something and went on sick call. A female doctor asked me if I had a sore on my penis and I said no. She asked me if there was burning on urination or a discharge and I said no. Then she asked me why I thought I had VD and I had to tell her I had a sore throat. I started to tell the whole story and she said forget it. Turns out that I just had the Korean crud. I wasn't used to the local germs. I worked at the 121 Hospital on the ortho ward. There was a friend named Larry on the ward and his American wife was named Janet. My yobo was named Mina(Min Gi Youn, her ville name). Her real name was Pak Gook He. It cost me $100 a month but it was worth it. I had the best year of my life when I was in Korea, my kids can't believe my war stories but everyone who was there then knows they are true.

  • Duffy
    8:51 am on December 25th, 2009 154

    Hey Tom, Was there at the same time you were and earlier also. What happened to Mina? I have been married for 28 years to girl who listen to this; grew up on the streets of Itaewon. She was in gangs so was a bit different than girls that worked the bars. Any way I didnt meet her tell I had been running around different places for two years. My first girl was outta the King club. In 78 the king club had some awesome bands. That thing ya did was a common Newby thing bro. But as you know most the girls that worked the clubs were clean. It was those little houses that had very young or older girls that had the problems. And they were in every ville. Damn I loved the Rainbow club, Big bottles of beer and solid Rock roll. OB was good back then. They have Guinness now. But I wouldn't trade what we lived, and saw for nothing. Was there in 78 79 Then back Dec 80 and out in 83. loved it. Me and my wife are gonna try to go see Korea next year which starts in about a week. If not 2010 it will be 2011. BTW Yongsan and that whole area was just one of my hangouts I was stationed further south. My home ville had a huge club called the duffysclub. I also met and lived with a very nice girl named Eun Hi while i was back at Ft Riley 79 to 80. I miss her and would really like to apologize for misleading her. She was something . Now don't get me wrong. My wife is my best friend and we share two kids. But ya know there are just other people you never forget. And I have a few from Korea. Kyung Soon from An Jung Ri. What a foxy Lady she was. HMM many others but those were the ones I knew well a couple of ones I knew well. I do owe some apologies and for many would just like to say,, hey whats happening. Really do think about folks I met in Korea. You were there and saw what the Korean women did for their country. I mean bringing cash flow from time of war right up to early 90s. Now the Korean girls have real futures thanks to the girls who put their asses on the line for the cause even if they didn't understand it that way, and some of the educated girls did. Now they have Girls from the Philippines and Russia there. Trips me out.

    Merry Christmas. Bless all the folks we have been talking about and all Folks in our armed forces right now. I hope for peace for our folks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let them have some good duty time. The poel in those countries don't give a shit about our troops. Got a candle lit for them.

  • Shotgun
    8:31 am on January 1st, 2010 155

    I was stationed at Casey 87-88, during The Olympics. Security was nuts, house boys ran $20 per month and we had Fog Hat for our 4th of July party. It was a weird time to be on "The ROK". You guys that are currently serving, thanks for all you do and get home safely.


  • Tom Langley
    2:36 pm on January 3rd, 2010 156

    Duffy, did you know Mina? She had a friend, Miss Beck who was f'ing nuts. Mina and I wrote each other for a year then I went on leave from Ft Leonard Wood to go see her. One minor detail that she didn't tell me was that she was living with another GI. Anyway she liked the way I f'd her so she kicked the other guy out. He was a SP5 who worked in the JAG office who had paid $400 rent for the hooch but it was in Mina's name. One night Mina and I had been drinking some soju and he caught me in an alley and royally beat my ass breaking his r hand. The Army ended up court-martialing him. I feel horrible about it now but at the time I laughed my ass off. She quit writing me after several months when I went back to the states. Thank the Lord I never married her. If that SP5 is reading this post I really am sorry. You were right to kick my ass. Anyway after I went back to MO from leave Mina and I wrote each other but Thank God I never married her. Years later my first wife was Korean but I met her in the States. I hung out mainly in the Rainbow Club, Eagles Club, & the Silver Wave, rock and roll.

  • Duffy
    5:17 pm on January 3rd, 2010 157

    Hey Tom, Not sure if I knew Mina but your story sounds familiar to those times. I am sure Me and my wife Ae Sook would recognize Mina if we saw her. she has ran into two people from her child hood at korean stores in Portland OR and man do they ever yell, hug and cry! She talks to them weekly now. We very possibly sat in the same bus or cab with you Tom. Accept I was a loner during those years (on the hunt). Met my wife second tour. She is from Itaewon from birth. Her family was so poor she made money selling flowers and gum to hippies and soldeirs when she was a little girl right there at the main alley by the Rainbow club in the 60s. That place seems like a dream to me now. Later she was over at the big marshal arts theater. Her father died when she was fifteen and her mom had left her and her sister with her father when she was like 3. She was raised in the stuff so had some savvy about how to stay out of Aujimas clutches. I met her in An Jung Ri where she was with this outfit of girls that went to different clubs to dance. We have a good life. But man I had some girlfriends that I am happy I did not marry also. And I feel bad about some of the girls I lied to. 2 in particular. Don't feel one bit bad about any of the fights got in and there were plenty. Your apology is genuine and mine is also but ya know sometime a person just has to realize they can't apologize to a certain person. I have a tough time with that. My wife knows how I feel. Four years in Korea at those times was well you know how it was. I remember all the clubs you have mentioned but I hung mostly right there at the king club when they had live music, the rainbow club and man did that place smell baaaddd!!!! My favorite pissing hole LOFL. The 7 club,, damn I remember going into King club and 7 club early. Would be 30 girls ready to go and what 3 GI's? Hell I just loved it and was like a kid in a candy store. We lived there during some times that were very different. Meaning us soldiers. Ya I really would like to see our troops enjoy at least their time off but those people don't give a rats ass about our people there in Iraq or Afghanistan. We were loved by the locals when we were in Korea. I did do some hard training also but never had dreamed I would have so much fun in my life. One of Our daughters name is Mina. Can you believe that? Remember bro, I was at camp Howard but hung out in Itaewon on my first stretch like every time I got a chance. After I met a girl, no a Lady named Kyung Soon I started touring places in Korea that were far from GI villes. Yes she is one I owe an apology to. The other is Uen Hee. I lived with her at Junction City Kansas fall of 79 up to late 80. She was good and I lied to her. She had a little baby girl at the time named Suzy. Suzy was not my child but I did raise her for over a year. not so cool huh? I just felt there was someone else waiting for me, and when I met my wife I lost that feeling. Its never came back. But I did hurt people in the process of finding the person who felt like my soul mate. Hope your year is awesome Tom. Later, Dan

  • What the hell?
    1:47 am on January 4th, 2010 158

    Ok so G. I. Korean is one guy or more than one person? Also, what's your real job? Do you work for japs or something?

  • Brandon
    4:33 am on January 4th, 2010 159

    I thought I was having a great time in Korea until I started talking with a few old heads (DOD civlians mostly) in the Bars I was hangin out in. You guys really had it good. Now a days there is no such thin as an overnight and an hour cost you $150 thats if you have the balls to go cause every day you hear about prostitution is crime UCMJ blah blah blah. The women are still beuatiful though of course. Fell in love with one myslef but she being a good women would ony go so far with a G.I. going through a divorce. I promised her I would come back when it was done but we already lost touch a lot guys wanted here I just hope she had picked a good man. I didnt hang out much in TDC mostley Seoul and my tempray home town of Uijongbu. My favorite palce was Sues bar right outside the gate I think I spent half my tour in that bar (half my check as well) but I wouldnt trade those days for nothing well maybe if i could get a time machine and be there in the 60's or 70's haha. I just left last OCT and already cant wait to get back next re-up im askin to return fully divorced and ready to settle down.

  • Retired GI
    6:31 am on January 4th, 2010 160

    I was in Korean in 88. Rent for a "short time" was 20 USD. The old timers I knew then were telling me I was getting ripped off. Still better than what was on post. (I was single)

    Check out the "factory", before you do the "ring thing" again.

  • frank
    2:13 pm on January 14th, 2010 161

    I have my ticket in my photo album still lol too funny

    First prize was a overnight and a Jacket

  • Dragonfly
    6:45 am on March 7th, 2010 162

    What a great bunch of stories! The Midget of Toko-Ri!?! I was at Camp Casey from 6/68 to 8/70 in B Btry 1/31st Arty, 7th ID. Our unit was located near gate 2, down the hill from 7th Med and across the street from 707th Maintenance Bn. There was an EM club across the street too, which made it convenient. TDC at that time was typical of most of the places that GI's frequented. The clubs I remember going to were the Rendesvous, Crown, New York, Savoy, and the Oasis. There were two clubs that black GI's went to. I don't remember the names of them, or even where they were. At that time TDC streets consisted of hard packed dirt. When it rained, it got muddy. Most of the buildings were one or two stories tall. Walking through the ville was always an experience. There were small alleys that led to hooches and off limits places to eat. We used to get fried egg "samichees"

    (sandwiches) with a can of Coke. To this day I still love Coke with a fried egg sandwich. The ohma (sp?) rice was always good before walking back to camp. The smell of the village depended on the season. Summer could be worse. There was always the smell of food cooking, with a whiff of sewage added just to remind you that you weren't in Michigan. We used to drink a lot of the local beverages. "Podo Juice" (wine), mokli, Seven Horses Gin. On occasion we would mix a third of a glass of gin with two thirds of a glass of the podo juice. Good for getting drunk, not so good for maintaining order. Pot was very prevalent. The second year I was there, the Korean govt. outlawed growing it. Alcohol was extremely cheap. A case of beer in the PX was $2.40 – 10 cents a can! You could buy a quart of liquor at the EM clubs for a dollar, depending on the brand. The first year I was there we still had to wear class A's or khakis off post. The price for partaking in a little horizontal recreation was in part determined by your rank. Rank mostly came into play when you had a "yobo". She was paid by the month for being just yours (hopefully). If you got promoted, she got a raise. All the girls were Koreans. There weren't any "drinkies". Most of them were the same age as us and a lot of us became friends. Many times we would go to the ville on a Friday and ask a few of them if they wanted to go to Seoul the next day. We'd go back the next morning, get on a bus, and all go down to Seoul for the day. When we got back, the girls would go to "work" and we'd either hang out in the clubs or go to the hooch we rented. I can't believe how much money those girls are getting for their services! Of course it depends on how much you can pay. I was a buck sgt. and was making about $350 a month. We got paid once a month, in cash. One of the best times I had there was when I was up at Camp Saint Barbara for some training. I was housed with a captain, a lieutenant, and a SGM from the Korean Marine Corps. They were all Vietnam vets and the SGM was the boxing champion of the Korean MC. They asked me if I wanted to go to the village with them. I thought it was the ville outside the gate, which it wasn't. We got onto one of those little kimchi buses and rode for about an hour to some little village. We went into a somewhat traditional brothel. The mamasan welcomed us at the door and took us into a room and we sat down on the floor at a big table. She assigned us each a girl and then we had a huge meal. The girls made sure our Soju glasses were always filled. There was a lot of singing and drinking and eating. After that, we all went to separate rooms with the girls. That's when I found out I had left my wallet at the barracks. I had only one dollar with me. The captain came to our room and talked the girl into taking just the dollar. And it was for an overnight! I felt terrible about it. The experience was worth much more than that. I wasn't supposed to be gone overnight, but when we came back the next day, the captain told the gate guards that I was with them. Another time there was a cholera epidemic and the whole division was restricted to post. We were at the EM club across the street and someone came up with the idea of getting the duty driver to take us off Camp Casey and up to Camp Hovey under the pretext that we were going to the theater up there. The road between Hovey and Casey was considered part of the compound, but you had to be in a vehicle. The road between Hovey and Casey also had a contingent of business women waiting to make a transaction. The plan was to get dropped off on the road, the driver would go to Hovey and then back to Casey, and then come back and pick us up later. It seemed like a good plan when we were half drunk in the EM club. It kind of fell apart when we were waiting to be picked up and the only thing that came to get us were jeeps filled with MP's. My buddy and I were laying on the ground next to the bridge when a jeep pulled in on us. They jumped out of the jeep, racked rounds into their .45's and were yelling for us to halt as we took off running down the river bed trying to get away. My buddy was pulled up the wall under the bridge by one of the girls. I had ducked around the other side and was left standing there about 15 feet behind the MP's with their pistols drawn. I was worried that they might turn around and shoot if I suprised them, so I gave up. They threw me against the wall, handcuffed me and then tossed me in the back of their jeep. They ended up catching another guy shortly thereafter, and my buddy trying to get back in the gate. After they had searched the area and not found anyone else, the mamasan somehow rounded up the other 5 guys, took them to the gate, and talked the guards into letting them back in. They took the three of us to the MP station and locked us up. Our First Sgt. was woken up and he had to come get us. He was the kind of guy who pretty much drank throughout the day, and then drank a fifth in the evening. He wasn't all that happy about the whole affair. We ended up with Article 15's. Two weeks restriction and $25 fines. My E-5 orders were held up a month or two.

    I've always wanted to go back and see TDC, but from the pictures I've seen, it would be like going to some place I've never been. Toko-Ri sounds like it hasn't changed much, except for paving the roads. When I was there, not many of us went there at all. I think I went there twice in 25 months. One thing I didn't see a lot of while I was there was fighting. I think the only time I saw GI's fighting was when I was on Courtesy Patrol. My roomate and I were on CP and we walked into the Crown Club and about 4 or 5 guys were fighting. We just backed out went on to the next club. We didn't think jumping into a fight with only a helmet liner and pistol belt was a smart thing to do.

    One of the things we used to do on CP was go into the bathroom of the clubs and have our buddies bring us a beer that we would chug. Do that 5 or 6 times a night, and CP wasn't all that bad.

    There's "Turkey Farm" in TDC now? The original Turkey Farm was in in Yongjukol. It was a street lined with hooches where BJ's were the main thing on the menu. As I recall, the price was only maybe 300-400 won. Those were the days…

    One thing I've come to appreciate as the years have passed is how beautiful the country really is. I was in a unit that fired Honest John rockets and we all hated going to the field. It just seemed like such an inconvenience. No showers, no ville, sleeping on the ground, etc. But in the years since I have paid good money to visit and backpack into areas that weren't as nice. Bivouacked on a bluff overlooking the Imjin, what could be better? Those really were the days…

  • Sgt Rock las vegas
    6:17 pm on March 16th, 2010 163

    about the girls working in the vill, president park chong hee made a public statement that said those girls was providing a service for the defence and security of nation of south korea and they should be commended. only if the where willing of acourse. I concur. Back in the day I remember the black rose from the 70's and 80's there was one little chick that work there by the name of brandy bow legged, pretty as hell I wonder what happen to her. I go to to tdc every 3 years my wife go every 2 years almost the same ms lee tailor shop still there for a few minor changes most look the same. except the korean girls are to rich to work in the clubs now to many korean products beening sold world wide, good for them. russian/eurasian, philippines girl

  • cable puller 122 sig
    6:24 pm on March 16th, 2010 164

    I know a lot of those girls who went on to make great wife

  • cable puller 122 sig
    6:30 pm on March 16th, 2010 165

    yep cause I married one 35 years strong good woman and she got girls friends that call mher all over the place some married some devorced

  • cable puller 122 sig
    6:36 pm on March 16th, 2010 166

    go to crc she there ujungbu she has her own little drinkie bar

  • year of older ladies
    7:24 pm on March 16th, 2010 167

    Boy did I have a good time in Cp humphry, i was a young GI about 25, and had the best time of good life because of the cleaning ladies in my building and a bar owner all about 55 -6- years of age which was double my age boy did they show me a good time, I could not belive my perks with those older ladies, they new what they wanted, for ladies in their late 50' they looked really good body smooth. It not the young girl I think about, it the three older married korean ladies I had affaires with all the time to this day, so when I went to korea on vacation I went looking for one of them at my old unit, the sectery that still work there said she had retired. the secretery gave me a look why this man looking for this old lady that wash clothes and clean room, I mean these older ladie was pretty fine two tall one and short one. some time i would see them at the market on week end with thrie husband and we would just smile and nod at each outher guys watch your wife I don't care how old is she watch her. boy I could write a book on that year

  • Charles Tustison
    8:02 pm on March 21st, 2010 168

    The thing with the wrecker… What I remember…

    Some officer needed a broken wrecker towed back. The one at 702nd had been deadlined for bad brakes. The officer circled the deadline on the wrecker and sent two privates out with it to get the broken wrecker. Coming back down that hill, the brakes on the wrecker went out and the two wreckers slammed into the taxi and bus stand.

  • Bill
    9:52 pm on March 22nd, 2010 169

    I was on Hovey when that happened.

  • E4 Type
    2:26 am on April 24th, 2010 170

    Ive been stationed here since 2008. I can say this area is very small. Yes there are a lot of juicy girls here and I can say things have slowed down a lot inn the past 2 years. There is a lot of good shopping for men but most women have to find a good store for their size some place else unless you are a size 5 and below. Korea is what you make of it. Dont let Dongducheon determine your perception of Korean life. There is a lot more to do down south. I dont meant go to anothe military post either. Why do that? To see more service members?? No, get out use the subway system which is quite easy to use. Find a random place to go and venture out. Never listen to the negativety here from other GI's. You determine how your tour here will be.

  • Duffy
    3:50 am on April 24th, 2010 171

    Sounds like a plan young brother. Juicy girls were not there when I was. Thank God because the girls that were there were awesome, and mostly good. Now that was after I had been there for a while and knew how to find people. But you are correct about getting around, and it is much easier now then when I toured, to get around I mean. The tour was much more fun when I toured from what folks say.78-83 It would be very hard for me to put up with juicy girls and cant see myself doing that but feel If Korean women are anything like they used to be (and i am 29 years married to a Korean lady) there would be fair play somewhere. BTW We did not have the subway. I miss the Korea that I came to know and love but assume it is still there one just has to look tell they find. Sort of like a treasure hunt. Good luck

  • Duffy
    3:55 am on April 24th, 2010 172

    Oh I am sorry You could be a young sister. Please forgive me for that oversight.

  • Earl
    5:01 am on April 24th, 2010 173

    Good luck I PCS'ed back in OCT 08. Now I am in Iraq. and soon to be ETS'ing. Who is this by the way.

  • Sgt Rock
    5:51 am on April 24th, 2010 174

    Hey Dragonfly, Sounds like not much changed from your time and mine which was 78-79. With the exception of the roads being paved. All of the alley ways and the clubs. The smell of food mixed with sewer. Ahhh whats not to miss. The korean girls were smokin hot. Pot was illegal but was still available. Podoju, oscar (peach bubbly), soju, makali, ob and crown. And all the prescription drugs a soilder could consume, tillidons, scochi yellows, and romalar. No prescription necessary. But the drug stores where off limits to GI's. No Problemo, Korean girls were more than happy to oblige for a price. Those were the days before the UA. Most everyone was taking some sort of upper or downer. Anyway, I have been clean and sober for a long time but I do not regret a thing. I will allways cherish the memory of my time in country and would not do a damn thing differently.

  • E4 Type
    9:36 am on April 24th, 2010 175

    yea im a young sister well 24yrs old…now a days you see a lot of guys spending their entire paycheck on these women. its getting to the point that bar owners call the company and battalion commanders about the soldiers that havent paid for their juicy.

  • E4 Type
    9:42 am on April 24th, 2010 176

    they've also renovated the ville a lot more since those pictures shown above. it is a new road through the ville….the trailors across from the clubs and stores have been removed and a new cement pattern from the clubs to the main road have been built, along with decorations, a basketball court, and gym equipment. The stores have been renovated from the outside, along with some of the clubs. Its not as crowded in the ville as it was when I first got here. There are only a few select bars everyone goes to. There arent as many juicys standing outside the club to pull males in either. Its slowed down….I do miss the old ville a lot but with the prostitution and human trafficking a lot had to stop

  • Tom Langley
    11:59 am on April 24th, 2010 177

    I was stationed at the 121 Evac Hospital in Yongsan in Seoul in '79-'80. I wrote a couple a 'war stories' earlier. I'm 55 yrs old & I literally had the best year of my life when I was in Korea in terms of just pure fun. Korea at that time was a single mans paradise. I did all the stuff that Sgt Rock wrote about in his reply to your post and loved every minute of it.

  • Duffy
    12:30 pm on April 25th, 2010 178

    Must seem really silly to see these GI's separated from there money. But I feel any commander that makes a GI pay there juice bill is sort of wrong IMO. That commander would be miles ahead to shut that club down for bad practice with GIs. Some GI's just don't get it till the shaving creme has been used for soap if ya know what I mean. We didn't have Juicy girls when I was there but we did have gullible GI's and I remember one in particular that actually got into the hall locker and used floor sop to shower with before going to the ville as had used everything he owned to get himself prepared to go to the ville to see a girl that had made it clear to all she would use him. The last thing he did before first Sergeant escorted him from the ville was run from her houch to a little store to get Korean smokes ( in a dress ) cuz before she left she took his clothing and told him to scrub the floors. She was sitting at a table in the Lucky club when that happened. I couldn't even tell her she was mean but sure as heck wouldn't have anything to do with her. It was the GI's fault this happened as I seen her on my next tour and she was married treating her American husband like gold. Stuff happens all the time. I just don't understand the command allowing these Juicy girls and bars to get away with what they do. If they banned the ville for a couple weeks things would change and the first time they started ding that they should ban again. Everyone would benefit from happy GIs.

  • A Seliquini
    3:05 pm on May 15th, 2010 179

    Turmel — your photos are great. I was satationed at camp Casey between 1997 – 1999, and I don't have very many photos of the Rock & Roll Together Club, so I'm glad you posted yours. I have a website on Facebook that you might want to check out. Can I upload some of your pics to that FB group? Check it out.!/group.php?gid=11074642

  • SGT Titan
    6:50 am on May 27th, 2010 180

    I was stationed at CRC from March 96 to April 97. I loved Korea. I've been all over Uijeonbu, we had a lot of fun in the "non-military" clubs. We also hung out at the Americana Club a lot. Every Saturday morning, I'd go down to the Uijeonbu station, jump on a train and just go.

    I actually didn't like going up to TDC, although, I spent my fair share of time there. I do remember a trip up to Tokori, just to see if all the shit we'd heard is true. Sure enough, we saw the midget, and saw a lady sit on an beer bottle! We were in one club there, and this philipino girl with huge tits kept telling me she was in love with me, lol.

    I remember getting a Warriors Pass, and spending the weekend in Yongsan. Stumbling out into the alley on Hooker Hill, and its 8 or 9 in the morning!!

  • Skipper
    11:52 am on May 31st, 2010 181

    I was stationed at the NCO Academy in Camp Casey from 1969-1970.

  • Mark
    4:25 am on June 5th, 2010 182

    Was stationed at Camp Casey 82-83 with 2nd Aviation Battalion. Most insane year of my life. They weren't called Drinky Girls back then, they wanted to be called "Business Woman" Ha ha!!

  • fay
    1:58 am on June 6th, 2010 183

    Give me the sleazy korean hookers anyday,SSG merc u sound like one of those guys who learned a little hangul,took a few train rides, and claimed to understand korean culture.I'll take the low down ,filthy ville anyday.Gettin hammered with my buddies,buyin hookers,and making fun of pogues like u!! Peace! Camp Casey 93-94 Bco 5/20th inf "Barbarians"

  • joegosox
    9:21 am on July 6th, 2010 184

    It was monsoon season 1978 when I arrived in country. GIs ruled 'downrange'. I was single, lived in a Quonset Hut in Camp Hovey, and felt like I ruled the world when I had an 'overnight pass'. As my tour went on I got more savvy, knew what girls to 'short time' and what ones to overnight'. I out smarted slicky boys with the best of the short timers. I remember Miss Jo from the New Seoul Club. The one 'business woman I would have brought home.

  • Bruce
    9:52 am on July 6th, 2010 185

    My 1st of 4 tours in Korea was in 1960-61. This was back when you had to be in uniform to go on pass, and there was a nightly Bed Check. The units had to submit a pass list to the MPs, with a max of 30% on pass, and NO Over Nights during the week. Some time after midnight, the CQ had to check each bed, to ensure everyone was in there bed.

    You would think that these measures would keep things under control, but this was prior to SOFA, so the there was some wild stuff going on in the villages. Korea back then was not a lot different than the old Wild West. There were almost as many guys going under the fence in some areas after midnight, as through the gate before midnight.

    9:34 am on July 7th, 2010 186

    One of the duties assigned nightly was, Courtesy Patrol (CP). You carried a PRC-77 and walked through the ville with an NCO and made sure everyone behaved. The clubs would give you free Cokes when you went in. I miss it.

  • Tom Langley
    12:36 pm on July 7th, 2010 187

    Joegosox #186 when I was stationed in Yongsan in '79-'80 I'll say one thing about the MP'S, they were really cool. You could be knee-walking blind drunk in Itaewon & as so long as you weren't being violent they would ask you what gate your barracks was at, you would tell them then they would drive you & leave you at your gate. I really respected the MP'S on Yongsan, they were great.

    2:02 pm on July 7th, 2010 188

    Tom re:#187

    Our MPs were so cool. Drunkenness was just a legit reason to escort you back to the gate. Then you could stagger home. They were more on the lookout for fights and mayhem. Both of which, I avoided after a couple of O.B.s.


  • Dragonfly
    2:01 pm on July 29th, 2010 189

    I'm glad to hear some MP's were OK. I remember some of the MP's at Camp Casey in the late 60's as being a little heavy handed. I only had one run in with them, fortunately. But I had a few buddies who were jacked up by them. Who knows, maybe they had it coming. ;-)

  • last days will be in
    9:35 am on July 30th, 2010 190

    I was in South Korea from the early 70th’s thru 1995 off and on 2 and three year hitches what ever I could get out of DOD, well there are a group of guys that I was station around that are still living in Korea to this day as civilians. I know this because I go back to Korea every three or four year because of my wife, married thirty five years to a bar girl /hooker and a fine one at that absolutely drop dead gorges to this day. A funny story about my wife is that she was a rebel of sort of woman and there was many like here I got to know by speaking Korean . When I went from paying her for her services to actually being her boy friend , she took me to her family home out side of Pusan on a Saturday evening surprise to see that her family home was well to do, the more I learn about her was that she was not as poor but a wild child of the family, boy was I shock to see such luxury back then, to this day I do not know why my wife took that rout but luckily for me she did lol, we were given beach front property in Inchon to build a house. My wife remain a wild card to this day True story

  • Number 10 G.I.
    3:14 pm on July 30th, 2010 191

    I was in the 1/38th Infantry Bn. at Camp Hovey. We did PT in boots and had a six day work week. But it was the time of my life.

  • Duffy
    9:33 pm on July 31st, 2010 192

    Last days, Been with my wife for 30 years. She and her sister were so poor growing up in Korea they were different than the bar girls because they had to be on those streets, back then. This is what is funny about our parallels. My wife poor street kid from time she was a child didn't run in the bars. I sure as hell did, and didn't meet her till my second tour. We don't have any property in Incheon. But congrats on that. We have managed to pay for our own home here in the states and are probably going to buy another home on the Rogue River in Oregon. I lived with many wonderful Korean woman and I gotta tell ya man yours is not the first I heard where the girl actually left a good home because she wanted to run he GI villes. Seems some heard it was a hll of allot of fun then whn they got ther thy got tied and fell in love with someon who could remove them from what they elt was a whole. It was a whole lot of fun for me when I wasnt working. I did know guys that married girls who had families that accepted them back with open arms after they were married to GI's. Wow, Its a good life no matter where your wife came from though back then, just as long as she came from Korea.LOL. I really Loved that song written by "The guess who" Cuz the girls back then, well when they decided to love you; you were in for life of love. My wife is good and beautiful also. All she had left in Korea was her sister who is visiting us now. She may even live with us if we can work through immigration. We saw Korea during some very cool times. Me and wife were going there this year but will wait now till next year. I gotta go out the old gate at Humphreys. And I really want to see what the hell happened to Songtan. The ville outside Osan if ya werent sure. Then we are going to Che Ju Do. BTW My wifes sister lives in a little apartment in Incheon. Do ya need some one to take care of your place there? Just Kidding. But she does liv there, Hopefully not for long. They should be together. We have had so much fun laughing the few weeks. Just like 30 years ago. Good luck, Later

  • last days will be in
    3:22 am on August 1st, 2010 193

    Nudist Forest Opening in Korea

    Published on July 31, 2010 in Korea (South). 3 Comments

    Tags: Nudist Forrest.

    Korea’s first nudist forest is scheduled to open in Jangheung County, South Jeolla Province in late August.

    The county said Friday that it is working on a therapeutic park, surrounded by chamaecyparis obtusa trees, and will test-run the nudist forest, named “Vivid Ecotopia” in the near future.

    “We will soon complete construction of the facilities and people can enjoy nature and release stress in the nude,” Park Kwang-ho, an official of the country office told The Korea Times.

    The official said although the park operator will provide visitors with thin gowns, ultimately all will be encouraged to undress.

    “We have already received legal advice that there will be no problems with the park as long as it is built in a shielded area. The main purpose of the park is to treat people suffering from skin diseases such as atopicallergy and help them meditate,” he added.

    Jeju Island sought to build a nudist beach last year, but failed to carry through the plan due to strong resistance from various interest groups.

    The county has invested 4.5 billion won ($3.8 million) for the establishment of the park and six huts will accommodate approximately 50 people. The administration will not charge visitors this year and decide on the admission fee after the test period. [The Korea Times]

    I am guessing the USO won’t be offering tours here any time soon.

    3 Responses to “Nudist Forest Opening in Korea”

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  • last days will be in
    10:47 am on August 1st, 2010 194

    Boy did some korean get rich off GI'S and drinkie girl It is unbeliveable how much much money went threw that country because of the american present there,some GI"S who had korean wife did pretty good for themself around the 60's to late 90's wild wild west,little black cars would roll out of town on a monday moring taking all that money from the clubs back to seoul,and GI"S with their black market once I had a buddy and his yobo got busted for black market by a korean knp/usfk officer while waiting on the mp's to come pick him up, my buddy was talking so much that he had his yabo translate to the korean, you remember kwangju 1980 American did it and you are going to whole me for a little black market, he was a E6, the command never could get the charges to bust him from knp's because he stir emotion in them by brining up kwangju 1980 where supposely the american government had the korean government crack down on demostrator's and where a few hunderd peoples got shot. That guy could talk his way out of anything. To this day kwangju is a sore issue in korea, so if you evey get……………..

  • Duffy
    9:40 am on August 2nd, 2010 195

    The whole country owes allot to their wonderful women. Actually all through History. And Koreas History weather you ae speaking of Bakje, Puyo, Goguyreo, Joesan, Shilla, Gaya, or the many tribes that made up pieces of the whole. Korea has a very cool history. To bad they let modern Joesan get entangled in confucianist ideology because they dogged the women during that period. They were the saviors of that country IMHO. Take all the GI villages from after war to early 90s, Almost everyone played the B market regardless of rank. And 90% of the GIs were spending their whole checks and B market money right there in villes. The girls that had been around a little knew what it was about. Those girls were every bit as much in service for their country as we were. Just not all knew it. And allot of young Gis didn't know that either. But the players at the top started plans for the subway in like 71. Thats just an example. The lucky girls got married to someone they loved after taking some time in trenches. Some were taken right from the trenches. Other's got out for a while, and had to go back. I knew many girls on very deep levels, pardon the pun. But spoke Korean well enough, and read Hangul. Also spent time with girls, and people where there were no other GIs. Wow those girls wanted only one thing. To go to a GI town. It took me a while to see the :idea:. But when it came on I did treat the girls different. Not that I treated them bad. They just became my friends after i realized the situation. Some never would believe that because I was like a rewarded child when first going to Korea. Lived a rough life on the streets, hitch hiking from city to city when I was young kid. Thats why my wife and I get along. Her parents were gone before she was double digits in Korean age. And they lived right in Bo Kong Dong or right next to Itaewon. She sold flowers and chewing gum on streets and the gangs were tough Beating her and hr sister up until they were able to hold their own. Anyway even those kids played a role in getting Korea back up as they were cute so the GIs and hippies back then would buy flowers and chewing gum. I have heard their life stories. They were watching the big girls go with GIs. Thy both ended up doing things around GIs but didn't end up with Momma San. They were slicky girls. My wife ended up dancing and I ran into her on her night off. She had her own little hooch and money. I talked her into going out to dinner with me . Took my ovation guitar with the big case. We went back to her hooch. Shit she told me to sleep on the floor. I was thinking WTF. I left my guitar and went to one of my girlfriends hooches and played all night but knew my wife was the one so next day begged forgiveness. Funny,, she thought I was a trip. She just laughed about it. Anyway we worked it out, and she is napping by me right now, her sisters doing the dishes. This 30 years after I met them. Life can be good! But for those girls I hurt. Promises unkept were common but my life changed a long time ago, and the promises made from my mouth that had no heart behind it were uncalled for so I will never forget them or the people they were aimed at.

  • Oghma Gem
    11:34 am on August 13th, 2010 196

    Wow, I was so glad to find this site. I was a DofA and DOD civilian employee from 82 to 84, mostly on Camp Casey, but worked a little while for a Korean general and American major at Joint Command in YongSan, making schedules and typing documents and answering the Korean phones. One of the most fun times of my life. I was in my early 20s and made so many friends at the Turtle Farm, 2nd Med and 2nd ID, the MPs and the CID boys. You wouldn't think it, but CID was some of the hardest partiers I knew! One Halloween I went to their party as a belly dancer and danced and drank until I had to be carried home. At that time, they had a mean little Chihuahua guarding the back entrance to CID. Bit me on the ankle. Two of my CID friends also helped me in a breaking-and-entering caper to my a-hole boss's office; we jimmied the tiny window and they lifted me up and I crawled in. We weren't thieves–Big Boss had 6 letters from my stateside BF on a Friday afternoon and told me I couldn't have them until Monday! Well, that didn't work for me, LOL. Of course he saw the mail missing on Monday and questioned, but we denied all knowledge and what could he do? They were CID!! One of life's little mysteries to remain unanswered, because he couldn't prove anything. He had his eye on me after that, though. ROFL I miss those people and that area; I lived on the economy in TDC ville. Sad to hear that it has all changed so much. Somebody give me a shout if you remember any of these people/events.

  • Ray
    8:57 am on August 30th, 2010 197

    I was with the 2nd INF DIV 1970-71 when they first moved into Casey after the 7th left. I pulled CP duty which was to return drunks to post and to keep the soldiers out out of trouble.

    I also was SDNCO a few times for battalion and I remember sending the duty driver down to the main gate to pick up any drunk stragglers returning near curfew.

    I had a very good rapport with the Korean residents there and had no problems finding a place to stay over night if I did not want to return to base. Yes I frequented the bars but there was much more to see and do and I am glad that I took the time to do them.

    2:57 pm on August 30th, 2010 198

    Human trafficking and sexual exploitation supported by an intriguing double standard in USFK policy? Well I go to korea very often, my brother in-law is a taxie driver with his own taxie, On a number of times I will ride around with him, let me tell you, human trafficking is very much alive and well in south korea where know American treads. He have pick up prostitutes, (customers) where these women are abused by the pimpes and mamasan's ect, he then have to take them directly to the police station, as a taxie drive he is not allow to tuch them if he has a problem. I mean I seen some very young girls mess up, from abuse, so that is why in seoul in the hardcore korean brothels if you not korean you want be allow in the the place, korean under world of sex and sleze of all kind is very much alive and well without the american. THAT A FACT

  • Leon LaPorte
    3:14 pm on August 30th, 2010 199

    korean under world of sex and sleze of all kind is very much alive and well without the american

    As we have been saying. Americans couldn't even account for 1/10th of 1% of any issues Korea is having. They aren't all that interested in cleaning it up anyway.

    3:15 pm on August 30th, 2010 200


  • JoeC
    4:53 pm on August 30th, 2010 201


    The first time I was taken to a Glass House area by some GI's, where we were tolerated to walk around but could not enter, I saw a Korean man repeatly and violently punching a Korean woman in the face. My reflex was to run over there and jump on him. The two GIs I was with held me back.

    Rule #1 for American GIs:

    Never get involved in inter-Korean conflicts. No matter what.

    I was glad to one days see a drunk Korean man punch a Russian woman in the face, who was significantly bigger than him. She pounded him unconscious.

  • JC
    9:44 pm on August 30th, 2010 202


    Are you talking about Sues ?

    6:15 am on August 31st, 2010 203

    Over the summer my korean wife an I took my 25 year old daughter back to Korea where she ws borned for a grauation present. even tho my daughter was not in the deers program any more an not eligeble for ration cards, While at youngsan ration office getting my wife an I ration cards, I ask to put in a exception to policy for my daugher to get px an commissary priviligies,while on vaction. I asked the koreans korean said know, so I said I want to talk to the american in charge, so the korean got on the phone an call some GS15 an said I was a retired service member giving him a hard time. I took the phone an talked to the person on the other end and explain to him what I wanted, I told him I was retired, there on vacation with wife and daughter and I wanted PX & COMM'S privg's for my daughter, who is not a dependent any more because of age. I explain that up to local commander to approved any exception to policy and I was aware of korean ladies that have never been to America an is not even a citizen of America but is drawing their decease retired militery spouse SS/SB/VA?MDC benefic's and never been to the states, an you telling me my daughter can't have a ration card. He then said let me talk to Mr kim, so gave the phone back to mr kim, so mr. kim told me to write a letter to 8th Army and it would get approved which she did get approved for a ration cards 30 days later to late for her because she had to go back to us the next day after we got the letter. But we did get it GOD BLESS AMERICA ALL WAYS. SINCERELY

  • Germany vs Korea rat
    8:19 am on August 31st, 2010 204

    Can someone explain why, if a spouse/dependent of a US retired military service member goes to south Korea on his or her own to visit. they will not be granted or allowed PX'S or Commissary Privilges' from ration control. If she or he want to patronize the AAFE's an DOD stores, the retired service member has to accompany her to Korea to sign for the privileges. The powers to be Don't you think it is a slap in the face to all those Korean women that supported their active duty military spouse for twenty years of more, to not let them have these privileges. I was told it is not the same in Germany when a retired service member wife goes back home there , she does not need her spouse for post and AAFE'S privilege's in a store. store. All of those men and ladies could not have gotten by, if it was not for their ACTIVE DUTY SPOUSE, at the time. Ok the American service men and ladies have given their blood, sweat, even their life for much of the world. those ladies and men taken care of the home front, while we went to work. Now that we out of uniform you want to not honor our spouse's for their dedication to duty. is there a double standard in reference to South Korea and Germany?, so don't tell me it the Korean's know the Koreans' very much aware of what time is it in that part of the world, Korea is strong economy but it know match for china when it com to Armies' they need America power more than ever. They may yatah yatah we are all this but deep down they know. The Chinese have already pick off three neighbor's quietely Tibet, weeger's I forget the other one. know body said nothing on main stream American news just a little, humm, another about our Korean brothers is that they did not want Obama to be president, they was dead against it, even own the Korean news doing the election KBS,MBC,YTN not so MBC they did not show OBAMA in a good light, I know this because I read an write korean, even in korea dark skin korean are look down upon, korean men like pale white korean female same with female the adore pale white korean men.the more pale your skin, the higher your status in their socity. So let our US President know. May be he knows, did he visit yet, uum. He was not their first choice. Korean's have a very slight of hand and mine to look down on all dark skin race's. to let u know I am white, I had to brack my wife of being the P word. LOL When I was active duty.

  • Leon LaPorte
    8:49 am on August 31st, 2010 205

    I know this because I read an write korean

    When are you going to learn to read and write English? :lol: :lol:

    /joking, of course

  • Hong kong for north
    12:31 pm on August 31st, 2010 206

    I got a good Ideal, I think everybody would agree, how about the US and china should making a trade, Hong Kong for North Korea.Before china take over North Korea all together, which they will try one day, because the North Korean mine set is unchangeable to improve the country in a reasonable amount of time to get the country turn around. the chiness knows that. The North Korean really don't care for them, to the point where chinese, characters are not allowed in North Korea publications, strange but true, the north korean's refuse to use chinese lettering or characters in there socity, the south korean use it. North korean only use pure korean lettering. check it out. You will not see chinese characters in North korean papers.

    where is my spell checker lol

  • Hong kong for north
    12:43 pm on August 31st, 2010 207

    did u find it spell checker 2nd n 3rd line now tell me what is grammatically incorrect with my text; hint should and mine waiting……….. spell checker

  • talk me down
    4:19 am on September 1st, 2010 208

    versions channels. American news is garbage, with Mat lowery, Katie Curic, Brain Williams, U need to step your game up. Where is the beef. Oh god fox is purely for entertainment, Rudy Murdock is he American? Look American news peoples if news is slow let have a cultural break. Instead of running same sad stuff all day tel the peoples something about other citizens in other states or countries geeeeeeeeeeeee peoples in other parts of the world know more about American government than we do sad. Because the power to be want to keep u dumb and stupid, so you want raise up from the mentally dead. Talk me down spell checker you check, take that garbage off the make American look like idiolect JERRY SPRINGER CRIMES AGAINST THE POOR. AFTER EACH SHOW HE TRY TO PUT SOME LOGICT BEHIND THE SHOW, what wrong with 8th army command when I was in Korea waiting on the train I had to pull a little young female soldier aside request that she put her two sisters Ok can someone talk me down, about our America that has been high jack. America is the only western nation that don’t have universal health care for citizen’s the federal Government can send your young kids off to die in a foreign land, but will not give his mother free health care, ok for the common good there have to be a balance, those kids got murder for the common good of America, so what are fighting for. Any nation should make sure all of it citizen’s are provide for with health care. The security of the US is at state when your citizens are over weight an sick, if a world war start today so fat citizen would not be able to go.

    Issues like health care is a United States Federal Level issues only, not the States because the fed are the one’s sending our kids to die in foreign lands. heath care is a notional issues fedderal gov can u please lead. i have seem American with bad teeths hanging out there mouth, but in Iraq we are using our militery to fix their teeth. inform me on what going on with America foreign policies Is there anyone in charge of the day to day operations there. Our last Administration committed war crimes against a sovereign nation; lie to its citizens about weapon of mass destructions. All I can say to all the small countries out there trying to play by the big country rules, is that you better saddle up with your own nuke program, like North Korea did or you might find, America, china, or Russia knocking at your door lol.

    War crimes from the highest level of power have been committed by our leader’s, yep committed war crimes, broken the infrastructure of a sovereign nation and now the current administration say it’s up to the Iraq peoples to put it back together. We have broken, misplace millions of it family’s and citizens, thousands of it children’s with American service members, have know whole parents, went to war over a lie, do u think if Iraq have had nuke’s that we would have invaded that country; know. That why the Iranian’s are going full force to get their nuke’s online because our beloved America foreign policy is so f~!@#$%^&*)_+ from A to Z. Know one truly like us or trust us not even our friends maybe England or Israeli.

    I was hanging around at our American pavilion this summer at the 2010world fair expo in Shanghai china waiting to get my pavilion passport stamped to show that I went to that country Pavilion, and some guy asked r u American I said yes why is your country so much friend with Israel he said, why do your country let Israel kill Palestinian with American weapons he went on to say US government give Israel weapons. your peoples, he told me. at that time Chinese security went straight to him and escorted him away, I think they saw the whole thing on camera.

    C that the ~!@#$%^&*)_ crap I am talking about America foreign policy all of it’s citizen’s are at risk because of it !@#$%^&*)_+ because of it’s unbalance foreign policy across the globe. Israel is going to take America to it grave with her, because of this problem. When I got back to US I asked a number of American’s r u go n to the world expo in china, their response was, what world fair they don’t even know any thing about the day to day operation of the world.

    That expo has about 170 countries, Sad but true quality info is not disseminated down to it citizen in US. CNN, FOX, MSNBC will hammer you all day bull!@#$%^&*()_ all day long about Tiger Wood, getting little extra piece, that what men do, it’s in their Genes, or Brad Pit an Angie or Octo Mom, American news is worthless. We have NBC and the others come on in the evening for about 15 Minutes world news they say, lol, if you want to see quality news you have to get DIRECTV and get the international tier, especially, where u get news in Japanese English, Chinese CCTV9 English, Russian English versions channels. American news is garbage, with Mat lowery, Katie Curic, Brain Williams, U need to step your game up. Where is the beef. Oh god fox is purely for entertainment, Rudy Murdock is he American? Look American news peoples if news is slow let have a cultural break. Instead of running same sad stuff all day tel the peoples something about other citizens in other states or countries geeeeeeeeeeeee peoples in other parts of the world know more about American government than we do sad. Because the power to be want to keep u dumb and stupid, so you want raise up from the mentally dead. Talk me down spell checker you check, take that garbage off the make American look like idiolect JERRY SPRINGER CRIMES AGAINST THE POOR. AFTER EACH SHOW HE TRY TO PUT SOME LOGICT BEHIND THE SHOW, what wrong with 8th army command when I was in Korea waiting on the train I had to pull a little young female soldier aside request that she put her two sisters back under cover, and that I was going to take her picture and give to cid’s she went in the store an bought a blouse don’t get me wrong she was dress but not much, tattoo, are being stamped all over soldiers in south Korea all kinds, pawn shop running over with duty free good, soldiers in the vil at dinkies bars/chop house in work uniform code of conduct /very relaxed Huston we got problem how can we nation build when our is failing apart. Spell checkkkkk this that not the issues. Talk me down lol

    back under cover, and that I was going to take her picture and give to cid’s she went in the store an bought a blouse don’t get me wrong she was dress but not much, tattoo, are being stamped all over soldiers in south Korea all kinds, pawn shop running over with duty free good, soldiers in the vil at dinkies bars/chop house in work uniform code of conduct /very relaxed Huston we got problem how can we nation build when our is failing apart. Spell checkkkkk this that not the issues. Talk me down lol the french may be bank rupt but they got somthing to show for it lol god help because the leader for arica have not been born yet bama he knows but his hand is tied to much canpaing money pay back time lol I give a dam about spelling.

  • talk me down
    4:41 am on September 1st, 2010 209

    Ok can someone talk me down, about our America that has been high jack. America is the only western nation that don’t have universal health care for citizen’s the federal Government can send your young kids off to die in a foreign land, but will not give his mother free health care, ok for the common good there have to be a balance, those kids got murder for the common good of America, so what are fighting for. Any nation should make sure all of it citizen’s are provide for with health care. The security of the US is at state when your citizens are over weight an sick, if a world war start today so fat citizen would not be able to go.

    Issues like health care is a United States Federal Level issues only not the States because the fed are the one’s send our kids to die in foreign lands. inform me on what going on with America foreign policies Is there anyone in charge of the day to day operations there. Our last Administration committed war crimes against a sovereign nation; lie to its citizens about weapon of mass destructions. All I can say to all the small countries out there trying to play by the big country rules, is that you better saddle up with your own nuke program, like North Korea did or you might find, America, china, or Russia knocking at your door lol.

  • talk me down / nuke&
    4:54 am on September 1st, 2010 210

    War crimes from the highest level of power have been committed by our leader’s, yep committed war crimes, broken the infrastructure of a sovereign nation and now the current administration say it’s up to the Iraq peoples to put it back together. We have broken, misplace millions of it family’s and citizens, thousands of it children’s with American service members, have know whole parents, went to war over a lie, do u think if Iraq have had nuke’s that we would have invaded that country; know. That why the Iranian’s are going full force to get their nuke’s online because our beloved America foreign policy is so f~!@#$%^&*)_+ from A to Z. Know one truly like us or trust us not even our friends maybe England or Israel, Mr. kim saddle up with nuke's even china now has to put a faction in place, to be ready to take over those nuke.Incase the boom goes up.

  • talk me down /never
    5:05 am on September 1st, 2010 211

    I was hanging around at our American pavilion this summer at the 2010 world fair expo in Shanghai china waiting to get my pavilion passport stamped to show that I went to that country Pavilion, and some guy asked r u American I said yes, why is your country so much friend with Israel he said, why do your country let Israel kill Palestinian with American weapons he went on to say US government give Israel weapons. your peoples, he told me. at that time Chinese security went straight to him and escorted him away, I think they saw the whole thing on camera.

    C that the ~!@#$%^&*)_ crap I am talking about America foreign policy put it's citizery at risk all over the globe all of the citizen’s are at risk. because of unbalance foreign policy across the globe. Israel is going to take America to it grave with her, because of this problem. When I got back to US I asked a number of American’s r u go n to the world expo in china, their response was, what world fair they don’t even know any thing about the day to day operation of the world.

  • talk me down/ Americ
    5:24 am on September 1st, 2010 212

    That expo has about 170 countries, Sad but true quality info is not disseminated down to it citizen in US. CNN, FOX, MSNBC will hammer you all day bull!@#$%^&*()_ all day long about Tiger Wood, getting little extra piece, that what men do, it’s in their Genes, or Brad Pit an Angie or Octo Mom, American news is worthless. We have NBC and the others come on in the evening for about 15 Minutes world news they say, lol, if you want to see quality news you have to get DIRECTV and get the international tier, especially, where u get news in Japanese English, Chinese CCTV9 English, Russian English Ok men let talk about other things thaan the whoer we should have marrie, lol.I tell u this is some serious !@#$%^&* American news is garbage, with Mat lowery, Katie Curic, Brain Williams, U need to step your game up. Where is the beef. Oh god fox is purely for entertainment, Rudy Murdock is he American? Look American news peoples if your news is slow let have a cultural break about every day peoples. across America Instead of running same sad stuff, all day long tel the peoples something about each other states/peoples or other countries geeeeeeeeeeeee peoples in other parts of the world know more about American government/peoples than we do, sad. Because the power to be want to keep u dumb and stupid, so you want raise up from the mentally dead. America is a sick nation, as a whole, where is the leadership he or she have not been born yet.

  • talk me down/ Americ
    5:33 am on September 1st, 2010 213

    when I was in Korea waiting on the train I had to pull a little young female soldier aside request that she cover up her breast little, because the Korean was starting to get uneasey about it, I explain to her that Korean was a very conservative peoples, if not I was going to take her picture and give it to cid’s** knot**she went in the store an bought a blouse don’t get me wrong she was dress but not much, tattoo, are being stamped all over soldiers in south Korea all kinds, pawn shop running over with duty free good, from the PX soldiers in the vil at dinkies bars/chop house in work uniform code of conduct /very relaxed Huston we got problem how can we nation build when our is failing apart. spelling is a issues. Talk me down

  • talk me down/ jerry
    6:16 am on September 1st, 2010 214

    JERRY SPRINGER CRIMES AGAINST THE POOR. AFTER EACH SHOW you TRY TO PUT SOME lological positivism spend BEHIND THE SHOW. you fool I see straight thru u. How dare u put those citizens on tv in thir state. to be laught at around the world. u CS u slez bag douc bag.

  • talk me down/tax dol
    6:56 am on September 1st, 2010 215

    America just gave India 70 millionAmerica just gave India seventy million for a little water damages ,from flooding actually it was hundreds million remember the other year flooding in that country. new Orleans still broken, contrina remember her, uum

    so why is my tax dollars redirect to foreign land. for their lope sided foreign policy .Buy your freiends America, so when the money run out so will they. I did not sign off on my 1040A that my taxes should go to overseas lands. I want my taxes go to pay for healthcare for my fellow countrymen families mother of son an dauglters dying across the globe. we send a senator an congressman to Washington they get health care but their citizenry pretty much does not have it they should not. ok let health care universal for everbody, because when the !@#$%^&*() hit the fan an it will, those needed will have to be ready, can som body check because i am to pizz oof to

  • America INC.
    9:40 am on September 1st, 2010 216

    Yep! that what it is, ran like a large cooperatin with the president as the COO (chief operating officer) they not going to spend money on it or U citizens: osp! emplyee's with no return on it investment, they are worrie about the bottom line like any good company should be. Because if you don't have a job or been in the militery, you don't have health care can sombody remind me to use spell check when posting these raints,lol for get it, small stuff ok American don't care about it.

  • talk me down/Briitis
    10:25 am on September 1st, 2010 217

    Did any body ever consider that if the British had won the war of Indenpence, we would have health care and our civil rservants ( police officers ) would not be wearing weapons in a civil cilvized society or it's citizens thrown in jail for a little pot, and not ever, ever given the chance to vote again, almost ever civil servant and judges to, have tried marijuana, Hello I want call names Obama, Bush. US government can pay to ware house trivia felon's in prisons for their fat wall street clients that specialized in that sort of business. But they'll will not pay for health care or when good poor citizen are walking around with their teeth's rotten falling out of their head. But they the federal government will sent little Johnny and Suzie off to die in a forieng land for some @#$%^&*() that has nothing to do with him or her. or national security, look 911 was a bad thing, It not like American is a virgin when it come to killing other people, case in point Vietnam US bomb the hell out of Hanoi, and those bomb are still killing peoples today steping on that !@#$%^& everday in the fields, in all the neighboring country's; laos. for sure, Is America cleaning that !@#$%^&*(up hell KNOW unexploded ordnance drop from US airplans doing the cilvil war of that country. At that time america had it problems the big R, lol america is not good at nation building.

  • post traumatic stres
    12:44 pm on September 1st, 2010 218

    well what is post traumactic stress disorder, my definition is, let's say a person once, was bitten by a turtle, so every time he or she see a pot lid, they get scared or startled. that all it is. association, lol that's me !@#$%^&*_

  • Leon LaPorte
    1:00 pm on September 1st, 2010 219

    Seems some folks can type faster than they can think.

  • Vince
    2:59 pm on September 1st, 2010 220

    Did any body ever consider that if the British had won the war of Indenpence, we would have health care and our civil rservants ( police officers ) would not be wearing weapons in a civil cilvized society or it’s citizens thrown in jail for a little pot, and not ever, ever given the chance to vote again, almost ever civil servant and judges to, have tried marijuana, Hello I want call names Obama, Bush. US government can pay to ware house trivia felon’s in prisons for their fat wall street clients that specialized in that sort of business. But they’ll will not pay for health care or when good poor citizen are walking around with their teeth’s rotten falling out of their head. But they the federal government will sent little Johnny and Suzie off to die in a forieng land for some @#$%^&*() that has nothing to do with him or her. or national security, look 911 was a bad thing, It not like American is a virgin when it come to killing other people, case in point Vietnam US bomb the hell out of Hanoi, and those bomb are still killing peoples today steping on that !@#$%^& everday in the fields, in all the neighboring country’s; laos. for sure, Is America cleaning that !@#$%^&*(up hell KNOW unexploded ordnance drop from US airplans doing the cilvil war of that country. At that time america had it problems the big R, lol america is not good at nation building.

  • Vince
    3:06 pm on September 1st, 2010 221

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug!

  • Tom Langley
    3:31 pm on September 1st, 2010 222

    Talk me down, #208 Please tell me where in the US Constitution does the government have the authority to FORCE US citizens to have health insurance. I am not asking whether it is a good idea or not but I am asking what is the constitutional authority. The US government can not do anything unless there is constitutional authority to do so. Everyone misspells a word or two but PLEASE try because your post are very difficult to read.

  • Do I have subject an
    1:23 am on September 2nd, 2010 223

    Uum! Ok my post read an sound perfectly find to me, well could it be I am seeing something completely different from what, I am posting, um VA med's will do it to you evey time, they will also make U socialy aware of problems n socity as clear as day, U remember LSD. This !@#$%^&*)_+ from the VA has the same chemical make up. helluva for legal VA drugs. The government will keep you drugged up on their ~!@#$%^&*)_*** Thank you GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Merck, Eli Lilly,Pfizer, BristolMayerSqibb just to name a few which is a Hundreds of billion's dollars business in our America and across the pond world wide. Uum I am not the only one taking this !@#$%^&*()a I guess that why some are always marketing this ~!@#$%^&*)to to the radio an TV Viewing audiences. Can someone explan why drug companies market control drugs to TV an radio audiences; like we the consumers, can go an write our own prescrition and take it down to walgreen. LOL Now

  • Travel abroad
    3:00 am on September 2nd, 2010 224

    I was told that Americans don't travel much out of the of the united States , sad but true. You really should, travel more; my wife an I do. this pass summer we went to Shanghai China for the 2010 world EXPO that china is hosting for six months a site to see, 170 country's from all over the world. Even went down to Beijing and watch the Chines ceremonial guard march across Chinaman Avenue into Tiananmen Square, to raise the Chinese red flag, a site to see, what pageantry, they raise it to shoulder height and threw it into the wind, I mean this soldier really threw it. into the wind. an continue to raise it up. wow it is what it is. also I notice a lot of American alone with other nation are working and going to school in china, um China has come of age an they are a quietly world power.They even tried to buy news week the other month yes news week U know the washingpost parent Co. Yep sure did. Because News week is loosing money bad, so owners put it up for sale and did not like the buyer,lol because it was a mainland Chinese Co. out of Beijin; true. understanable how it would look if the Chinese own a magazine of that status. I was impressed, it take a lot to impress me, when you see the peoples enjoying life and not drug out, overweight, bad attitude and can give a stranger a smile. I can see that, that type of government that the Chines is experimenting with will defiantly give these western country's a little run for their money. what say u America, seems like your model need a little experimenting with. How dare u bail out private Instution with tax payer's money, an refuse to compensate them by stream lineing the processmaking so they could stay in the home.Pavilions

    • Theme Pavilions • Urbanian Pavilion • Pavilion of City Being • Pavilion of Urban Planet •Pavilion of Footprint • Pavilion of Future

    Top↑ Zone A

    • China Pavilion

    • Asia Joint Pavilion I Bangladesh Pavilion Kyrgyzstan Pavilion Maldives Pavilion Mongolia Pavilion Tajikistan Pavilion Timor-Leste Pavilion • Asia Joint Pavilion II Afghanistan Pavilion Bahrain Pavilion Jordan Pavilion Palestine Pavilion Syrian Pavilion Yemen Pavilion • Asia Joint Pavilion III Laos Pavilion Myanmar Pavilion

    • China's Joint Provincial Pavilion Beijing Pavilion Tianjin Pavilion Hebei Pavilion Shanxi Pavilion Inner Mongolia Pavilion Liaoning Pavilion Jilin Pavilion Heilongjiang Pavilion Jiangsu Pavilion Zhejiang Pavilion Anhui Pavilion Fujian Pavilion Jiangxi Pavilion Shandong Pavilion Henan Pavilion Hubei Pavilion Hunan Pavilion Guangdong Pavilion Guangxi Pavilion Hainan Pavilion Chongqing Pavilion Sichuan Pavilion Guizhou Pavilion Yunnan Pavilion Tibet Pavilion Shaanxi Pavilion Gansu Pavilion Qinghai Pavilion Ningxia Pavilion Xinjiang Pavilion Shanghai Pavilion

    • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Pavilion • Hong Kong Pavilion • India Pavilion • Iran Pavilion • Iraq Pavilion • Israel Pavilion • Japan Pavilion • Kazakhstan Pavilion • Lebanon Pavilion • Macau Pavilion • Morocco Pavilion • Nepal Pavilion • Oman Pavilion • Pakistan Pavilion • Qatar Pavilion • Republic of Korea Pavilion • Saudi Arabia Pavilion • Sri Lanka Pavilion • Taiwan Pavilion • Turkmenistan Pavilion • United Arab Emirates Pavilion • Uzbekistan Pavilion • Vietnam Pavilion Top↑ Zone B

    • Australia Pavilion • Brunei Darussalam Pavilion • Cambodia Pavilion • DEVNET Pavilion • IFRC Pavilion • Indonesia Pavilion • Joint Pavilion of International Organizations • ASEAN Pavilion • BFA Pavilion • COMESA Pavilion • FFA Pavilion • GEF Pavilion UITP Pavilion • ICOM Pavilion INBAR Pavilion LAS Pavilion SCO Pavilion UCLG Pavilion WWC Pavilion WWF Pavilion • Life & Sunshine Pavilion • Malaysia Pavilion • MeteoWorld Pavilion • New Zealand Pavilion • Pacific Pavilion • Citizen's Initiative Pavilion • WTCA Pavilion • Philippines Pavilion • Singapore Pavilion • Thailand Pavilion • United Nations Pavilion Top↑ Zone C

    • Africa Joint Pavilion African Union Commission Pavilion Benin Pavilion Botswana Pavilion Burundi Pavilion Cameroon Pavilion Cape Verde Pavilion Central African Pavilion Chad Pavilion Comoros Pavilion Republic of the Congo Pavilion Côte d’Ivoire Pavilion Democratic Republic of the Congo Pavilion Djibouti Pavilion Equatorial Guinea Pavilion Eritrea Pavilion Ethiopia Pavilion Gabon Pavilion Gambia Pavilion Ghana Pavilion Guinea Pavilion Guinea-Bissau Pavilion Kenya Pavilion Lesotho Pavilion Liberia Pavilion Madagascar Pavilion Malawi Pavilion Mali Pavilion Mauritania Pavilion Mauritius Pavilion Mozambique Guinea Pavilion Namibia Pavilion Niger Pavilion Rwanda Pavilion Senegal Pavilion Seychelles Pavilion Sierra Leone Pavilion Somalia Pavilion Sudan Pavilion Togo Pavilion Uganda Pavilion United Republic of Tanzania Pavilion Zambia Pavilion Zimbabwe Pavilion • Algeria Pavilion • Angola Pavilion • Argentina Pavilion • Austria Pavilion • Belarus Pavilion • Belgium-EU Pavilion • Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion • Brazil Pavilion • Canada Pavilion • Caribbean Community Pavilion Antigua and Barbuda Pavilion The Bahamas Pavilion Barbados Pavilion Belize Pavilion Caribbean Community Pavilion Caribbean Development Bank Pavilion Dominica Pavilion Grenada Pavilion Guyana Pavilion Haiti Pavilion Jamaica Pavilion Saint Kitts and Nevis Pavilion Saint Lucia Pavilion Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Pavilion Suriname Pavilion Trinidad and Tobago • Chile Pavilion • Colombia Pavilion • Croatia Pavilion • Cuba Pavilion • Czech Pavilion • Denmark Pavilion • Egypt Pavilion • Estonia Pavilion • Europe Joint Pavilion I Cyprus Pavilion Liechtenstein Pavilion Malta Pavilion San Marino Pavilion • Europe Joint Pavilion II Albania Pavilion Armenia Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion Bulgaria Pavilion Georgia Pavilion Montenegro Pavilion Republic of Moldova The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia • Finland Pavilion • France Pavilion • Germany Pavilion • Greece Pavilion • Hungary Pavilion • Iceland Pavilion • Ireland Pavilion • Italy Pavilion • Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries Bolivia Pavilion Costa Rica Pavilion Dominican Republic Pavilion Ecuador Pavilion El Salvador Pavilion Guatemala Pavilion Honduras Pavilion Nicaragua Pavilion Panama Pavilion Uruguay Pavilion • Latvia Pavilion • Libya Pavilion • Lithuania Pavilion • Luxembourg Pavilion • Mexico Pavilion • Monaco Pavilion • Netherlands Pavilion • Nigeria Pavilion • Norway Pavilion • Peru Pavilion • Poland Pavilion • Portugal Pavilion • Romania Pavilion • Russia Pavilion • Serbia Pavilion • Slovakia Pavilion • Slovenia Pavilion • South Africa Pavilion • Spain Pavilion • Sweden Pavilion • Switzerland Pavilion • Tunisia Pavilion • Turkey Pavilion • Ukraine Pavilion • United Kingdom Pavilion • USA Pavilion • Venezuela Pavilion Top↑ Zone D

    • Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion • Space Home Pavilion • Japanese Industry Pavilion • PICC Pavilion • Oil Pavilion • China Railway Pavilion • Coca-Cola Pavilion • State Grid Pavilion • Cisco Pavilion • Republic of Korea Business Pavilion • Aurora Pavilion Top↑ Zone E

    • Vanke Pavilion • SAIC-GM Pavilion • Space Pavilion • China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion • Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion • Broad Pavilion • Information and Communication Pavilion

    • UBPA Display(North) • Ningbo's UBPA Case • Xi'an's UBPA Case • Makkah's UBPA Case • Vancouver's UBPA Case • Shanghai's UBPA Case • Madrid's UBPA Case • London's UBPA Case • Hamburg's UBPA Case • Alsace's UBPA Case • Rhone-Alpes Pavilion • Macau's UBPA Case • Chengdu's UBPA case • Odense's UBPA Case • Rhône-Alpes's light show • UBPA Display(Central) • UBPA Display(South)

  • talk me down/china
    4:05 am on September 2nd, 2010 225

    from my travels from around the world our kid's should be learning Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese,french, Indian, Pakistani Punjabi, but in America they said we should be learning Spanish, why Mexico is a fail state with a functioning government, just like U know who,lol let me think about it, I might want to talk to Narco terrorist, the wealth of the world and commerce is moving to Asia, Asia Eurasia Pacific rim. south east Asia Vietnam remember her she's back, selling us good now, The whole world is retooling up, the Chinese got the whole world as a consumer, it don't have to play by know one's rules congratulation to china U just about out smarted everybody. now work on your human rights. a little more I know it's hard trying to keep a billion or so peoples inline but your human ritghts has to get better, I see where u r changing laws, good progress

    Now check !@#$%^&*)_ a few months back Afghanistan awarded a contract, a mining contract to china woth billion an billions of dollars Americans had a bid in to. but the AFIE"S gave to China.what the F!@#$^*)_we can send our kid's to die, but ca't dig your holes and half the piss off at and you give that contact to China.@#$%^&*_)Q@#^&*!@#$%^*( are u crazy America an karzie are getting alone Um

  • American die and chi
    4:22 am on September 2nd, 2010 226

    Now check this !@#$%^&*)_out a few months back Afghanistan awarded a contract, a mining contract to china worth billions an billions of dollars some say 5 trillion's mining for differnts type of ore. So the Americans had a bid in to. but the AFIE"S gave it to Chinese. what the F!@#$^*)_we can send our kid's to die,in your country but can't dig your holes and make half the world piss off at us and you give that contact to China.@#$%^&*_)Q@#^&*!@#$%^*( are u crazy, America an karzie are not getting alone I can see that that allis. another fail policy of nation building

  • Dragonfly
    4:28 am on September 2nd, 2010 227

    What does any of that have to do with a profile of the TDC Ville?

  • young peoples are sm
    6:40 am on September 2nd, 2010 228

    Look your country has sold you on a bunch of bull~!@#$%^&*(_+ an all u can think about what is between a woman legs back in your hay day. I kinda notice that about ROK, Drop female legs let it go they are not there anymore they are either married to A GI or A Korean or dead, or some sit right here in my family room talking about this and that an how much money, mamas' sans used to make off them and GI's, some cry because the pain still hurt. and some to this day do what they love to do laugh and joke an play about it, they are grand mother's. late fifty and sixties, I own a house in Korea where we stay when we go there, correction my wife does, going to Germany on a US air force hop. at the end of this month, I was station there for 5 years god we want to buy one 2 room apartment in Munich Germany for vacation, nice to go to a foreign land and it is even nicer if you stay away from the tourist hotels, live in the community,couture. , in know hurry to get there

    God bless the US ARMY. Know more blog or post now u know. now go change your country for the common good of the nation, don't worried about paying extra taxes for fellow citizens that are poor, when world war 3 start an it will, I was at the DVM the other day overheard a young man tell his grand mother who ask him about joining the military, he said to grandma America never did nothing for me they only care about country's overseas, not going overseas because the US government have never did nothing for me and he was wright that was a classic situation, know health care for the masses and burden with heavy debt from higher education his country has been overrun with eligals.upseting the qua on everything.will somebody outlaw lobist and special interst groups from talking and hanging around with senators and congressmans, because the American peoples never going to get a fair shake, now last post. sit bax n watc the shoa, lol kmow more post by may god help us.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: ROK Drop

  • william bell
    6:42 am on September 2nd, 2010 229

    @talk me down.

    i agree with you on many points, the U.S. has been hi-jacked by Zionists, and Israel firster PAC's. the policy of prepetual war in the middle east has been the ruin of our nation. the USSR was in Afghanistan for 9 years, and they came apart for it, bankrupted, gone. the USSR died in Afghanistan. the same is happening here in America. big Pharma, like big oil (look up the pipeline soon to be running from Khazakistan's oilfields through Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and into Israel) and the zionists, OWN this nation. as sickening as this is i dont feel that this is really the place to voice your sentiments.

    Korea was a good and bad experience for me, but with mostly good memories. lets stay with those memories, thank you, Bill. sp4, 302nd forward spt. bn. cp Casey, 1994-95

  • Leon LaPorte
    10:15 am on September 2nd, 2010 230

    I have no idea how any of this relates to TDC.

    i don't know how any of this disjointed runon nonstop stream of consciousness never ending ideas not framed in any particular way is supposed to related to TDC even discounting the zionists rants and all the other comments being made here i don't know what punctuation or capitalization is for maybe to seperate ideas in to something the average person can read at this point why even put spaces between words? imeanwedonotneedspacesbetweenwords ok maybe that is pushing it too far there is know way to read this stuff without spaces between the words oh look a candy cane anyway what was i sawing u no i forgot coherent sentences and thoughts are a waist of time

    I can't read this bull~!@#$%^&*(_+.

  • Tom Langley
    2:25 pm on September 2nd, 2010 231

    Thank you Leon LaPorte, WTF does all this bullshot have to do with TDC. We had a good discussion going on about our mutual love of the debauchery that we did in Korea & it has degenerated (maybe degenerated is not the correct word to use after talking about debauchery) into talking about the dozens of pavilions in Beijing or 'Zionist control of the USA'. If someone is going to post something, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL OR USE SPELLCHECK OR A F'ING DICTIONARY. When I dropped acid in the late '60's & the '70's I made more sense than some of the post here.

  • Rose
    11:00 pm on September 6th, 2010 232

    I was in Stanley for 2 years. the clubs are going and making lot of money but not much like before. Its mostly GIs drinking and the juicy girls became waitress and bartender. Papasan always get closed for deporting the girls, mustang has the largest crowd, player has the prettiest girls, king has the ugliest, its a tie between fantasy and the one across the street for the sluttiest girls. There's no curfew now so most clubs are open from 6 pm to 6 am on the weekends and 6 pm to 1 am on the weekdays. Seoul still ahs the best clubs and TDC isn't too far to go for some new scenes.

  • Will
    1:51 am on October 24th, 2010 233

    I keep hearing new stories of GI's talking of girls from other countries working the bars. That just sounds ALIEN to me. When I was there in 90 and 93 to 95, it was all Korean. Anyway! Everyone always gives TDC a name. Like I told the GI's back when I was there, learn a few words of Korean, (just saying hello goes a long way there), and just walk or ride away from the areas close to the camps and you will see a different world 100 times better than the ville, 2nd market, T-A 50 allie and the Turky Farm. There are lots of nice places and people to see behond the ville that has a bad name and if you don't let the female pimps and the jucie monsters get to you, even the ville can be a nice experience.

  • Douglas in Houston
    2:29 pm on November 10th, 2010 234

    It might appear alien, at first, to have non-Koreans working in the bars. But the Filipino girls look similar, and the Russian women are just gorgeous. As Will said on #223, it helps to go beyond the ville and look at the wonderful world of normal Korea. There are coffee shops and tea houses – I still regret not going into a tea house I peeked into, in Uijongbu, that had beautiful polished pieces of tree trunks for tables and an interesting oriental mood and style.

  • dl pitts
    7:40 am on November 23rd, 2010 235

    7th Division HdQtrs 1967 next to TDC. I have a cool picture looking down the main drag across the tracks from the main gate and would like to have some pics from 66-67 as most of mine I developed over there and send home as postcards. I only have a few for trade goods, but will accept any number from anyone that snapped a shot in TDC that year before the Pueblo Incident. I did a cursory sleuth into the sex trade in 67 to find that a local clubowner/pimp from the notorious trafficing center of Tungduchon circa '67 was a most recent "like Secretary of Tourism" with the chore of changing his tune from peddling the local merchandise to importing from the Philippines or Ukraine for public relations reasons. Updating my research on Dongducheon and need pics, thanks,

  • Adam
    4:04 pm on December 28th, 2010 236

    @ Will

    I totally agree with you. I was there in the early 90's also. The game definately changed when we left. I dont remeber juicy girls, the clubs did have the prostitites but it was more of a bartering for short time or long time. And the prices that I hear on here, Wow… I guess thats inflation.

    You are right about the real Korea away from the GI bases. So much more to see and experience.

  • Bummer | Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group
    10:00 am on January 5th, 2011 237

    [...] could be fun back in the day. The ville outside Casey was a regular Mos Eisley spaceport. The Black Rose usually topped the list of joints off limits for [...]

    1:42 pm on January 12th, 2011 238

    I was at Hovey from FEB '00 to JUN '01…best year + of my life!

    GI Korea [post 27] The story about the mechanic and the M88 is true, to a point. he was a mechanic from 1-15 FA that was upset about his girl in Tokori, so stole the 88 from the motorpool but didn't make it through Hovey Cut…threw track after cutting the first right turn too much and hit a boulder. I was on the shuttle bus that passed by with MPs still on the scene. It would have been bad if he made it out the gate.

    MK [post 65], i was in 2-17 and had a friend who was dating an owner of a local bar that was often frequented by our BN CDR and XO. I wonder if this is the secret juicy bar? It was a really nice place, very quiet…good booze. Only employee was the owner, and she was just nice…no juice there. I can't speak about all the LTs, but I knew of a few that were married (one to Korean, another brought his wife) who lived off post. Occasionally people would go to their place and party, but not with bar girls. That's not to say debauchery didn't occur…many friends told me stories of their nights in a Tokori hotel with some of their Russian "friends".

    I would love to go back, but fear that too much has changed taking away the fun. It was the right time to be there…pre 9/11,

  • Soldier1969
    2:31 am on March 23rd, 2011 239

    yo yo, anybody got a pic of nightlife – want a pic of the vendors selling "dog on a stick"….was telling my youngsters about it and they were in total disbelief…used to be in tdc, right there of the left side of the street (traintrack side) as you walk thru the marketplaces, just past the cell phone place…not sure if all that is still there or not….thanks, Snake

  • sonia
    4:15 am on April 12th, 2011 240

    hello i laike korea

  • Camp Sears
    10:17 am on April 27th, 2011 241

    I was at Camp Sears from 1993-94 and lost most of my photos during a fire. Does anyone have any pics of the area they wouldn't mind sharing?

  • Random Solodier
    2:58 am on May 20th, 2011 242

    Im currently stationed in camp hovey (2011) and the tok is dead. Never any soldiers in it except maybe one or two visiting juicy girlfriends. Clubs usually deserted and usually always has a ccp patrol in them. Everyone pretty much sticks to TDC or goes down south.

  • Frank B
    5:58 pm on May 25th, 2011 243

    Where do you show the photo’s?
    I have some of the Star’s club from back in 86-88

  • Frank B
    6:16 pm on May 25th, 2011 244

    ok here are my pics on flicker

  • Frank B
    6:27 pm on May 25th, 2011 245

    lol because it was good times heheh

  • D. Turmel
    3:12 pm on May 27th, 2011 246

    Amazing to me that Hovey is still open. I need to find a way back to Korea to see Hovey and Casey before they eventually close. If you are still in the Hovey/Casey area you should set up a Flickr account like Frank B. just did and show us what thing look like today.

  • D. Turmel
    3:18 pm on May 27th, 2011 247

    @Soldier 1969:

    I never saw dog-on-a-stick when I was in Tongducheon in 93-94. But I was told that the Koreans “cleaned things up” when the Olympics occured in 1988. With respect to eating dog, I heard that they started to hide that kind of stuff. They might advertise “Po Shin Taung”, which is a soup with dog in it, but if you don’t know that or speak Korean, it doesn’t jump out at you as you walk by a restaurant.

  • Leon LaPorte
    1:29 am on May 28th, 2011 248

    #246 So, When is Casey/Hovey closing? I think rumors of their demise are premature.

    #247 Koreans NEVER sold dog to unsuspecting GI’s. Dog is is a delicacy and expensive. Cat and rat on the other hand are distinct possibilities.

  • Stay alert, Stay alive...
    8:51 am on June 5th, 2011 249

    I was stationed on Camp Hovey from Sept 1985 to Sept 1986 C CO 1/38 Infantry 11B. This was my first duty station and what great times. I remember that everyone hated the MP’s and we would try and steal a MP turtle helmet which we did during the summer of 1986 at a disco in TDC after a huge brawl against the Samoan’s and the MP turned over our barricks like they were looking for nuclear weapons. They never found it, and the guy who took it home (back to the states)went on to be a State appointed judge in a major city. I remember when on Saturday nights during the summer of 1986 the whole division was really partying hard, high on coding kettles, g.i.’s fighting everywhere, the 2nd ID Division Commander Maj Gen Gary Luck was down in the ville the same night with two 18 female privates one bouncing off each leg freshly picked from the HQ, 2nd ID platoon sipping on his coding kettle and division staff kicking it and just when you thought you’ve seen it all; there goes the freakin alert sinren and the remember the ville going back to Casey at the same time all wasted. Good times. How about the steam and cream run on post at Camp Hovey run by AFFES. Getting a 40oz and having a rub down and a smile on your face after work. Those girls that worked at that place deserve some metals for all the work they did trying to keep the married NCO’s and Officers sane. I had a great freaking time. However, this was the only the 2nd best place to party as a military person. The NO.1 place to party was U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay a major ship-repair, supply, and rest and recreation facility of the United States Navy located in Zambales, Philippines.

  • Oghma Gem - Yi Soon Ji
    12:50 pm on June 5th, 2011 250

    That sounds pretty much how I remember things, too, except mine was from the female perspective. I went to Casey as the wife of the SSgt. who basically (thought he) ran the Turtle Farm from summer 1982 to fall 1983. He was such a smart guy that he got to bring his hot (if I do say so) blonde newlywed bride on an unaccompanied tour and then threw it away by being a d**k. After leaving him, I used to hang with the MPs and CID since I worked for ration control. These guys got wilder than anyone, in their own time. I’ll never forget the 1983 Halloween party at CID. It IS possible to still be dancing when you are too drunk to stand up or walk! ;~D I learned Korean, worked part-time as hostess at Mr. Jazz Club, taught English in Seoul, kept myself busy until I got too homesick and went back to U.S. at Christmastime 1983. I will NEVER forget those good times in TDC. I met the guy then–he was only 19 and a newbie at 2nd Med–that I ended up with 20 years later (and still now). That was living out loud! I hear it is a lot different there now, though.

  • rico sniper
    2:35 pm on July 11th, 2011 251

    I was in Camp casey from 1979 to 1983 and i tell you back then TDC was a paradise and for $200 bucks i had the girls for a week, hell a case of C-Rations would get me laid. you could get a BJ for $5.00. best of all the girls were Korean maybe 1 or 2 filipina out of 100. The military did have say so in this prostitution deal. Morale would diminished if it was not for the girls in the ville. I t was fun and VD was like a common cold, just go to 2nd med and get the silver bullets and 7 days restrictions and back to the ville again. I really felt sorry for those guys that married those girls over there. Its so funny that every GI that has married a Korean tells you that she was not a prostitute that they met her in a coffee shop or in a restaurant etc…. But when i arrived at fort hood Texas i screwed 5 girls in one weekend in the back of my customized extended full size van that i had previously banged in korea. they were in a club called Jade east. And when i arrived in north Carolina Ft. Bragg i found some more. Back in the Days, korea was live, TDC was Live 200 joints and 2,500 hookers. MaMasan would even take them to us in the field. cots were a hot item. Korea was hot. I would do it over.

  • RPM
    6:21 pm on July 19th, 2011 252

    I was a guest of the Korean people by way of the 8th Army in 1966 — 67. I made my way to the 7th ID and then onto the 3-32 IN at Camp Hovey as our base camp. I made and lost rank during my 13 months in Korea. Korea is a great place, at that time, to make and lose stripes. After a career in the Army Korea is the only place I would care to revisit before I die.

  • Leon LaPorte
    7:55 pm on July 19th, 2011 253

    Come on over you fat bastard. You won’t recognize the place. And bring your Visa card cause we sure as hell don’t take American Express.

  • Vince
    8:01 pm on July 19th, 2011 254

    Anybody remember the medics who went out in the ville, like the MPs, with the “2ID VD CONTACT TEAM” hats?

    I’d pay money for one of those…. Hell- No I wouldn’t— but I would trade something for it (The only good souvenirs are the ones you trade for, souvenir in a fight, or find on a DZ or LZ- like that MP helmet in 249!)

  • Leon LaPorte
    8:20 pm on July 19th, 2011 255

    I’ve got a necklace made from 2ID Mp’s teeth, a fossilized yaki mandu, and shell casings, what will you trade?

  • Vince
    9:07 pm on July 19th, 2011 256

    Nahhh– I REALLY want one of them hats!

  • Leon LaPorte
    9:15 pm on July 19th, 2011 257

    How about some genuine DMZ barbed wire?! :lol:

  • Vince
    10:39 pm on July 19th, 2011 258

    Got some. But I could always use more…

  • BDK
    12:00 am on July 21st, 2011 259

    June 84 til Sept 85 in the now-defunct Camp Casey, right in between TDC and Toko-ri. Worked at the NCO Academy as the asst mess sgt. Wow!!! I am not going to get into any debate over prostitution. I just know I was young, dumb, and full of you know what. And by time I left I was a little older, a little wiser, and less full of you know what. I still sleep under my “mink” blanket, with my tiger tapestries on the wall, one for summer and one for winter. And I still eat ramen with egg at least onece a week. And I still wish I had gone back for the 88 Olympics. I can remember thinking that I was living a very short distance from an enemy that seemed unstable at best (still seems that way today) so I was going to live it up before those MFs got me. Living well was indeed the best revenge, even before the fact. So, lets all have a shot of Jinro Soju (now go ahead and make that face you would make after a shot) and take some solace in the fact that I will not wake up tomorrrow morning with some beautiful young girl breathing kimchi in my face. Bill “Dilligaf” King aka Sp4 Ron J. Rosswurm

  • Leon LaPorte
    12:12 am on July 21st, 2011 260

    As I am sitting here on the “now-defunct” Camp Casey, I am a bit stymied about where you might be getting your information but I’m enjoying your post nonetheless. :razz:

  • Tom Langley
    11:15 am on July 21st, 2011 261

    BDK #259, Ah the smell of kimchi breath in the morning, to me it smells like…pu$$y! It really doesn’t smell like that but I couldn’t think of another word. I’m 56 years old & I literally had the best year of my life when I was stationed at the 121 Evacuation Hospital in Yongsan (Seoul) from 1979-1980.

  • Jeff Fisher
    11:36 am on July 21st, 2011 262

    RICO # 251: You have lied your ass off in your comments and in those cases where you may not have lied, you exaggerated greatly. 200 joints, 2,500 girls–BS. Five girls from TDC you saw again at Hood and banged—BS. Guys that married girls from there and claimed they were not in the business. The guys that married Koreans never would broach the subject of how they met their wives. No one in their right mind or had any class would ever bring the subject up. I am married to a Korean and was a career counselor for six years at three different places. Was in contact with almost every soldier that in/out processed, that re-up’d to stay there or otherwise. My job was to befriend them, likely I got to know and meet more soldiers in my 7 years in Korea than someone that served 20 years in the Army. You are full of shit. Anyone that is a ROKDrop reader/blogger
    disagree with me and my opinion?

  • Jeff Fisher
    11:49 am on July 21st, 2011 263

    BDK#259: I was just in Korea on vacation in May/Jun. Barely
    a month or so ago. Why would you say Casey is defunct? That
    is absolutely ridiculous. You are really wrong about that.
    Cp Casey and TDC are as vibrant as ever. I was there in 73′,
    78′, and 88′, went back on vacation in 98′, 08′ recently.

  • Jeff Fisher
    11:51 am on July 21st, 2011 264

    left out coma between “08′ and recently

  • Duffy
    1:18 pm on July 21st, 2011 265

    I know just what your saying though Tom. The smell of kim chi in the morning! wow thats an eye openerafter ya get he tears out. Kidding. I spent mucho time in that area in 78 and 79. Then came back to Big Red 1 and Junction city Kansas where I met a nice young Korean lady. BTW Im 53. I wasn’t honest with her. Young and reenlisted for another tour in Korea. I didnt take UenHee with me. Hell no to me that would be like taking a sack lunch to a Banquet. Ya I was a real winner. Anyway this time I went to Camp Humphreys where I extended my tour twice but after a year there I met my match in deception. She was a Beautiful woman and now in January we will have thirty years together. Damn she is still beautiful though she is American at heart now with old Korean values. We didnt even know we were married. They told us one day when we were doing paperwork we had been married for a week. Neither of us remember taking any vows, and it has kept a bit of excitement in our marriage but after meeting her I was happy to have one girl. She didn’t like me at first but I think she loved me. Regardless it took me a year to convince her I was her match. She grew up on the streets of Itaewon and knew all the tricks as she had watched since she was a child. Her momma left her and her sister when she was about 5. Her father fell apart when the momma left. He couldnt function and drank himself to death. RIP poppa. That was happening in the sixties and seventies to many families as Korea was putting itself back together. My wifes mom went off with a married Korean guy from her home Town and gave him 3 boys. Wow you know that gave her status in his family even though she was the second wife. she never even looked back for her daughters. My wife was born in 61 making her near 4 years younger than me. Her sister is 1 year younger than me . she was here wth us for a year but returned to Korea (a different story) So My wife and her sister sold flowers and gum to what she remembers as very nice GIs and Hippies. Ya hippies went there in the 60s. Loved Kim chi and had a good ol time but my wife remembers them as being kind of broke but very kind. They had to share any money made with the boss kids that were older so learned to sew money into there clothing. Hell, just trying to get enough for charcoal and some bit of food. They lived in a box at the Han river. No shit, allot of people were camped around there. There father found a bit of wood here and there for there box house before he passed. Eventually peaces were taken by other people. Later my wife became a dancer at a fairly young age and that gave her the freedom to do as she pleased. No loans from aujima. Gawd I loved her then and I still do. but I loved EunHee also but wasn’t ready to settle down. I have tried to find her for the last twenty years so I could tell I am sorry for being an asshole. She has surely moved on but didn’t deserve my BS. And believe me I believe that stuff about what comes around goes around cuz I have paid . I just hope I’m done paying. EunHee wasn’t the only Girl n those years I was less than truthful to but she got the worst of my behavior. You know there were so many nice people in Korea back then I just miss that and would love to go back and just walk through and have Soju with old friends. Had allot of friends. Some girls that knew me and accepted the way I was and some Korean people with children I hung out with, it was a good time in my life and I learned how to be kind after I was not so Kind. My wife twisted me ten ways to Seoul. It was “The battle of Seoul” You just read part of te first chapter in the book I am writing about my wife. We were lucky to have been GIs in Korea at that time. It was cool and if ya tried to learn their ways they treated ya like one of their own. I liked those little villages out in the country. Back then I found many places where folks had not seen Americans exception TV or theater. They gave me great big bags full of hemp leaves. LOL. They ant even grow Hemp on their farms now. Well that is what sister told us. The good people of our world gonna fix everything bad ya know. sheeit. Now many of our states allow legal growth of Bud. BTW I am from washington state.

  • Duffy
    2:32 pm on July 21st, 2011 266

    Rico Just needs to be one of those girls in his next life. It does not matter where you met your girl. It does not matter where she has been. It matters only where she is going with you. Rico you have no concern for what was. The morale was better probably but many of those girls were miserable because of idiots like you. How big is your current wife since you dont mention you married to a Korean lady? You only admit to using them because you could. Id bet you are in a mess now. Learned nothing from your time in Korea and would do it over. You are close to my age in years but sound like about 16 in smarts and learning experience. Hell yes it was fun for us that had what the Korean people needed. Money! The girls were usd to collect that money. The lucky girls got to be loved and loved the guy hat loved them. About those who came back and were still looking well read my post above about UenHee.

  • Jeff Fisher
    5:05 pm on July 21st, 2011 267

    Duffy, Cmt#266. I really enjoyed your two recent posts. You
    make a lot of sense to me. Some of what you said in #265 mimics my antics in Korea and I share your same regrets for the crap I pulled over there. The marriage to my “funny little honey” Korean lady will be 30 years 25 July. I am in three motorcycle clubs and when we have our frequent get togethers, I look around the table at the fat ass’d wives of the other guys and their wives mannerisms, I am so pleased I have a beautiful, classy, composed, woman at my side. I know damn well how envious a lot of those guys are of me. She makes me look good!! Great for my ego! Oh, and the wealth we have accumulated because of
    her management of our income has put a dope like me into
    the top 10% of the income group in this country.

  • Dragonfly
    6:03 pm on July 21st, 2011 268

    This has got to be the longest thread on this site. I think it kind of shows how much of a lifelong effect the ville’s have had on us. In a couple of weeks I will have been out of the Army 41 years, but there isn’t a day that goes by that something about Korea doesn’t cross my mind. No matter where you were, there was a ville at hand, and the memories of your buddies and the girls you knew are lifelong. I wouldn’t trade the two years I spent at Casey for anything. From everything I read here, it sounds like those days are long gone. I feel sorry for the guys who never got to experience the culture that existed in the hundreds of ville’s during the 60′s and 70′s.

    I know there were a lot of the girls who truly had a hard time being part of the clubs and the streets, and the money-grubbing ajumas. Many of them were trafficked within Korea. But from my experiences, I was never taken advantage of by any of them and I considered many of them friends. Most of them were young and experiencing something totally different from what they knew, just like us. The guys I ran with treated all of them respectfully and enjoyed their company in and out of the hooch. I find it very telling of a persons character when they seem to take pride in having treated the girls badly. I saw it happen there more than once. But those guys are the ones that had bad reputations in the ville with the locals, and probably aren’t much better today.

    My first wife is Korean. Met her over there, she got married to a GI a year or two after I left, he abandoned her when she was pregnant and then she came to live with me. Her daughter was born shortly after she got to Michigan. I’m the only Dad she’s ever known. We lived together for 14 years then were married for three years before getting divorced. She’s remarried but we are still good friends and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other. We’ve got a great daughter and an unbelievable granddaughter.

    When I see comments made by some belittling others for marrying one of the girls, it disgusts me. People are people, some good, some bad. Same thing with marriages. Many people do things based on the circumstances of the time. A good man or a good woman will rise above the circumstances and make a good life.

    The contents of this thread, if expanded a little, would make a great memoir of the GI experience. Each chapter would be a different persons favorite story. It would be interesting to get the perspective of the ville’s from that of the girls.

  • Jeff Fisher
    7:15 pm on July 21st, 2011 269

    Wow, you are good!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the context and
    the way you were able to express your thoughts in writing. Thanks Dragonfly.

  • Dragonfly
    7:28 pm on July 21st, 2011 270

    You’re welcome, Jeff.

  • Tom Langley
    9:02 pm on July 21st, 2011 271

    Duffy & Dragonfly, Those of us who were stationed in Korea way back then had a great time & had experiences that we will remember all of our lives. After reading posts about Filipina & Russian juicys and the unbelievable prices of stuff now I’m glad I’m not there now and I’m glad that I was there back then (1979-1980). My first wife was Korean. I didn’t meet her in Korea, I met her here in the US. We lived together before we got married for 2 or 3 years. We were only married for 10 months but she had rheumatic fever when she was a kid which was treated incorrectly which led to endocarditis which led to her having an artificial mitral valve implant in her chest long before I ever met her. Anyway the artificial valves aren’t as good as the ones God made and she passed away after 10 months of marriage in 1985. I have a son from that relationship who lives in CA. I since remarried & will have been happily married for 24 years next month. I’ve told my other 3 sons (one is my stepson from my current wife’s previous relationship) and 2 are from my current marriage about some of my “war stories” about Korea & they just shake their heads. One of my sons is in the US Navy serving aboard a submarine and my other son is going to college.

  • ChickenHead
    9:05 pm on July 21st, 2011 272


    You are not wrong… but you speak of a place and time that no longer exists.

    What you experienced is still available… just not in Korea and not in front of the military bases.

    Many Filipina bar girls IN THE PHILIPPINES are just normal girls trying to get by under bad circumstances… and many of them have the innocent sweetness, honesty, and sincerity, you experienced from circa 70s Korean girls in a similar situation.

    This applies to many Asian countries… but the good characteristics of the girls become inversely proportional to the available money in the immediate economy and the development of the local entertainment industry.

    Korea is a rich country, the bars in front of the bases are experienced in maximizing profits, and even the Filipina girls there are trained and conditioned to extract easy money rather than look for long-term security through sincerity and commitment. Quick fraud is generally more profitable than long-term social investment.

    For this reason, I believe you are absolutely correct in saying that it was possible to find an acceptable girl in the bar industry in undeveloped Korea… but I also fully believe that anybody who marries a girl from today’s Korean bar industry IS a complete fool…

    …as the few Korean who still work there are absolute predators… and most of the Filipinas are too uneducated to do anything but adapt to the local culture of cheating GI Joe.

    Please keep this in mind when people speak badly of the current situation in the villes and the villainy which flourishes there.

  • Duffy
    10:22 pm on July 21st, 2011 273

    CH, I know you are correct about the changes in Korea as these changes have had me upset in recent weeks. But I am coming to understand this better. Just cant even watch Korean TV in the evening unless its historical. LOL Those damn soaps are horrid. Good thing we have a big house.

    Wow there were girls that knew the situation also back in the days but they were cool. Excepted things for what they were and looked for someone they could get on with in life. And we had those innocent newbies, some fresh in from some Korean city house where they would run up and grab at ya till they learned that just didn’t work in GI Villes. And the very innocent who were totally tricked into coming to the villes. Regardless of which one she was, she was usually pretty cool, and we had very few predators that now control the Bar scene as Korea has moved on and the families are no longer poor. Most have been educated or own property thus putting them in better economic status. Jeff, I’m glad you have the fun you do and man do I know how good it is to have a wife that cares so damn much for me and how lucky I am. I am disabled Vet 100%. Our income is middle class. My wife has always made an extra twenty five K a year with hard work. She had a restaurant for a while and made allot more but she needs to stop working so hard now. She is still beautiful and awesome shape. Since my wifes mom left her when she was a child she didn’t even go past the second grade in Korea but she is smart. No one would know she has no schooling having taught herself to read and getting her American citizenship at a young age. We have taken good care of our children. We are not rich but comfortable. Our home is nice and it belongs to us. I have had a couple vettes over the years and am now looking at maybe getting something cool for my wife and I to takes some trips in. Have bought her two Chevy Astro Van about 11 years apart. Her current one is a 2000 and has 179K miles on it. I offered her a new car but she says she is driving her van for two more years. It is in excellent condition. BTW Congratulations on 30 years.
    Tom, I’m sorry about your first wife. You keep that you gracefully bro. And you have moved on with love so you are in good shape it seems. CH, lets go over to the Philippines for a couple weeks with dragonfly, Jeff and Tom. Kidding. Naw, we were there when it was like it was in Korea and its good we know what we had and understand what was happening. We will always have these times with us and damn I will continue to have a damn good dream occasionally right ext to my punkin. It wont likely be that way ever again In Korea. Thats good, but damn wish they could do something about those juicy bar girls and the way these predators suck dollars from Americans. They could at least have legal prostitution couldnt they? Or would that get all fucked up and controled by money mongers? yup. Not cool!

  • Jeff Fisher
    6:24 am on July 22nd, 2011 274

    Dragonfly. Wish you lived in the Washington DC area instead of Washington State. I live in Woodbridge VA, just South of DC. It would be great to hang out and swap war stories. Throw Chickhead, Tom, and Retired GI into the mix and we would have a blast. I have recently joined a group of retired Career Counselors and Recruiters on”facebook”. I am enjoying that to no end. I am surprised at the number of guys that are living/working in Korea for contractors and as DA civilins and those here in the US that are married to Koreans. When I was recently in Korea I would go to the snack bar in the morning, eat breakfast, have a cup of coffee. Noticed a group of vets getting together to chat and have a donut and coffee. Wanted to plunk my ass right down beside them. If the wife had not been there, I certainly would have.

  • mitch
    3:50 pm on July 22nd, 2011 275

    I am so glad to have found this site. I went to Korea 45 years ago as a PFC. I was at Camp Hovey most of the time. I enjoyed my time there even with the hardships. I enjoy reading all the posts especially Dragonfly and the two steves. They were at Hovey during my time there. I’m going to try to e-mail them, hope the addresses are still good. If not hit me up with new ones.

  • Dragonfly
    4:05 pm on July 22nd, 2011 276

    Jeff, actually I live on a little lake in SW Michigan. I’ll be retiring as a VA nurse in 40 days, so maybe I’ll make it out your way sometime.

    Chickenhead, what you say is very true, those days have obviously vanished from Korea, just like all the camps that have closed and returned to the environment. Many of those places and times now only exist in the memories of the millions who spent a year or two there, and then went home.

    I’ve always told people that the ville was like Disneyland. Disneyland really exists, but in a way it’s not a real place. Like the ville, it’s a place that was built and existed solely for the benefit of the people who came there to spend their money, enjoy it, revel in it, and then go home with their souvenirs and memories. The only difference now is, you can still go to Disneyland.

    As I said before, I’m so glad I was there from ’68-’70. I can’t imagine spending all that money on a “juicie”. How could anyone be so desperate to just talk to a female, that it would cause them ruin – socially and financially? My memories of the girls I knew then was that if you treated them fairly and with respect, they would look out for you. I experienced several instances where they stepped in and “protected” either myself or a buddy from someone who was trying to scam or vicitimize us.

    I would have to say that 70 percent of the time we spent with them was of a non sexual nature. We’d hang out with them in the clubs, take them to Seoul on a Saturday, take them swimming somewhere north of Casey (Han Tan Gan? or something like that, it’s been awhile), go with them to a chop house and get something to eat before we headed back to camp. If we wanted to buy something off the local economy, they loved taking us to the 2nd market. We always let them do the haggling. The girls I knew, and hung out with there, were just fun to be with, no matter what you were doing with them. They liked laughing, joking, eating, drinking, and sex – just like we did. I have never viewed it as anything different than the women I have known or been in relationships with back here, because regardless of the circumstances, they were mostly good people. And really, how could I view it as anything abnormal or lowly? I was just as much a part of it. In fact, a lot of us were the other half of the same situation. The only difference was, it happened in Disneyland.

  • Bruce Richards
    6:03 pm on July 22nd, 2011 277

    I agree 100% with Dragonfly. I was in Korea 1960-61, 69-70, 78-79, 81-82 and enjoyed the on duty and off duty of the first 3 tours, and the off duty of the last, the little of it I had.

    Just like any place in the world, there are good and bad. I ran into a lot more good ones than bad. There were a couple on the 1st 2 tours that I hated leaving behind.

  • Retired GI
    7:43 pm on July 22nd, 2011 278

    I also agree with Dragonfly. I had some really good times and the girls, on more than one occasion did look out for me. Trusted them more than I did the Chain of Command for sure. I had a rule: Always make friends with the woman in charge. Always! 1st four years were great. 2nd three year tour was good. 3rd two year tour (2002 and 2003) not so much.

    But like my knees, it is gone. Sniff— (really miss the 80′s)

  • Jeff Fisher
    8:00 pm on July 22nd, 2011 279

    Dragonfly#276 It would be a pleasure to meet with you
    anytime. We could give you and your family the “nickel”
    tour of our Nations Capitol if that would be of interest to you. No reservations necessary, pop in anytime. Contact
    me via my email address: I will
    provide my home address and tel# in response.

  • Chris Hiler
    8:05 pm on July 22nd, 2011 280


    Your post #276 is very moving. I am one of “the millions who spent a year or two there” for whom Korea is a distant memory…but a favorite one!

  • Jeff Fisher
    8:17 pm on July 22nd, 2011 281

    Bruce Richards#277: Ditto your comments on Dragonfly’s post.
    I assume you are the fellow that put together the web site
    for vets that served in Korea. It is a great piece of work.
    Anybody that cherishes the comradeship of fellow soldiers
    and have served in Korea, it is a MUST view in my opinion.

  • Jeff Fisher
    8:23 pm on July 22nd, 2011 282

    Bruce’s Korean Vets site is
    Hope I got that right.

  • Dragonfly
    8:41 pm on July 22nd, 2011 283

    Jeff, what a nice offer. I’ll be in touch. Actually I’m working right now, or supposed to be, (all the patients are asleep anyway) and have to give report to the oncoming tour. Take care.

  • Hunny Mustard
    3:46 am on July 23rd, 2011 284

    Hello I’m a Korean college boy.
    First of all, thank you all former, current soldiers who work(ed) for freedom of USA and Korea.
    How many GI’s working in Camp Casey currently?(not including KATUSA) I’m asking this question because Dongducheon has less soldiers than few years ago which means a threat to security of East Asia.

  • kangaji
    4:54 am on July 23rd, 2011 285


  • kangaji
    5:03 am on July 23rd, 2011 286

    宮에서 병사가 몃명이 있냐고? 一枝梅 ;-)

  • Jeff Fisher
    5:50 am on July 23rd, 2011 287

    Cmt# 284: I am a bit suspicious of this inquiry. It is
    very specious to me.

  • guitard
    7:02 am on July 23rd, 2011 288

    Kangaji: 몃명 should be 몇명.

  • guitard
    7:05 am on July 23rd, 2011 289

    Dragonfly: Just curious – are you at the VA in Battle Creek?

  • ChickenHead
    9:51 am on July 23rd, 2011 290

    Hunny Mustard,

    Love your name, doll. You must be one cute college boy.

    Anyway, to answer your question, there are only about 12 guys working there now and they are all unarmed. All they really do there now-a-days is to man the self destruct terminals in case they need to activate the 150 megatons of dirty atomics buried under the base.

    Hope this helped.

  • Jeff Fisher
    12:52 pm on July 23rd, 2011 291

    Damn you Chickenhead. I was doing fine here, just perusing
    the latest comments, coffee cup in hand and a mouthful of it
    ready to send it down when at the same time reading your #290 comment. Hit my laugh button so fast and hard I spewed the coffee all over my super deluxe executive desk. Key pad
    seems to be okay. Pain in the ass trying to clean that.
    Thank God we have plenty of Q-tips on hand to get between
    the keys and sop it up. As Larry the Cable Guy says, “I don’t
    care you are, THAT WAS FUNNY”. Loved it!

  • Chris Hiler
    1:49 pm on July 23rd, 2011 292

    Retired GI,

    I guess I was lucky to be in Korea in 1983 judging by your post #278.

  • Jeff Fisher
    2:18 pm on July 23rd, 2011 293

    CHRIS, 292: Gee wiz Chris, I was in Korea in 83′. Why
    didn’t you look me up?

  • Chris Hiler
    2:23 pm on July 23rd, 2011 294

    Hey Jeff!

    I wished I had known you then. You’ve been great on e-mail and on this site. I have not re-united with a single vet from my Korean tour and I really enjoyed hearing a lot of the info you have given both here and on e-mail. Your a great source!

  • Duffy
    3:21 pm on July 23rd, 2011 295

    CH 290. You are damn right about that shit. And as the little kids say “Dats da truth of it”. I’m finding it very hard to believe a Korean national in college is unaware of military prowess in the whole of Korea especially now that the bulk are there in the dozen at Casey. Jeff Fisher, Wow, two day’s to thirty years with your honey. We have 6 months to go. I was in Korea in 78 79 out for a year back in winter 80 and out in 83. Wonder if we crossed paths? Most likely.

  • Jeff Fisher
    3:26 pm on July 23rd, 2011 296

    Chris, based upon the rapport we have established over the
    last few months, had we met in person in Korea in 83 your
    life would have quite possibly taken different path. You likely would have stayed in the Army. I was a Reenlistment NCO, a job I was born to be in! I loved the job and was very good at it. It was very important to me to “pull out all the stops” and retain good soldiers. Prior to the Re-Up job I was a Recruiter. The motto on our shoulder crest was “Provide the Strength”. We did not have those crest in reenlistment but in my minds eye I was tasked to “Keep the Strength”. HOORAH!!!

  • Jeff Fisher
    4:52 pm on July 23rd, 2011 297

    DUFFY#295: I was in Korea (my first assignment after 5 yrs
    in Recruiting) Nov78-Nov79, Cp Pelham. Later became Gary
    Owen. Jun81-84, USAG Yongsan. That’s were I met and married
    the lovely and gracious Mrs Fisher. Retired from Korea in 88′, 2nd ID. Ever hear of the expression “Marrying Up”? I certainly did that when I met her! Short period between meeting/marrying. I planned it that way. I am a”romantic”, clean, fit to fight, personable, and like to laugh. Beyond that a bum that never went to high school. If I had not joined the Army I would have been the “jumper” on the back of a trash truck. She realized that not too long after we married. Koreans back then almost never divorced. Otherwise she probably would have kicked my butt to the curb. After a bit of time she got used to me and accepted her lot in life. We are inseparable, she is my best friend.

  • Jeff Fisher
    4:25 am on July 24th, 2011 298

    Anyone sending an email to my home address, please reference
    in the subject line you are from ROKDrop or your ROKDrop
    user name. If I do not recognize an email source I sometimes scratch it. Thank you

  • ChickenHead
    5:14 am on July 24th, 2011 299

    I didn’t want to associate ROKDrop with some great offers for enlarging your peniis or notification for your winning ticket in the Nigerian National Lottery…

    …but, if you insist.

  • Jeff Fisher
    8:06 am on July 24th, 2011 300

    Chickenhead: I want in on that Nigerian lottery!! Sounds
    like a great opportunity. The little willy problem is no
    longer an issue. I married a Korean. They have small hands
    and those small hands now make me feel sooo big.

  • Dragonfly
    7:04 am on July 26th, 2011 301

    Guitard #289, you’re not the computer cop at the Battle Creek VA are you?

  • guitard
    7:48 am on July 26th, 2011 302

    Dragonfly: I’m stationed Korea. You said you’re a VA nurse in SW Michigan (I realize Battle Creek is more “south-central”) and I’m familiar with that area of Michigan. So I thought I’d ask.

  • Dragonfly
    8:34 am on July 26th, 2011 303

    Guitard, I’ve been here at the BCVA for over 20 years. What areas of Michigan are you familiar with?

  • guitard
    9:07 am on July 26th, 2011 304

    Dragonfly: I know that neck of the woods quite well. Drop me an email at

  • Duffy
    5:28 pm on July 26th, 2011 305

    Jeff Fisher 298. You don’t give yourself enough credit Jeff. Even though Korean ladies from those times are so different from girls of these days if they were unhappy with the guy they were with they wouldn’t just stay. No the girls would go an extra ten miles but they wanted to be treated as well or close to as well as they were treating their husband or YOBO t be. You know it isn’t hard to treat these girls good because they treat us so damn good. You found a gem and I did also. There were many back then. Ya still had to find the one that was right for you and she the same. Case In Point We have a friend that was in the same place we were in Korea. He married also and it was nothing but trouble for him because he spoke badly of Korea and was always saying thing’s that made her feel uncomfortable. Now she was no shrinking violet either. In fact I did not want to be in a room alone with this girl as she was my friends love and she had wandering eyes. Long story short they made it about ten uncomfortable years. So you treat your good wife well Jeff. Of that, there is no doubt. I am curious as to how your anniversary went. BTW after I seen my wife once I knew I would marry her and she thought I was nuts. Was but damn I had it right! We would have done much better financially if I hadn’t gotten hurt badly before ETS in 83. Actually I had a Job set up with Raytheon as Tech Rep. They were going to have me go to Kuwait for year first. for 42 K a year back in 83 84. That was a good raise from Staff Sergeant. Had eight years in military. I got to train on Je Ju Do Island in 81 for two weeks. That was so cool and fun but couldn’t take anyone with me so had just met my wife about a month before I went. WE weren’t married so as things go in Korea I was wondering how things would be when i got back. That was a good day when I returned to Humphreys Ville and she had us moved into a bigger hooch in that house we were at. I guess she was starting to love me even though she thought i was a bit crazy. Now maybe taking her to Je Ju Do would be good. What do you think? I mean do you think it has changed so much that we may not enjoy it?. Have you been there? Sorry for the questions just thought ya may have some insight. Do you have my Email address.

  • Duffy
    5:38 pm on July 26th, 2011 306

    Jeff, My wife is from that Area where you met your wife. Wonder if your wife was from that area? if so they would maybe know each other My wife ran in to a girl she knew from Itaewon when she was Kid. That gal has been married 32 years. 2 years older than my wife. They are great friends now. They Jumped and hollered when they saw each other . That was very good. it happened at a Korean Store in Portland OR.

  • Chris Hiler
    5:42 pm on July 26th, 2011 307


    What an amazing chance meeting huh! wild!

  • Jeff Fisher
    4:50 am on July 27th, 2011 308

    DUFFY: Send me your email address.
    Hi Chris, ditto on your #307 cmt.

  • Jeff Fisher
    5:50 am on July 27th, 2011 309

    The anniversary went well. When the 20th popped up it was
    dinner and flowers. When the subject came up a couple of
    months ago that we were hitting the milestone of 30 I asked her what she wanted as a gift. She said,
    “how about a new diamond ring to replace the 1ct to a 2ct.
    I brought up the point that when we bought the 1ct, that
    would be the one she would take to the grave. It cost about 5k. She thought about that and came back with “after
    30 years, don’t you think I deserve it”? Without going
    into details of some of my previous shenanagans that flashed into my mind, I had to look her dead in the eye and with conviction say YES YOU DO. Guys, when shopping
    for a quality diamond you need to surf the net to
    educate yourself on how to ID a diamonds are all about when you are serious about quality stones. You will not fined a quality stone at the mall jewelery store.
    My princess got her ring. Even though I have reached a point in my life where the money is not an issue, I did have to grit my teeth when I wrote that check. Could have bought a new Camry instead. But now she has the ring of her dreams and by the way this is “the ring she will take
    to her grave”. Gee whiz, where have I heard that before.

  • Duffy
    1:36 pm on July 28th, 2011 310

    Jeff, I’m happy you got your princess something she wanted. Mine is stubborn and doesn’t want Gems especially Diamonds. Go figure. I spent allot of time learning how to buy investment grade gems. She likes gold so I just stick with that now as it makes her happy. Well it did when it wasn’t so expensive. LOL Probably that wont change. She gets mad if I spend much. But we are in different financial bracket. Wonder how she would feel if were in better bracket. She works way to hard and I can not slow her down. It is a passion with her to be doing hard work. Anyway I just got to see your msg. Will send you my email ASAP.
    I have good chance to make money next year if I am feeling better.
    This would set us up for a good retirement as it could last for a few years. couldn’t go this year as to damn sick. That really is making me angry. Anyway will explain later.

  • Captain Jack
    12:38 pm on August 1st, 2011 311

    I uses to be the HQ Company Commander of the 1/23 Tomahawk Bn over on Camp Hovey back in 79/80. Use to call it the “We Walk Alot BN” since we were light Infantry. My Bn actually walked back from the DMZ to Hovey. Will never forget that long road march. This site bring back a lot of memories. So bad, but mostly good. Do anyone know if Ms Lee Tailor Shop is still out side of the Main Gate of Camp Casey?????

  • Bob Schneider
    8:33 pm on August 8th, 2011 312

    I was with HHC 7X TF (Train Fire) in 1966 at Camp Casey.
    Worked on the rifle range. First with the zero in range with Wexl, Broom, Cpl Bjork, SSG Wilson and SSG Church. We had it made. later I worked on the record range and was the AI (assistant instructor SP/4) on firing point number 7. It was up 110 concrete steps to get there. Firing point number 8 was 179 steps. On firing point 6 was my best friend John A DAvis (wish I could find him).
    The SSG (or it may have been SFC) in charge of that range was Crawford. We called him “batman”. I have no idea why!! :mrgreen:
    I used to go to the Starlight, Rendevous, and Crown club.
    Mamasan must’ve been like 30 and she took very good care of my 19 year old body.
    Had lots of good times there.

  • Jeff Fisher
    5:36 am on August 9th, 2011 313

    Bob#312: Did you stay in the Army, marry a Korean, go to Nam?
    Was that your only tour in Korea? Just wondering. There are
    military web sites that can possibly located your friend.

  • Bob Schneider
    5:14 pm on August 11th, 2011 314

    Jeff #313: I was in the army from 6/65 to 10/69.
    I got retired out of the army because I got shot up in vietnam. I was a tanker and in an armored cav unit and got hit by an rpg. Cost me a fused left knee, blind in one eye, and hard of hearing. ONly took 30 years to get my VA comp!!! I went through Basic and AIT armor at Ft. Knox from 6/65 to 11/65. To So. Korea 11/65 was at Camp Ames doing security guard work in an infantry company till 6/66, then to camp casey 6/66 to 12/18/66 worked on the rifle ranges. went to Ft. Cartoon (that’s what I call Ft. Carson) CO to 1/77th Armor till 10/67, then to 3/4 Cav, 25th INf Div til 8/24/68. then to 106th Gen hosp in Japan, then to Fitzsimmons Army Hosp in Aurora (Denver) CO till discharge 10/21/69
    HIndsight is almost always 20-20. I should have married a Korean girl. I married my highschool sweetheart and she turned out to be a “super butterfly” (remember the term?). She divorced me (did me a favor).
    I got remarried in 79 to a nice Christian lady and my whole life has changed for the better. Been with my soulmate for 31+ years. She is truly a gift from God!
    PS. Been in contact with ONE guy from the rifle range thanks to this –>
    when my back gets better and I can lift the box, I intend on sending off some photos of the rifle range to this guy on this site!! Think I even have a starlight club photo of the front entry from 1966.

  • Jeff Fisher
    11:00 am on August 12th, 2011 315

    #Bob#313: Wow Bob, you have been thru the wringer! I was in Nam
    as well but came out of it none the worst for the experience.
    1st Cav, Ahn Khe, 66′. My heart goes out to you brother for what you had to endure. In May 07′ I was awarded a “Combat Environment” disability from my time in Vietnam. Your disability eclipses mine big time. Have you considered going
    back to visit Korea? Please consider sending some of the photos you mentioned. Been retired from the Army since 88′ and can’t let it go. Loved the Army, think of it every day, Korea as well. If you read the previous comments I’ve posted you will know where my head is at. Thanks, Bob for
    sharing your story with me. Very interesting. Feel free to
    contact me at my email address if want to chat further.

  • Dean S. robinson
    8:22 pm on August 14th, 2011 316

    I’d love to go back and see the improvements. I was with 2nd ID (329th ASA) back in ’79 & ’80. I also did about six months at Camp Humphrey. I doubt I’d even recognize ToKo Ri or TDC. Regarding the recreational fees for GI entertainment, $20 was all you needed back in the day. The Army must be paying real well these days to support the fees in this thread.

  • Josh
    9:11 pm on August 25th, 2011 317

    oh man this brings back memories. was with the MP’s from 2004-2007 here. I remember the king club and mustang club the most. mustang for the crowd/music and king for the girls

  • lonesomeboy
    10:27 am on September 16th, 2011 318

    anybody here been 2 matthew’s bar nd grill?

  • Glad
    1:55 pm on September 19th, 2011 319

    I miss Mathews and the cheap movies!!!!!!!!

  • PFC Health Destroyed
    12:10 pm on October 28th, 2011 320

    I want to address a stealth disease that was caught in Korea, it is called MORGELLONS DISEASE, itching fiber disease, if you are fighting for your life right now or just sick from all kind of different ailments, you may want to spend a couple of dollars on a microscope to look for fibers in your urine, blood and crap.

    Most all of the fellows I was there with have issues from skin issues to being paralized.

    I have a funny feeling there is a connection to so called AGENT ORANGE, not that dioxin is the cause, no, AGENT ORANGE is a lie. This disease is a biological agent, the military has played off as chemical.

    Think about this, veterens came home and infected their wives, then children with birth defects, if these veterens could afflict their wives, could then not also afflict the villiage girls which would then afflict us?

    Think about it friends, Morgellons disease has a huge range of issues, if you have strange problems, or even so called NORMAL problems you need to look into MORGELLONS DISEASE, do not listen to all the womens complaints about bugs and parasites, they think this because the disease can cause severe itching, when they itch the only thing they think of is bugs and bug bites, rather look at all the biological illness.

    You will find your issues are connected.

    What can we do? It takes more than one that has his eyes wide open, I think you will find Korean Veterens are dying at the same rate as Vietnam era, Vets and believe me brothers that is not good.

    This disease is connected to all the adult disease in newborns. In fact if you look it up, veterens children were the first with larger than normal cases of Autism. It is one of the covered disease’s for so called AGENT ORANGE.

    Remember, finding out if you have this disease is easy if you have a microscope, even a childs microscope.

  • Pepper
    5:13 am on November 19th, 2011 321

    WOW, Id love to visit and see the changes there. in 99 I was stationed at Gary Owen in Sonjuri near Munsan…We used to take the “Liberty Express” and “Liberty Bell” (also known as the Around the World) down to Casey to play dip the noodle….Gary Owen was also known as GO standing for guys Only…no women were on our camp so you can imagine all the built up testosterone and bullshit that went on.

    In 01 I was sent to Korea again, this time stationed at Casey. FIRST TANK! It amazes me some of the stuff I saw. There was one korean woman who used to hang out outside Tokeri who would bet $20 bucks that you couldnt shit on her. A “friend” of mine tried one night and she blew on his butthole and couldnt go….next day he went to Popeyes ate abunch of spicy chicken drank alot of beer ate some Taco Bell and set off walking to Tokeri from Casey…..He got his $20 bucks back and the woman was never seen again while I was there….LOL

    I would like to revisit some of my old stompin grounds…not to act like an idiot again or anything but to just visit and see the changes. Korea was always beautiful in the fall… I once rode the train all the way to Pusan from TDC…beautiful ride…The Katusa Snack Bar and the 6 dollar special….Bottle of Soju and cheese raymayon…I know that aint spelled right but you know the noodle thing…

    The redneck gangs at the Las Vegas or Silver Star Outlaws…. i got a hat around here somewhere….

    Anyhow thats all for now… maybe Ill see you guys again downrange one day….

  • Tom Langley
    4:35 pm on November 19th, 2011 322

    Pepper #321, I wonder what idiot GI ended up marrying the butthole blower. That story was f’ing hilarious! If I would have met her I would have taken her bet after eating about a gallon of kimchi.

  • Steve
    7:30 pm on December 29th, 2011 323

    I was stationed at Camp Casey in 1985. It was my first posting as a buck private. I was in C company, 1/72 armor. Our company motto was “Charlie Don’t Surf”. I was young and didn’t know shit. Some of my memories. OB beer and yakimandu pot stickers. At first I didn’t like kimchi but later I grew to like it. There was a small restaurant on the main drag in the ville that had the best barbecue chicken and softest bread I ever ate, I loved that place. I don’t remember the names of most of the clubs but there was one called Studio 54 and another one by the old railroad tracks called New House. I remember the Korean cigarettes… cheap and terrible! I had a platoon sergeant who was a drunk and used to force us to use our liquor rations to buy him booze. He looked like Fat Albert. I remember toiling in the motor pool. Our tanks were always fully uploaded with live rounds, which we had to unload by hand anytime we did any electrical work on the tanks. The firing pins were locked in the armory and only issued out during alerts. Guess they thought one of us might go berzerk and take one of the tanks on a rampage downrange. There used to be a korean lady who was sort of the loan shark for our whole battalion, she would come on post every month to collect from GI’s that borrowed from her. Can’t remember what we called her. I got in trouble less than a week after arriving at Camp Casey, I was waiting at a bus stop near the PX and the division commander’s jeep went by and nobody stood at attention or saluted so some captain jumped out and ran up to us and took down all our names yelling and screaming why we didn’t salute the general… I got put on some shit detail for that. Another time I got in trouble for hitting a car with my tank during a field exercise… we used to have to snake our tanks through all those skinny little village roads with like one inch of clearance on either side… barely grazed this car with one of the rear sprockets… owner followed us back to Camp Casey and I had to go with my tank commander down the the provost marshalls office. I remember our big Team Spirit exercise in winter of 1985… damn that was cold. I remember the Katusa ROK army soldiers we had embedded in our units…. the one we had on my tank crew his name was “Kwak”. I got a kick out of that name. I vaguely remember going on a day long field trip to Seoul by myself… took a bus… went up in that big tower on the hill in the middle of the city… saw some cultural shows in a big theatre… ate some really tasty food… came back really late… not too much I can remember about it after 26 years. It was a crazy year of my life. I came back stateside and finished my tour at Fort Riley, Kansas. Like every other young soldier over there I counted down the days to my flight out, couldn’t wait to get back to the USA but if I had known how bad stateside duty sucks in comparison… I would have tried to stay in Korea!

  • JFisher
    6:02 am on December 31st, 2011 324

    Steve: Did you stay in the Army? If not, any regrets about getting out? Did you consider marrying a Korean?

  • Steve
    9:48 pm on January 5th, 2012 325

    JFisher: I only did a 4 year enlistment and got out in December 1988 with no regrets. I was not cut out for a career in the army. As far as marriage goes that’s another thing that I’m not cut out for, and I have no regrets about that either.

  • Douglas
    2:22 pm on January 6th, 2012 326

    @Steve: you’re absolutely right about the Korea countdown. I remember in 1993 they would actually offer soldiers a calendar to blacken out the days passed in country, during in-processing at the Turtle Farm. But duty in Korea was always more interesting than any stateside garrison duty. I think that the soldiers deploying/deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan find the same thing – it’s better to be in the fight/ in the game rather than in garrison.

  • JFisher
    4:17 pm on January 6th, 2012 327

    Douglas#326: I think you are totally wrong making an analogy
    of soldiers rather being overseas in Iraq/Afgan or Korea than
    in “garrison” in the States. Korea was safe, interesting, could wear civvies, shop, tour, get laid, booze, take a USO tour to places people only dreamed of going, four beautiful seasons. Iraq/Afgan, none of the above. 24/7 of shit, in combat mode, in combat garb, heat that brings you to your knees, sand blowing up all your orifices. I was in Vietnam 66-67′. We had it much easier there. When not in the boonies (even then occasionally) we could get some “boom-boom” from those little darlings. Could go on R&R, meet your wife in Hawaii.

  • DJ
    7:52 pm on January 9th, 2012 328

    Hey, I find this site interesting reading. I was in TDC in 1969. I don’t remember a lot of the particulars of TDC cause I wasn’t there very much. It wasn’t much in 69, very sleezy and GIs didn’t do much wrong. A lot of very cheap prostitution and cheap beer, I think the beer was called OB. I wont ramble but I am enjoying the reading. Keep it up.

  • drex
    11:46 pm on January 11th, 2012 329

    Sgt. Rock, you’re probably full of shit and an asshole either way. I’m beginning to understand why the Koreans hate us.

  • Thomas Lee
    10:46 am on January 12th, 2012 330

    Nah Drex, he’s spot on.

  • DJ
    11:16 am on January 12th, 2012 331

    Hey Steve, Did you ever see one of there cattle get hit? I hear that is a pricy proposition, worse than hitting their shack housed.

  • Dr. T. Sanchez
    7:58 pm on February 22nd, 2012 332

    I realize this blog thread is somewhat dated, but it certainly grabbed my attention. I equate it to the SF Major that got on my case during Foal Eagle ’95; when I was at the FOB, our deployed team missed its extraction from Det L due to a miscommunication regarding procedure. As I went to the S-3 to explain what had happened and arrange for an alternate exfiltration, the S-3 honestly told me “Look, I know what happened isn’t your fault. BUT, since you’re the guy standing here, I’m going to yell at YOU.” I took the ass-chewing for my team, fully appreciating the Major’s honest approach.

    I had the entirely pleasant experience to be stationed in Korea from 1987-1991 (all extensions were my choice). I entered the Army in 1985 with an intelligence and linguist specialty. Now, to say that I did not want to be a Korean linguist would be an understatement; 1985 was the height of the Cold War, and I wanted nothing more than to study Russian or any other eastern European language (I wanted to face down the Soviet empire, ya know). On completion of Basic Training, I learned that I’d be attending the Defense Language Institute to learn KOREAN. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. However, I Soldiered on, as it were, and graduated a year later with honors (NOT my fault; I drank heavily and wrote poetry when I was supposed to be learning).

    I got to Camp Casey and the Turtle Farm (TURTLES!) in July 1987. In the one week of newbie “quarantine” at the unit (no passes were allowed until all inprocessing procedures were completed and some now forgotten hoops were jumped), I did get to meet some nice Poof Queens. For those unfamiliar, a Poof Queen is a female G.I. that goes to Korea. Since round-eyes are so prized (I guess), they become Queen for a year (“POOF. You’re a queen). One gal I knew from the last year and a half of language/MOS training; I was not surprised to find that in two months in Korea she’d already cultivated TWO boyfriends: 2nd I.D. and 8th Army. The other gal, a short kind of cute lookin’ little dingbat kept our barracks safe – the nearby M.P. unit was constantly roaming our hallways and spent a great deal of time in her room. I knew her deal before we met; when introduced, she said “It’s nice to meet you.” Me: “Well, nice for YOU, anyway.” Oh, and by the way, she was also an idiot – she had no idea why I felt no desire to follow the parade of MPs into that mess. The MPs found out later at the aid station when they were receiving Gamaglobulin shots or bottles of antibiotics.

    At any rate, 1987 in TDC was a great year. I enjoyed going to the Together club, the New House club, Starz (rock and roll!), the New World club, Starlight, Crown club, and winding up in “avaiation alley” after hours. In those days, you couldn’t even get past the railroad tracks before some Ajuma would accost you and ask you if “you want young lady?” I think that were 3 or 4 of those street vendors on duty before you could even get to the first club. I didn’t want to tell them to just get the hell away from me, but I never had the heart to say it. Even as they grabbed my sleeves, I just told them “No thank you.” In a year and a half, they never stopped trying; gotta give ‘em their props.

    Right on the other side of the train tracks was a restaurant in which I ate many of my meals in that first year. I used to hang out with a Hawaiin dude that we called “Mambo”. He always ate some kind of curry dish; I invariably ate a ramyen with chicken and cheese. I didn’t die, so it all must have been just fine.

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    7:03 am on February 25th, 2012 333

    For those following this thread that haven’t seen this already, the below link takes you to a complete list of my “Profile” series of postings of different USFK related areas in Korea:

  • Spc Eaves
    7:35 am on February 25th, 2012 334

    Just gotta say thanks to those that have kept this thread up and running over the years. Reading all the stories since 08 have me cracking up and remembering all the madness. Thanks GI Korea! I always wonder if the Filipinas I see here in Texas were ever drinkies! Anyone ever seen a drinky back in the States?

  • JFisher
    8:55 am on February 25th, 2012 335


  • DJ
    9:40 am on February 25th, 2012 336

    I was stationed at Camp Casey in 1969, 7th Infantry 1/31st, I would love to chat with you if you were there or knows somebody that was because I cant remember a lot of where I was when we were in a tent city north of Camp Casey. We were not in the DMZ but pretty close. I am suffering from a couple medical problems so I am trying to tie some places down.

  • Michael Ordeal
    11:08 pm on February 27th, 2012 337

    Where is the Yellow House in Inchon?

  • Leon LaPorte
    12:22 am on February 28th, 2012 338

    337. I don’t know but you best watch out for the yellow snow!

  • Chris
    7:38 pm on March 1st, 2012 339

    I was at Hovey back in 86. 1/38th, re-designated 2/503rd. We mostly referred to the bar girls as buckets for some unknown reason. lol

  • Charles
    2:24 pm on March 15th, 2012 340

    I was stationed at Camp Casey at the HQ company 702 maint Battalion in 84-85. I worked in supply and I had a BALL in korea.I was my first permanent party station. I actually met a korean wife online who is married living in philly who was a drinky girl at pops store during my stay there. We have had some very interesting conversations lol

  • first rock always first
    3:06 am on April 16th, 2012 341

    i got to casey in june 03 and the tok midget was there then but mostly a relic hey anyon remember whats the word!

  • Captain Jack
    11:25 am on April 18th, 2012 342

    Charles, you comment regarding Pop Store took me way back to 79/80 and to a girl name Tinna. Not sure if that was her real name, but that was the name she went by, Pop Store was our main hang out because of the music and the drinky girls with big behinds.

  • JFisher
    3:27 pm on April 18th, 2012 343

    CAPTAIN JACK: Girls with big behinds?? We must have been
    in different Koreas! Cute little tookus’s were the standard fare I encountered for the most part during my seven years. HOORAH

  • JoeC
    5:28 pm on April 18th, 2012 344


    The first time I went up to TDC was in Captain Jack’s time frame. I can vouch for what he said. Compared to the girls I saw in other parts of Korea, the TDC girls were generally more developed, more shapely. Maybe more meat in their diet.

    I compared my weekend trips up there to going to the Philippines.

  • Gary Judy
    6:59 pm on May 21st, 2012 345

    Is the Savoy Club still in TDC? I lived up stairs in that club with a girl named Gina back in 74 75. I went back in 2000 but didn’t see it. I might have missed it because the place has changed so much. I believe the Old New Korea club is where all the Russian girls are now but I’m not sure if I have that club right either. Like I said the place has changed so much its totally different now. I think we had much more fun back in the 70′s than what they have now. Short times were $2 to $5 bucks and over nights were $10 and if you treated them good it got where it wouldn’t cost you anything. At least that was my experience. Oh to be 17 again.

  • Leon LaPorte
    9:07 pm on May 21st, 2012 346

    345 Savoy has been gone for ages. No Russian girls, that was short lived. The Korean adjimas couldn’t boss them around or intimidate them. Often, it was the other way round. :grin:

  • Captain Jack
    2:28 pm on May 24th, 2012 347

    In regards to JoeC comments, the club that I was referring to was call “Pop Store” and I don’t know where he got his girls from, so I am incline to go with the Genetic Enhance theory.

  • Frank H Laetsch
    1:08 am on June 6th, 2012 348

    What a change. I was stationed at Casey in 62-63 and a regular visitor to TDC. It’s amazing how this place changed. During my time there was nothing but dirt roads, wooden huts in TDC. Female “companion ship” was available for a small fee of $ 2. Of course in those days a PFC was paid $ 90 per month.

  • guitard
    1:16 am on June 6th, 2012 349

    Even at $90 a month – that was still enough to get layed and drunk several times a week!!

  • CJCasan
    5:16 am on June 6th, 2012 350

    SPC Eaves yeah it’s a lot of them in the states now. I have some friends who are filipina and i met the min korea and they are now here or on the way here. I got out in 07 and actually moved to Philippines and had the best time ever the 2 years i was there.

  • DJ
    8:32 am on June 6th, 2012 351

    Well Frank, Inflation took its toll, in 69 it cost $3-$4, as E-5 with some combat pay I made right at $2,000 per year. I do think TDC has lost it’s luster from being old wooden structures with charcoal heat, no running water, one room living quarters with no furniture to now I see pictures of condos. Where did they go?

  • Dean S. Robinson
    9:39 am on June 6th, 2012 352

    You know, I always thought I’d like to go back there, but based on what I’ve seen here, I doubt that anything I would have been familiar is still standing ; probably long since been razed and replaced. I don’t think Korea is quite the ‘hardship’ posting it was back in the 70′s-80′s. At that time 2ID was an unaccompanied tour (and there was no shortage of regional bachelors) and our big-time was heading to Youngsan or Osan for something less primitive.

  • Doc Ski
    1:55 pm on October 27th, 2012 353

    I was stationed at Hovey (1/503 formerly 1/23) back in 1986. I was a Medic remember “The Ville” quite well. I was part of the after hours CCI Group (close contact interviewer) that would take the “Leg” back down to the Ville so he could point out which club girl gave him gonorrhea. Mama-San would have to take the girl to Seoul for treatment (documented) within 48 hours. If a club had more than 3 of these infractions in a given month, the club would be fined and closed for up to a month. All the Mama-Sans knew who I was, and would ensure that I had a “good time” while not on duty. I never took a “gratuity short time” in place of reporting a girls infraction (as one of the boys may be unfortunate and have to see me in a few days for their short arm inspection, silver bullet injection (spectinomycin), and 7 days restriction to camp. The Studio 54 Club, was the first club you would encounter after crossing the railroad tracks…enroute to your weekend thunder run. A middle aged Mama-San would always be there, dressed in traditional Korean attire. My favorite club was located on the small road/alley directly behind Studio 54. The club was called “The New York Club” and offered the biggest tits in TDC…no exaggeration. Every Koean girl in the club was a full “C Cup” or better…most were “D or “DD”. The aforementioned was VERY rare for a Korean girl. Ahhhh the memories (or mammorys in this case) of The New York Club. Well worth the overnight price of $40.

  • Sgt Smith C.
    3:54 pm on November 2nd, 2012 354

    Lol the good times i was there end of 03-end of 04 i started on casey in 1-15 Fa then we had our battalion moved to hovey so i spent plenty of time in both ville’s and they were great lol of all these posts nobody talked about the 3 pole barber shops where you can get a massage and a happy ending everytime for like 50 bucks or thats what it was then lol just thining of that place thinking of those month long trips to the field freezing cold next to doo doo creek anthony’s pizza those dang alerts still i loved it


  • ricosniper
    10:15 am on November 9th, 2012 355

    Hey jeff You are the whom is full of shit and BS, just as you lie to those GI’s and spouses you come in contact with. Do your research right. What i said on my post was absolutely true and or not exxagerated. Go back and count the clubs and hangout joints in TDC back in the time frame i mentioned also the amount of registered hookers, drinky girls,business women, yobo or whatever you want to call them. You were probably one of those whom talked the GI into the so-called perfect marriage mr.counselor. Back in 1983-84 there was a club in Central Texas ,Ft Hood area called Jade East and while there i saw some of these girls that i had met in Korea and yes i did lay a few of them again. I met 2 while in Panama during my Training and back in Kentucky and fayetville N.C . Some were still married to their soldier husband ,just cheating a little on the side, others had divorced and married someone with more money. I say it as it is. I was in Korea only from 78 to 83 not as long as you but I knew most of what was going on. Go to Garland Texas and you will find many Korean women that lied to their GI boyfriends so they could bring them over and then leave them and establish a business with other korean counterparts in these were included contract marriages, which is a different story. They had a documentary back in 83 in a texas news station which many of these koreans were being investigated and many arrested. Get your facts straight. In Sun Shin , Ko Soon Yo, Kim Chun Hwa, Hamm Hee Yong are just 4 For now that were doing the bang ittybang over here and left their hubbies for a Hubby with more to offer. One of these married her hubby,s Doctor. Talk to ya soon. village honcho

  • Sgt Rock
    10:17 pm on November 9th, 2012 356

    Mr RICOSNIPER I have posted on here before. My unit was F Co.702nd Maint.Bn. at Camp Casey 78-79. I currently live in North Texas and lived in Garland Texas up until 2004 then moved to another North Texas city. I met my wife in TDC in 78 we married March 79. We have been married for 33 years and have two daughters together that are now in there thirties. My wife and I are devoted to each other and very much in love even after all these years and we have a wonderful marriage. We know two interracial couples that we both knew in Korea back in 79 who are still together. We are still in touch with them and visit from time to time. We would visit more often but one couple lives in Washington and the other in California. They both have grown children and are hapily married. Im not saying that there wern’t some gold diggers or girls that used GI’s to get to the states. What I am saying is there are plenty of us who married Korean Nationals who have had blessed long lasting mariages. I know alot of Texas women (gold diggers) who go through men till they get what they want from them and move on or get caught cheating. Its not good to generalize and sterotype people Mr RICOSNIPER.

  • Rich V
    6:08 pm on November 11th, 2012 357

    I think your mammary memory is a little cloudy Doc. There was only one bargirl with a big rack in the NY Club but she was the biggest cunt in all of Korea. There was another one down at the New World that was a full D cup but those are the only two that I can remember as of spring summer 1987. The mama-san that used to wear the hanbok every night worked at the NY in 87, she was working at the Starz and then one of the country music clubs in 91-92.

  • Spec 4 William T
    4:12 pm on December 23rd, 2012 358

    I visited TDC in 1979 while staying at Camp Hovey on Temporary duty from Schofield Barracks. TDC was one of the funnest places I have ever been. There were hundreds of beautiful Korean girls in the clubs. Yes they hookers, but it was non-stop dancing and partying with cute girls all hours of the night and for $25 they would take you back to their hooch for the night. During the day you could pay them $5 and they would show you around TDC or Seoul for the day. I am sure it isnt the same now. Nothing stays the same. There were also bars that were not much bigger than someones living room. You could get beer or Oscars wine. I am 55 and I still think of that place. May even go back just for old times sake sometime.

  • earl bowman
    10:01 am on January 31st, 2013 359

    tdc 68-69 wet back last year still got and o.b. and some ka and rice

  • PFC Scott Z
    2:57 pm on February 15th, 2013 360

    Camp Casey 79-80.F Co.702nd Eng. Batt. TDC was the best time of my life! Always wanted to go back there.

  • JFisher
    3:46 pm on February 15th, 2013 361

    Earl#359: I don’t mean to be a wise guy but consider
    dictating to someone to write for you.

  • JFisher
    3:48 pm on February 15th, 2013 362

    PFC Scott#360: Why don’t you go back?

  • PFC Scott Z
    3:57 pm on February 15th, 2013 363

    JFisher#362: Just may do that one of these days after I retire.

  • JFisher
    6:12 pm on February 15th, 2013 364

    PFC Scott#363: Scan some of the comments made here by me and others that have been back to Korea after a long absence as you wish to be. I think they will be helpful regarding what you can expect on your trip down memory lane. I think you should go back if you pine for your glory days of the past in Korea as so many us do. Best of luck to you my friend.

  • DJackson
    11:31 pm on February 15th, 2013 365

    Earl #359, I was at Camp Casey in 1969, 7th ID, 1/31st. I have not been back, I would be interested in reading what you found,what it was like and what was still there. Was it worth your trip and were the women still there? Spill your guts, I am interested but I doubt if I ever go back other than in my mind.

  • Earl BOWMAN
    7:21 am on March 16th, 2013 366

    DJACKSON WHY not go what you can still get dog and rice and ob beer in tdc . stay in a shit hotel. and pay 100 not 1.50 for and overnight. i have been back 4 times. going back this summer want to go?

  • Earl BOWMAN
    7:23 am on March 16th, 2013 367


  • Doc
    3:26 pm on March 30th, 2013 368

    Wow! This is one heck of a thread. I was at Camp Casey, 86-87, HQ&A Co 702 Maint. Btn. Sounds like things have changed a lot. There was no such thing as Russian or Phillipino women anywhere then. That was the best time I’ve ever had in my life. I still think about that place, 27 years later.

  • Earl Bowman
    4:21 am on March 31st, 2013 369

    68-69 was all good

  • Sgt Rider (CC)
    11:50 am on June 14th, 2013 370

    I was an MP at Casey in 1971 and 72 and NCO of The Walk as it was called back then. On duty during the riots in the summer of 72. Not much fun back then, but I have some great memories of my time at Casey and TDC. Anyone from 72 doing any posting here? Would love to make contact fwith some of the guys I patrolled with. My e-mail is Amazing to see all the changes to TDC. Wa a little girl that we used to get cloths and food for cause she slept by the used charcoal bins in the winter and buy her ice cream in the summer. She come and get us when there was troubleat a club or a chop house. Wondered for years if she made it OK or not. I played for the fastpitch team and the flag football team. Any of you guys still doing that over there?? Great to read and hear about the place I lived for a short time of my life.

    4:38 pm on July 2nd, 2013 371

    I enjoyed my time from 1979 to 1983, laid over 180 girls , made friends everywhere on the local community and all around. I had a yamaha dirtbike 400 full face helmet and no other soldier knew it was me. i would ride right down the ville pass the MP’;s . thanks and jhonny for the bike. I kept a low profile on post did my job and unknown to all i left Korea with great money and my goods were checked by customs and they never realized that they had shipped $200,000 of great stuff. Most of the girls i met there i met again at ft. hood texas and we relived those great overnights again, compliments of dumb GI,s that married them and bought them over to the u.s s i could have fun with them. great times i had there.

    6:14 pm on July 2nd, 2013 372

    SNIPER 371: Your grammar indicates that you are not the brightest
    bulb in the building to be sure. Your tales are a figment of your
    imagination in my opinion. Perhaps you feel a need to impress others with the tales because you have inferiority complex issues.

  • guitard
    6:52 pm on July 2nd, 2013 373

    SNIPER wrote:

    I enjoyed my time from 1979 to 1983, laid over 180 girls . . . Most of the girls i met there i met again at ft. hood

    Ha Ha!! This is so lame it’s actually funny!! The only thing you left out was the reason the girls were so crazy about you is because you are hung like John C. Holmes.

  • MTB Rider
    7:19 pm on July 2nd, 2013 374

    Or that you could lick your eyebrows! :razz:

  • Duffy
    8:40 pm on July 2nd, 2013 375

    Sniper, you bragging about things that are purely nothing extraordinary for the times. If you think for 1 second all those girls/ ladies or even most liked your attention your nucking futs. I was there from 78 to 83. Not particularly proud of all of the things I did but very happy with the woman I married in 82 after I figured the situation out. Like Sgt. Rock Post 356 my life with my wife and children has been something,, I could not ask to be better. You bragging about ALL the Korean ladies you “laid” tells me in all these years you have learned nothing about those Korean Ladies. Also make me wonder about all this money you sent home. Just wondering. No big. Not that I didn’t utterly enjoy Korea also for the first years and also loved being in the situation when I was young. But there is a time to talk about certain things and this is not just a couple GIs talking. Guess what? Young Korean women are much harder for American soldiers to approach these days. Likely to be even harder after reading your bragging about their older sisters. I’m wondering since you make no mention of a loved Korean women, and call your military brothers stupid for marrying them, if you learned anything in those times and it look’s like you sure don’t understand why the girls / ladies were in the situation they were in. Yeah, I get angry with modern Korea because they seem distant to me. But at same time I love my wife dearly, I have the faces of countless Korean ladies etched in my heart forever. My wife knows that and is understanding about that because (she was there)!! You ever realize those ladies are unsung heroes for the bank of Korea? If you gonna sing about them do it kindly please. BTW partnerships in the Ville not extraordinary either for the times. I will say one thing in your favor, you sure as hell brought allot more money back than we did. SO you bragging about these Korean girls yet make no mention of a Korean wife or love even after being with many Korean women,, my biggest wonder is why you didn’t marry one, as you would know by then you couldn’t get better. Are ya prejudiced or just a BSing fool with no respect for the good things in life? Don’t answer. You already admitted to all in your post.

    5:16 am on July 3rd, 2013 376

    Duffy 375: Duffy, it is inconceivable that anyone GI could amass a quarter of a million dollars from being in Korea. If he made up such a ridiculous story such as that one we can only come to the conclusion this guy is as phoney as a three dollar bill. His writing capabilities are on the level of a first grader at best.
    Your last three lines sums up this plastic banana.
    Duffy, I have not heard from you in awhile. Hope everything is
    okay with you guys.

  • Duffy
    6:33 pm on July 3rd, 2013 377

    Hey Top Sarge, (JFisher) How are you? Yes it has been a while. Hope things are good for you and wife. Yes I understand this Sniper guy is a plastic fruit but took the long way to burn down that post. If he is real he likely left Korean ladies for the fat lady. LMAO. Oh well, fat ladies need company too.

    We did have a bit of a tough time with my wife’s sister. She came to visit but she was unhappy after a few months. She could have stayed and got green card but she is back in Korea. Wife just heard from her last night, and she seems happy. So after all its working out. I think it was just to hard for her to adjust to completely different customs at 50+ years of age. Wife was a little hurt but would ever admit that. Her sister is all she has left for family in Korea. It is good to see them talking on phone and laughing at least.

    6:07 am on July 4th, 2013 378

    Hey, Jfisher the hell with grammar and fantasies you talk about, its all true , you are probably pissed cause you married one of those drinky girls. Had you been there in the 70′s or before you would have had your drinky for a box of C-rats. Lay of the grammar blow , you still understand what i am saying, this is not about grammar mr. loser.

    6:16 am on July 4th, 2013 379

    JFisher , stop hating , it was possible to make money in korea back then. You dont have to believe it. Many of us took advantage of it instead of marrying drinky girls. Romilar, oxydons, mink blankets etc. In 4 years a lot is possible. No one has to believe it. I dont care if you do or not. I made my share keep on beating this subject, it does not matter.

  • guitard
    10:12 am on July 4th, 2013 380

    SNIPER wrote:

    it was possible to make money in korea back then. Many of us took advantage of it instead of marrying drinky girls.

    I love that rock solid logic: guys who married Korean girls are all losers and guys who were smart didn’t marry Koreans and left Korea with a small fortune.

    Well guess what Einstein – anyone could have sold drugs and mink blankets – and it didn’t matter whether you married to a Korean or not.

    I suspect that back in the day you got burned really bad by a Korean girl (or two or three) and that has festered all these years and now that you’re old and broke – this is your feeble attempt at trying to convince yourself that it was all for the better.

    Well guess what? You’re just as big of a loser now as you always were. Now go wrap yourself up in one of those mink blankets that made you rich and cry on someone else’s shoulder.

    10:25 am on July 4th, 2013 381

    SNIPER: You owe me a debt of gratitude. Because of my comments
    on your previous posting you came to the realization of how woefully uneducated you come across as and need someone to write for you. The spelling and grammar are clearly different on your followup comments. The person that wrote for you did a good job.

    10:33 am on July 4th, 2013 382

    GUITARD 380: You brought up some good points. Enjoyed your
    take on this guy. Thanks.

    6:44 pm on July 4th, 2013 383


  • guitard
    7:30 pm on July 4th, 2013 384

    SNIPER wrote:


    Another self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re just full of them ain’t ya?

    It’s quite obvious that my last post really struck a nerve and it now has you posting in all CAPS.

    It’s OK Sniper. You’ve still got your warm memories of selling drugs and mink blankets. Just take heart with that and keep telling yourself the cute little drinky girl(s) that played you for a fool and phucked you over were never good enough for you anyway and you’re much better off with your 5’4″ 230 pound round eye anyway.

  • Tim C
    4:48 pm on September 24th, 2013 385

    The snipers I knew were pretty smart. This guy is a moron. Need to change the handle dumb$hit – you are embarrassing an elite community.

  • Scott Ellinger
    10:26 pm on September 30th, 2013 386

    Wow, how TDC changed. Camp Hovey was my first assignment in the US Army with 1/5 IN (M). Arrived in Apr’92 and PCSed Jul’94. I just retired after 22 years. I remember those days as if were yesterday. This first tour was the one of the best — I guess because I was a young lieutenant and had no idea what the Army had in store for me. I remember all the bars, T-Club, Moon Club (1/5 IN lieutenant hang-out — above the T-Club), the New Korea Club — I liked Chan-hee so much — but she always played hard-to-get, Peace Club — Ms. Lee was the owner — remember seeing her in 2003 when I was TDY from Yongsan, Cheers Club — did not go there too much, then the Dragon Club for new wave music — it was never full, Rendezvous Club — great dance club to pick someone up, and there was one more dance club — I think it was the Oasis Club — just down from T-Club. Oh would I like to re-live those lieutenant days again. Now I am just a retired LTC transitioning to civilian life — I guess it is time for a trip to TDC for one more run of the ville starting at Cheers and making my way down the road. My next posting will be about Toko-ri and doing evening CP duty — oh did I hate doing that duty.

  • Larry Cash
    9:34 am on November 3rd, 2013 387

    I was at Casey 67 to 69 Had a great time lots of clubs and loved the food would love to go back I was at B Co 127th Sig Bn

  • Bill Day
    7:43 pm on December 12th, 2013 388

    Arrived in South Korea in Oct 1968 and left in June 1969. was in the C/2nd/32nd 7Th Infantry. Spent most of my time guarding missle sites in the south but in the Spring of 69 I spent some great time at Camp Casey TDY status playing division baseball. Great duty and had many good times in TDC. In fact I was there when the Pheblo naval ship was seized by the North. Some tense times for sure but a heck of a lot better than the hell hole in Southeast Asia that I came from. Loved those business women!

  • David L. Jackson
    7:08 pm on December 15th, 2013 389

    Bill Day, We might have passed on the road one day but just didn’t know it. I arrived Camp Casey in April of 69, Co. C, 7th ID, 1/31st. I was infantry and you were correct about the Naval Ship Pueblo being captured by North Korea if I remember correctly late 68, we were on very high alert as I arrived. I went to Advanced Combat Training Academy located I believe Camp Sitman, DMZ training for when the 2nd ID rotated back and 7th ID went up. 4 weeks of DMZ was interesting to say the least, some pretty down to earth training. We went to “tent city” someplace between Casey and The DMZ that summer and dug large holes in the rock so the Engineers could poor concrete bunkers so Poppa-Son had a place the keep his cow that winter. I wish I knew where I was but I don’t, I should remember but at 19 I didn’t sweat the small stuff. I met a girl there and we saw each other until I left, and no she didn’t get paid. lol. Summer was over and we went back to Casey and went through training until I left. I don’t remember very many details other than her smiles, a tour of duty I have never totally forgotten. I wish I remembered more.

  • David L. Jackson
    7:41 pm on December 15th, 2013 390

    Duffy 375: They only brag like Sniper when they are insecure and for the inability to have a personal relationship. The only thing he has is VD from many of the women that he supposedly laid.

  • MI96r
    2:33 pm on December 22nd, 2013 391

    lol the midget was still there in 2004? That is nasty my buddy did her in 1992!

    Anyone know what happened to Crazy Susan from the …..oh hell what’s the name of the bar where they wore uniforms and had a butterfly painting on the wall?

  • frankie gilbert
    9:05 pm on January 9th, 2014 392

    18 years old in 77, the Bee Gees staying alive all over the place, a little money in my pockets. I,am at Hovey my long deceased friend Danny Warf(who got the E2 strip for talking a buddy”me”into joining)at Casey. I have thought about it more over the years and feel that at least some of those girls were suckered into the business and kinda owed the soul to the company store.I befriend one named Me Me in Toroki who an Buck Sarge was belittling in a bar for catching the clap from her, I told him so, she give me the clap man he said again, I said so, I thought he was going to punch me.For the year that I was there she would always stop what she was doing and come up to me when she saw me, we never did the deed but she was forced into a business she could not get out of. I think she appreciated someone treating her decent just once. I often wonder and hope that she got lucky and got out.

  • David L. Jackson
    9:18 pm on January 9th, 2014 393

    I hope she got out too, not all were forced but a lot of them just needed money. I was there in 69 and I am not sure where the old TDC went. They surely didn’t all get educated and good jobs. Not been back but I hear it isn’t the same.

  • frankie gilbert
    10:11 pm on January 9th, 2014 394

    Agree with you, looks like Toroki and TDC has changed big time in the photos, a completely different place, at least the camps are still there.

  • Dan
    11:11 pm on January 20th, 2014 395

    Married mine out of the Rose Club in Toko Ri. ETS’d from there. I have heard that GI/Korean marriages have an 80% divorce rate but three couples we know are all together 25+ years later. And though we don’t discuss our pasts, it’s fairly obvious none of our wives worked as bartenders or coffee shop waitresses.

  • frankie gilbert
    5:55 pm on January 21st, 2014 396

    Good for you and yours Dan, here in the small town in the south that I am from probable just as high % divorce rate then that for people and family that I actually know. I spent 9 years in the peacetime army and got around a little, just a different place, mostly alot of foot traffic nobody having vehicles. and everything so close. Thinking about it going on the DMZ, Hot Apple,Thunder Bolt, Jack Frost( I think that was the winter war game) and all the field cycles really didn,t go to the vil as much as you would of thought, 1 year really isn,t too long. Could go on and on, anybody out there at C1/9th Inf 77 to 78?

  • Ncallanta
    4:48 pm on February 5th, 2014 397

    i just found out about this site a week ago and i been constantly reading . Bring back good memories. i was in korea camp hovey (first rock) 86-88 and Frank B you look familiar. back then it was awesome some fights but more enjoying than others experience. “turtle Ditch” first thing i heard when i got there then next thing you know i was down range. it really different now alot. hang at rendevouz? studio 54, paradise , sky club hmm many more if no there is no over night pass i will hit tokori since is quicker to go back to base. how about your fake over night pass . mamasan lend some money before payday. how about payday ? cashing your check to payroll officer . alot off good memories one i will never forget. keep posting ” first rock /Rock steady /Stand alone”

  • Ncallanta
    5:01 pm on February 5th, 2014 398

    just to add more now live in virginia beach, va. everytime i go eat at our 1 korean restaurant bring good memories how i enjoy the food in korea yakimando at tokori just outside the guard post.

  • Dan
    7:40 pm on February 5th, 2014 399


    Do you mean Hovey Chicken? Greasy potatoes and fried chicken plus mandoo. I wonder whatever happened to ajumma that ran the place? My lipids would like to know!

  • Ncallanta
    12:22 am on February 6th, 2014 400


    Yes, You’re exactly right that’s the combination. It is the only place open when going back to barracks after a few beers or 221 shots coming from the club in tokori or TDC. But that is the name the Famous “Hovey Chicken”

  • frankie gilbert
    5:19 pm on February 12th, 2014 401

    Had asked on the other site “A Profile of Koreas Teokgeo-ri ville ROK Drop” About the top ten VD guild board at Caseys main gate that was there in 77-78. Does anyone know when it was installed and apparently removed? When I was there street girls were always #1 and the other top ones would half clean up their act and try to get off the top ten so they could get the GIs back in the bars. Just thought that I would ask had never seen it mentioned.

  • Rich V
    10:50 am on March 1st, 2014 402

    #401 Frankie, as I recall, the sign you are talking about was gone by my arrival in spring 87. It had been replaced by a sign on the Casey side gate house wall listing off-limits areas i.e. the Turkey Farm, TA-50 alley, Barber shops, Drug stores etc. They also had a wooden box free condom dispenser mounted on the wall as you walked through. I remember walking through the gate during my last tour in 91-92 and busting a gut laughing when a young troop asked an MP what the now long empty box was for and the MP didn’t have a clue.

  • frankie gilbert
    12:47 pm on March 2nd, 2014 403

    Thanks for replying, could of been a year or two deal with the VD guide board, most likely a commanding General directive and maybe the next General in had it removed.

  • guitard
    2:46 pm on March 2nd, 2014 404

    I’ve got a great picture of the VD signboard – just gotta dig it up. I’ll keep looking.

  • Earl bowman
    3:22 pm on March 2nd, 2014 405


  • Earl bowman
    3:33 pm on March 2nd, 2014 406

    Larry cash I was in 127 sig batt 1968 want to go back e/mail me we will hook up and go long ride butt fun was there 2yrs ago spent 10 days onley 3 in Tdc

  • guitard
    6:20 pm on March 2nd, 2014 407

    Alright gents – the infamous VD board pic:

    I could be wrong . . . but this might be from the Tokkori gate at Camp Hovey.

  • frankie gilbert
    4:49 pm on March 4th, 2014 408

    Thanks for the photo, don’t remember one at Hovey in 77-78, I got a photo of the one at Casey,see that the street girls always kept #1. Had always heard that the 2nd D was the hot spot of the world in VD and Columbus, Ft Benning was the hot spot in the States back in the 70s. One old private that was half thru his tour that constantly talked crap to me about been his turtle replacement got the Stanks or whatever they was called and got flagged, barely beat me out of there, met him in Germany several years later asked him if he remembered he said remember hell never could forget.

  • sniper
    5:59 pm on March 16th, 2014 409

    Many of you getting pissed just because i mentioned screwing these drinky girls . I understand , you are just upset cause its the truth about the majority of them working the clubs (prostitutes) , their daddy’s would sell them to pay off debts etc…
    We are elite as someone mentioned but we do the dirty.
    All i did was mentioned the truth about my stay in Korea and some of the same ones that were there that i met again in the u.s.

  • guitard
    7:34 pm on March 16th, 2014 410

    Sniper – you back for another ass whoopin’? Damn son . . . you are a glutton for punishment!

  • Leon LaPorte
    7:37 pm on March 16th, 2014 411

    407. All of the clubs listed were in the Camp Casey ville, not the Tokari ville, so I would guess that sign was at the Casey/TDC gate, not the Hovey/Tokari gate.

    As a side note, many of those clubs (or at least the names) still exist in one way or another.

    409. They’ll get over it. :lol:

  • guitard
    8:00 pm on March 16th, 2014 412

    Yeah – now that I think about it, it is the Camp Casey gate. I believe the sign at the Hovey gate would not have had any military buildings in the background. But the one at the Casey gate had barracks behind it (I think those were MP barracks).

  • Smokes
    8:23 pm on March 16th, 2014 413

    Your honor, I’d like to direct the court’s attention to Sniper’s comment @ #371:
    “never realized that they had shipped $200,000 of great stuff. Most of the girls i met there i met again at ft. hood texas and we relived those great overnights again, compliments of dumb GI,s that married them and bought them over to the u.s”

    Ladies and gentle Laporte’s of the jury, as you can see Sniper not only admits to knowingly breaking the law but also talks quite gleefully about having sex with his fellow soldier’s wives. People who he was supposed to share a warrior’s bond with… a “band of brothers” if you will.

    Over the next several weeks the people will lay out the case of how Sniper is what they call in the military “A peice of sh1t.” or in laymen’s terms….

    Judge: I’ve heard enough! The jury is dismissed with extreme prejudice on a Charles Bronson level and I hearby sentance Sniper to 25 years of living in a hobo camp in west Jersey where he shall serve as their Hentai Maid and cosplay while orally servicing no less than 4 smelly hobos at a time. ChickenHead will film it, MTBRider Ltd will package it, and Smokes get’s the distribution rights.

  • ChickenHead
    8:37 pm on March 16th, 2014 414


    What’s wrong with you?

    A man dressed as a hentai maid orally servicing 4 smelly hobos?

    And no toothless crack ho forcing him to eat nuggets of government cheese out of her cooch while she takes a dump on his neck?

    Step up the pace, Smokes.

    Let me get a memory card in the HD cam. When do we start?

  • Leon LaPorte
    8:49 pm on March 16th, 2014 415

    414. Government cheese! Now you’re talking!

  • Smokes
    8:57 pm on March 16th, 2014 416

    What can I say? The internet’s ruined me, I’ve seen it all… I’m outta ideas…

    If “A man dressed as a hentai maid orally servicing 4 smelly hobos.” were a link I’d probably click it thinking “ehh is this that one I’ve seen a dozen times already? sigh”.

    My 2 girls 1 cup reaction video was me dozing off during the first 20 seconds. :sad:

  • Rich V
    10:04 am on March 22nd, 2014 417


    That’s the Casey Gate, the buildings in the back ground are the old 2nd Aviation NCO and Jr Officer H shaped billets I had the pleasure of living in my first tour.

  • guitard
    10:17 am on March 22nd, 2014 418

    Rich V: I was thinking 2nd MP barracks – you are absolutely right – that was the 2nd Aviation’s area back there. Too many years have gone by and the memories are fading fast!

  • Rich V.
    6:28 pm on April 15th, 2014 419

    Guitard, thanks for putting up the photo and providing a memory of my old quarters on West Casey, all though I really lived in the back of the New York most of the tour. Pity that GI Korea only provided a picture of one half of that alley, photo with the Miss Oh shop, in his Bosan-dong ville profile. A photo of the rest of that alley would have really brought back a memory.

  • frankie gilbert
    4:51 pm on April 21st, 2014 420

    Had noticed that all of the Army Kaserne logs sites for Germany have ceased to exist the past several weeks,does anyone know if they are down for maint or done? If so are these drops someday on the chopping block or what, hope not.

  • Larry Cash
    11:06 am on May 18th, 2014 421

    TDC Great memories 67 thur 69

  • Phil
    10:33 pm on August 7th, 2014 422

    Anyone at Casey in July 72? Remember the riots in Tongduchon? Not good and can’t find any info about it so the Army doesn’t think it happened.


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