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ROK Drop Weekly Linklets – 13JAN07

The Koreas
-  Good discussion here and here about America’s role if North Korea was to collapse.
-  The English teachers out there in Korea are definitely keeping the heat off of USFK GIs with their antics. 
-  Going to work in Korea and curious about public holidays?  Then check this out.
-  Yes, this sentiment from President Bush seems quite empty. 
-  Good news, the Party Pooper is back and this time on Blogspot. 
-  Some familiar K-bloggers are now writing a new series of articles for the Korea Herald.
-  If you can believe it there are still people out there who think North Korea was not producing super notes.  It must be another BushitlerhaliburtonCIA conspiracy. 

-  Congrats to Japundit for three years now of quality blogging from Japan.
-  If you think Hello Kitty is bad, now the Bae Yong-joon cell phone is coming to Japan. 
-  This is one naked festival I hope I will never have to see.
-  If have nothing aganst the Christian evangelicals but this is taking things to far especially in a foreign nation.
-  A Top 10 List on how foreigners perceive the Japanese.
-  The real reason why Shinzo Abe resigned.
-  Japan has a low murder rate but it seems like when murders do happen they don’t fool around.

-  Interesting look at how China plans to combat video sharing sites.
-  Playboy may be coming to China just in time for the Olympics.
-  The real story about China’s teacher-prostitute. 
-  Chinese women learning how to be all smiles. 

-  How to convert from military to civilian life. Very funny stuff. :)
-  Now that a reconciliation law has been passed by the Iraqi parliament what will the Democrats complain about next?
-  Good interview with Marine Corps Commandant James Conway.
-  Michael Totten’s latest is a must read.
-  Great new, Michael Yon is publishing a book that is scheduled to be released in April of this year. 
-  Did Al Gore visit Iraq lately, because global warming has hit Baghdad.

Forward Deployed
-  Gays Admit No Witch Hunt in the Military
-  Haditha Staff Sergent Goes to Trial
-  3,000 Marines Possibly Headed to Afghanistan

  • Skippy-san
    4:00 am on January 13th, 2008 1

    The Democrats can complain about two things ( so can the rest of the country): 1) It took Iraq over 2 years to pass this law and it will be ignored not enforced and 2) that in spite of them having passed this law we will have to stay and stay and stay to provide security for worthless Arabs.

    The President's recent admission that troops cannot begin coming home shows that without US presence-Iraqis get nothing done. Having to keep 100,000 troops in Iraq 6 years after the invasion is just no right.

  • Kingkitty
    10:05 am on January 13th, 2008 2

    Unless the Kingkitty missed it, the North Koreans for the most part cannot vote in an American election but families of Jews concentration camp victims can so BACK OFF

  • Jack
    12:36 pm on January 13th, 2008 3

    Oh as for the fake note thing, the story seems to be catching on. When I first saw the story, it was on two odd news sites, now there are several more carrying it. What I do not understand of the whole thing is, if North Korea can make bogus cigs, clothes and other goodies for quick money, why not fake notes too?

    Perhaps the defectors lied. The thing is, I cannot help but to think it does mean Pyongyang is not doing it. After all, Kim does need some more cognac.

  • Jack
    12:38 pm on January 13th, 2008 4

    I cannot help but to think it does mean Pyongyang is not doing it.

    I cannot help but to think it does not mean Pyongyang is not doing it.

    Oops, fixed the sentence.


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