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Gay Subway Oral Sex Video Angers Korean Netizens

I have seen a lot of random wackiness on the Seoul subway, but this is one thing I have fortunately never seen:

Two men are under investigation by police after being captured on film performing sex acts on line 5 of the Seoul Subway.

The 12-minute video, titled “Line 5, 2 Men”, shows two men, who appear to be in their mid-20s, openly engaging in sex acts on the sparsely populated subway car. There is someone sitting next to them but after he moves away they strip to their underwear and begin the sex acts.

Furthermore, the video contains the sound of the recorded subway announcements, lending credence to it having really been made on a subway car. [Korea Beat via Asian Offbeat]

What is really funny about this is that the Korean cyber-terrorism department is investigating a guy getting a blow job on the subway. They obviously do not have anything better to do.

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  • Brian
    7:15 am on April 23rd, 2008 1

    Yeah, that is pretty upsetting. Regardless of one's feeling on homosexual relationships, that degree of sexual activity obviously has no place in public. Some people are incredulous that people are being punished . . . but gay or not, Korean or not, wouldn't that violate lots of public decency laws? Isn't it, like, illegal to give a blow job in public? I don't see the investigation as an anti-gay measure at all.

  • Korea Beat
    7:41 am on April 23rd, 2008 2

    The Seoul subway is probably the least-predictable place I have ever been. Especially as a foreigner, you really never know what's going to happen on any given day. I've got more crazy subway stories about Korea than anywhere else, by a long mile.

  • GI Korea
    8:59 am on April 23rd, 2008 3

    With all the crazy things I have seen on the subway myself and the crazy stories I have read or heard from others I'm willing to bet a book could be compiled on it.

  • Jack
    5:11 pm on April 23rd, 2008 4

    Does this happen on the Pyongyang subway? :razz:

  • kimchi2000
    12:00 am on April 24th, 2008 5

    so taking a korean subway is like a taking a safari trip for u guys… please tell us more about all the crazy koreans u have encountered during ur travels.

  • Gay Subway Oral Sex Video Angers Korean Netizens - ROK Drop via MySpace News
    5:06 pm on April 24th, 2008 6

    [...] Click here to read more. Click here to return to Korea Click here to return to MySpace News. [...]

  • usinkorea
    12:09 am on April 24th, 2008 7

    I've got a good long one about the very elderly Korean man wearing the traditional white outfit and the big white "dunce" looking hat that was giving a soap-box speech on the subway who switched into very good English and kept yelling about the American devils and Russian Devils and about how my life must be great because I had new shoes (which were about 3 years old) who followed up up the bus and out onto the platform three stops up and so on.

    Most of my interesting stories have to do with odd moments with the mentally ill and/or homeless and/or drunk passengers. The mentally ill and homeless were a particular problem if you had to use the subway often, because they spend a lot of time on the trains and in the stations. If you were going to have to take trains and subways frequently in Korea, you had to learn how to spot them and reposition yourself.

  • kimchi2000
    12:21 am on April 24th, 2008 8

    usinkorea, how did survive korea? i guess the US army really made u mentally tough. i know understand why u have certain views and attitude towards korea and koreans.

  • GI Korea
    1:33 am on April 24th, 2008 9

    In response to Brian I don't see it as anti-gay at all either. I just think it is humorous that a cyber-terrorism department is investigating it.

    Jack, LOL :lol:

    kimchi2000 on the subways I have had a lot of I guess you could call it inconsiderate behavior from Koreans such as people rubbing or poking my stomach to see if I'm fat or not, people pulling my arm hair, women bringing their kids over to rub my shaved blonde head. This is just annoying and not malicious.

    The worst problems on the subways are the drunks and mentally handicapped. I have had drunks come up and grab me or yell at me on the subway because I am an American. Same for the mentally handicapped who have badgered me to give them money and have grabbed me trying to get me to give them money. However, I speak enough Korean to ask for assistance from other passengers and each time other passengers were able to mediate the situation.

    I can see how something like these incidents could lead to a confrontation with a foreigner new to Korea and not being able to speak the language or understand what is going on and not being able to ask for assistance.

  • Mark
    1:45 am on April 24th, 2008 10

    GIK, whenever a Korean tries to get money from me, I tell him/her I'll give him W10,000 if he can get W1,000 from a fellow Korean first. That makes them leave me alone.

    Back on topic, suppose this had been a lesbian oral sex video…would the K-netizens still be outraged?

  • ChickenHead
    3:49 am on April 24th, 2008 11

    I guess somebody should tell the counter-terrorism task force that the guy wasn't bowing to Mecca.

    What a nut job.

  • Disinterested
    4:00 am on April 24th, 2008 12

    I think it's the fact that it is two guys that is upsetting everyone. I'm not that sexually adventurous but I can remember in college 'tripping the light fantastic' in areas that weren't strickly private. Having decided to take the 'high road' I'll end here before making some pretty obvious puns.

  • usinkorea
    7:51 am on April 24th, 2008 13


    I carried around a lot of liters of whole blood and plasma with shock paddles in my bag just in case. Thanks for the concern.

    Wasn't a soldier, though.

  • usinkorea
    7:57 am on April 24th, 2008 14

    "I have had drunks come up and grab me or yell at me on the subway because I am an American. Same for the mentally handicapped who have badgered me to give them money and have grabbed me trying to get me to give them money."

    That's the most common thing. I was lucky in a way to have come not too long after the aftermath of the mid-90s subway incident and knew I'd never win with the Korean police and knew to "endure" when things like that happened.

    But, as the majority of expats who have been in Korea longer than a year say in the K-blogsphere when this stuff comes up —– for every time I've had a drunk or mentally ill or just racist Korean cause me a problem, I've had 5 more Koreans come up and treat me beyond friendly simply because I was a white guy.

  • Tom
    2:25 pm on April 24th, 2008 15

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Talk about victim complexes. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • paul
    8:17 am on August 30th, 2009 16

    What a backward and homophobic society we live in. Men are denied their feeings of love and compasion towards each other. However men are praised for killing each other in wars and and bash each other up on sporting fields which is one of the only places they can make contact with other men. Heteoresexuals and lesbians are never treated as hashly as gay men in our society. A simple warning or caution would have been enough for those guys on the underground.

  • Lemmy
    9:21 am on August 30th, 2009 17

    [DELETED BY ADMIN - Please no homophobic remarks here.]

    8:22 pm on October 6th, 2009 18

    A Korean who enjoys the 'gay lifestyle' parading around the US military.

    Can you imagine fighting for your life in a foxhole, and your "buddy" keeps eyeballing your bum and handing you lipstick when you need bullets.

    Let me guess his favorite M*A*S*H character was Klinger. Here is the solution. Forget don't ask don't tell, make them sign a oath of hetrosexuality and if they lie, then send them to levinworth.

  • Robert
    1:01 am on October 12th, 2009 19

    Your kidding right? It’s homophobia to prosecute these two for going at it on a train?

    Backwards would be people rutting like animals whenever the mood suits them.

  • Jeff
    3:28 am on October 13th, 2009 20

    There are no gays in Korea. Move along….nothing to see here.

  • DAVE
    9:56 pm on November 6th, 2009 21


    I am a korean guy and gay. i live near dongducheon.

    I want to meet any friends to speak english.

    please send me a mail.

  • TGV
    4:33 am on March 15th, 2010 22

    Twice I have seen girls making out on the subway.

  • son
    12:19 am on October 30th, 2010 23

    hi nice to know you

    im stay at korean about 1year ago

    nlce to met you

  • Retired GI
    3:28 am on October 30th, 2010 24

    Well TOM did say that Korea would figure out the gay thing before America did.

    Seems all of Korea is gay. Give the ROK the nukes already!


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