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ROK Drop Stats for April 2008

Here is another quick update for everyone on the status of the ROK Drop, who is reading the site, and what visitors are reading.  Stats for this month were pretty flat compared to last month with uniques rising by five and page views dropping by 31.  Americans continue to be the main readers of the ROK Drop composing about 90% of the readership.  Interestingly I had a surge in readers from both Hong Kong and Taiwan that nearly broke both countries into my Top 10 this month probably because of the coverage I did on the Olympic torch relay in Seoul. 

Something I found funny this month was that the short posting I did about Brendon Carr’s Rehka Sharma Nude posting became the 8th most popular posting last month and has become a top search term for the site.  To top it off another top search term for the site continues to be for Korean Playboy model Lee Pani.  I think this just goes to show I could get a lot more hits for this site if I just posted celebrity nude pics instead of actually putting in the effort trying to post quality Korea related content on the site.  However, don’t worry I have not plans to turn this into the "ROK Drop Nude" site. 

In regards to people linking to my site, there has been a juggling of my top referrers this month.  As usual the Marmot’s Hole continues to be my top referrer which I appreciate.  Fortunately no nude celebrity sites linked to me in April.  I would also like to thank all my other referrers for directing readers to the ROK Drop. 

The most read postings for the site featured many postings that are actually becoming a bit old like my most viewed posting this month about the bombing of Nagasaki.  My postings about Camp Casey and Dongducheon continue to do be viewed quite heavily as well. 

Finally I would like thank all my readers of the ROK Drop and I hope everyone continues to visit and add to the discussion on the site.  Cheers!

April 2008 ROK Drop Statistics (Note: Stats from Bluehost Awstats)

ROK Drop Averages Per Day:
Uniques – 837
Page Views – 1897

Top Five Countries Visiting ROK Drop for April 2008
1. United States
2. South Korea
3. Australia
4. Japan
5. Canada
6. Netherlands
7. EU
8. Great Britain
9. Germany
10. Singapore

Top Referrers
1. Marmot’s Hole
2. Live Market
3. DPRK Studies
4. Japan Probe
5. One Free Korea

Top 10 Searched for Key Phrases
1. rok drop
2. rekha sharma nude
3. gi korea
4. korea
5. rokdrop
6. computers internet blog
7. pani lee
8. lee pani
9. korean ginseng
10. jang bogo

Top Ten Posts for the Month of April 2008
1. Remembering Nagasaki
2. The Taft-Katsura Agreement; An American Sell Out of Korea?
3. A Profile of USFK Camps in Dongducheon
4. Korean Army Cadets Name the US as Their Main Enemy
5. Gay Subway Oral Sex Video Angers Korean Netizens
6. Comparative Analysis of Korean and Foreigner Drug Rates
7. Korea’s Looking to Add to UNESCO Sites, is Dokdo Next?
8. Rekha Sharma Nude
9. The Real Moral Bankruptcy of the Comfort Women Issue
10. A Profile of the TDC Ville

Note: You can see the top overall posts on my sidebar.



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