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Beef Issue Gaining Awareness in the US Media

It looks like the Cows Gone Wild nonsense is beginning to gain some traction in the American media:

Police in South Korea detained more than 200 protesters Sunday who clashed with officers over the country’s decision to open its market to most U.S. beef, state media said.

The country had banned imports in 2003 amid concerns over a case of mad cow disease in the United States.

The protesters were part of a 40,000-strong crowd who had gathered in central Seoul late Saturday night. Most dispersed after midnight, but a few hundred demonstrated in downtown streets into the early morning hours of Sunday, the news agency Yonhap said.

Riot police fired water cannons and scuffled with several protesters who tried to head for the presidential palace. [CNN]

TIME magazine even found space to include a short blurb on the US beef madness as well:

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak showed no signs Sunday of dropping a plan to resume U.S. beef imports, despite nearly 40,000 people holding an anti-government protest marked by clashes between police and demonstrators.

Scattered rallies and marches continued after police fired water cannons in the pre-dawn hours and detained more than 200 people who took part in the demonstration that began Saturday night.

It was the biggest protest yet against the government’s determination to carry out an import agreement with Washington that opponents say could expose South Koreans to beef tainted with mad cow disease.

Angry South Koreans have held almost daily rallies for a month, claiming that U.S. beef is unsafe and blasting Lee for ignoring their concerns. [TIME Magazine]

This is at least a start to gain some awareness of this Cows Gone Wild nonsense in the US, but as usual with US mainstream media writing articles about Korea, they offer no analysis. Reading these articles you would think Koreans really are protesting about mad cow disease when these protests have nothing to do with beef. Everyone that has a small understanding of Korea knows this is all about stopping the US-ROK FTA and promoting anti-Americanism in Korea. The same people behind prior anti-US activities are behind this nonsense as well and this is all just part of a long trend of anti-US activity in Korea.

Likewise something else that always happens is when this trend begins to make headlines in the US then the government knows it is time to stop the protests. So if these protests begin to make more headlines in the US then expect these protests to stop in the near future.

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  • shattered
    7:46 pm on June 2nd, 2008 1


    Funny how when the writer is named Kim, Lee, Cho, Hwang.. they always seem to soft pedal the huge Anti-American out pouring by average Koreans of all ages and walks of life.

    If this follows the usual pattern in Korea, and it will. There will be a small gatering,of ten people in Montana protesting Korean policy ans Korean anti-Americanism, and the whole Korean media/propaganda machine will decry American "Anti_koreanism", and American need to keep cool heads.

    If Korean don't want any US Beef because 1 in 50,000,000,000 chance of mad cow, I say that Koreans pose a much greater risk in the USA. Look at Cho Seung Hui. He killed 30 more Americans then any American beef has killed Koreans.

  • usinkorea
    8:18 pm on June 2nd, 2008 2

    We've already seen a typical shift now that stories have run about the issue in the US:

    Suddenly, it's not about US beef imports. It's about President Lee's leadership style and arrogance.

    Suddenly, when the US press runs a few articles, Korean society scrambles for something to cover up the glaringly obvious irrational nature of how the whole spike in anti-US activity began.

    President Lee and elements of the Korean press went out early on and pointed out how stupid and full of crap the scaremongers were being about the threat/safety of US beef. And they were greeted with even more anger. Pointing out the lies was deemed arrogance.

    But run a few American articles, and suddenly things clean up and a new foundation is laid.

    With the protests turning violent, however, if the US press starts running clips of the violence as part of the major nightly newscasts, I too expect the protests to die out quickly.

    If the New York Times starts running more prominent articles on it, the same…

  • shattered
    8:56 pm on June 2nd, 2008 3

    "If the New York Times starts running more prominent articles on it, the same…"

    The NYT and IHT, and their Korea specialts have not uttered a peep.

    They are only picking up anonymous no-named sories off the AP, and we know how hogwash the AP is full of.

  • usinkorea
    10:21 pm on June 2nd, 2008 4

    True enough on the AP and that was what I meant by "more prominent."

    Right now, just about everybody is using the AP – which means they are missing the heart of the story, but if things keep up, US outlets might start looking into things themselves.

    Members on Congress might actually bring that about if they start bitching loudly about the beef deal being locked down by the Korean government.

  • Phil
    1:53 am on June 3rd, 2008 5

    "Look at Cho Seung Hui. He killed 30 more Americans then any American beef has killed Koreans."

    Ouch! :mrgreen:

  • shattered
    6:34 am on June 3rd, 2008 6

    Koreas are crying over and over that they should not be forced to eat beef because even if one person dies, its too many. Well, Cho Seung Hui murdered 30 and America is forced to take Koreans who kill. Some of them Kill and then run off back to Korea.

    America needs to stop these potential killers at the border.

  • US must leave!
    6:41 am on June 3rd, 2008 7

    That's right! Stop allowing immigration of Koreans into your freakin country. Stop importing Korean goods into your country, you suckas talk shit about Korean goods anyways, so don't buy Korean shit.

    But do one more thing, get the heck off South Korea. Why you can't do demonstration like the Koreans to your Whitehouse that you don't want to be stationed in Korea? You don't like Korea then get the hell off!

  • shattered
    6:43 am on June 3rd, 2008 8

    LOL, Calm down kyopo. If you feel so stronly, go find a GI and tell him what you think. LOL

  • Dan85
    9:52 am on June 3rd, 2008 9

    "you suckas talk shit about Korean goods anyways, so don’t buy Korean shit"

    Yes. Americans have nothing better to do than talk crap about Korean products. Those damned low quality LG/Samsung phones…

    Korea, a nation of Sheeple.

  • Joel
    1:28 pm on June 3rd, 2008 10

    hey shattered,

    no need to pick on Cho Seung Hui when you have so many 'home grown' mass murders.

  • shattered
    2:23 pm on June 3rd, 2008 11

    So you are OK with Koreans murdering 30 people, just because there is murder in the USA. Nice kimuchi logic Joel. :lol: :lol:

  • Joel
    2:26 pm on June 3rd, 2008 12

    I'm not okay with anyone murdering anyone, in the US or elsewhere… I just think that gun laws are more to blame then one psycho's nationality

  • shattered
    3:14 pm on June 3rd, 2008 13

    Well if you are anti-gun, that is OK with me.

    Kang-Hyuk Choi, stabbed up three people in New Jersey USA last month.

    Fact is that Korean have killed more Americans then mad cow. Fact is that Koreans want to ban US beef because it could kill a Korean. Fact is that no Koreans have been killed yet they still want it banned. Fact it, that if the USA used your kimuchi logic and Koreans should be banned.

  • ChickenHead
    5:26 pm on June 3rd, 2008 14


    You are absolutely correct. The gun laws are fully to blame for the carnage.

    Had a single student at Virginia Tech been free to protect themselves, that never would have happened.

    And, of course, in a similar situation where private firearm ownership was completely prohibited, the situation was worse… in their own homes, no less.


    I'm glad somebody has the sense to recognize the North American culture of entitlement and violence has progressed to the point that only honest people are affected by gun laws… and those restrictions are frequently to blame when criminals feel they have freedom and security to victimize innocent citizens.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Joel. There are a lot of ignorant people who think we all live in a rainbow-filled world where people would just be nice to each other if there weren't tools which could accelerate little pieces of metal.

    And, while I frequently look to our enlightened neighbors in the Great White North for guidance on matters such as this, I was reassured that their more restrictive gun laws didn't affect criminals either.


    Keep up the good work.

  • Greg
    12:17 am on June 4th, 2008 15

    Many Americans do not want the Korean market to be opened because it will cause domestic beef prices to rise in America.

  • Mark
    1:51 am on June 4th, 2008 16

    Chinese nationals riot in SK's capital city and the Koreans say nothing because they fear China. But, tens of thousands of Koreans protest lifting of the beef ban. There is no hope for the maintenance of the ROK-USA alliance. There is no constituency in Korea for the alliance. Now, there is no constituency in America for the alliance. America needs to withdraw USFK. Korea needs to stand alone. The fate of the Korean people will be determined in Beijing and Tokyo.

  • Dan
    2:17 am on June 4th, 2008 17

    I sometimes think the USFK is more in south Korean to protect Japan the it is to ROK. Japan argues with American policy all the time, but at least they are well thought out, and founded arguments (mostly). Not that im predisposed to liking Japan, however going there, at least people were friendly to me regardless of my nationality (even the xenophobes). As for my friend who took a simliar trip to korea there were several instances were he was spit on (literly) for being american (and he is a korean-american).

  • Cienfuegos
    3:14 am on June 4th, 2008 18

    "I sometimes think the USFK is more in south Korean to protect Japan the it is to ROK."

    You certainly would have had a point in the past, but I don't really think this is such a great concern of the present US administration.

    I think it was in 1998, I remember watching a press conference held by Gen. Tilelli (USFK Commander.) He basically was complaining about a purchase request by the ROK military. Basically, they wanted f-15s, and Tilelli felt they couldn't be trusted with them. He believed that Korea's motivation behind these requests had more to do with hostile intentions toward Japan than about self-defense with regards to the DPRK.

    Considering recent acquisitions of F-15s and the proposed purchase of Apaches, I'd guess the Washington doesn't feel the same way anymore. Though what's changed over a 10 year period dominated by Anti-Japanese South Korea administrations is a mystery to me.

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  • Joel
    9:19 am on June 4th, 2008 20

    There have been a lot of Japan-Korea agreements and deals meant to strengthen the bonds between the two countries. The upside is that fewer Koreans seem to openly express their hatred of the Japanese. The downside is that as the RoK moves further away from its turbulent past they haven't yet lost the need to blame their troubles on someone else… and America has been more and more the focus of this blame.

    PS The start of this whole issue (which I agree has been blow out of all proportion) wasn't the FTA (though that has become the focus). Koreans were told that they would be eating USA beef again, and that the beef they would be eating was considered unfit for petfood in America because of contamination risks. Naturally this pissed them off.

    I have since heard that this was a translation error.

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