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Korean Playboy Model Lee Pani Stars in New “Tiara” Show

Brian in Jeollanam-do has the scoop on a new Korean television show titled Tiara that features Korean Playboy model Lee Pani:

Apparently in the show Lee Pani goes on dates with men to include even foreigners:

If you click the link above you can view the episode and as Brian mentions the guy in the episode does speak pretty good Korean. However, maybe some of you out there that watch lots of Korean TV can comment on whether this is true or not:

From my limited TV-viewing experience this might be one of the few times we’ve seen an attractive Korean woman with an attractive white guy on TV. He certainly comes off a lot better here than those assholes on “Sexy Mong” who portrayed drunks and date rapists. She’s a nude model, though, and it was hard to find a picture of her remotely work safe, so that might account for why it’s acceptable for her to be with a white guy, even for just one episode, considering the sexist depictions of Korean women who sully themselves with foreign men.

My wife buys a lot of the Korean dramas over the Internet and I sit down and watch them with her and whenever a foreigner appears in them I don’t get this impression, but it could be that these type of variety shows in Korea we don’t watch do give this impression of foreigners being drunks and date rapists.

What I continue to find humorous and frustrating about Lee Pani is that with the wealth of well researched articles on this website, the 2nd most searched for phrase that brings visitors to the ROK Drop is “Lee Pani”. This is because if you search her name in Google you will see incredibly that the ROK Drop is number one on the search listings due to a short blurb I did on her telling visitors to check out this even shorter posting by the Marmot. My site also tops Yahoo with the ROK Drop receiving both the 1st and 2nd listings for “Lee Pani” there.

Fortunately if you look at my side bar my more well researched postings remain in the Top 10 though the Lee Pani posting is climbing month by month. Just like with my Rekha Sharma Nude posting, this just goes to show the internet runs on porn. I’m sure the legions of you searching for “Lee Pani” and ending up here at the ROK Drop don’t mind that. ;-)

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  • Brian
    12:41 am on October 19th, 2008 1

    Thanks for the love; the show is in the second season I believe.

    The date rapists line was in reference to that Sexy Mong episode where the three women—including that Jimala, or whatever, from "Beauties' Chat"—went around busting English teachers who were drugging and raping Korean women. Two of the guys weren't even English speakers, afj89w3fj98q3wjao. Wasn't a snipe at all TV shows, just that particular one.

    In a lot of shows the foreigners do come across as goofy and awkward, but I was surprised to see a young, good-looking white guy speaking good Korean and hanging out with—and touching, and going to a hotel with—an attractive Korean woman. (There are quite a few of those human interest shows, though, that due present interesting glimpses into the lives of foreigners here, especially migrant workers and wives/husbands.) But a lot of times when the media takes swipes at foreign guys with Korean women, it's also degrading to the women because they're called sluts, or considered promsicuous, etc. Not all the time, but that does exist.

    Regardless, I watched most of the show, and it was kind of neat. Definitely reminds me why I need to study more.

  • Tom
    4:17 am on October 19th, 2008 2

    And I wonder when the Hollywood will have shows where a young, good-looking Korean guy speaking good English and hanging out with—and touching, and going to a hotel with—an attractive American White woman…

    Despite there are large numbers of Asians in America, I'm not holding my breath because that will never happen in a million years. :lol: :lol:

  • Ditto81
    7:27 am on October 19th, 2008 3

    Well Tom if an American Playmate had a TV show and was into Asian men particulary Korean, then you see the same thing in the states. It's not as unfathomable as you may think. Common no, but not impossible.

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  • Fred
    6:13 pm on May 31st, 2009 6

    I just masturbated to her pictures.

  • roxan
    1:23 am on November 11th, 2009 7

    i love tiara girsl

  • hey
    1:45 am on January 3rd, 2010 8

    hey. send me her pics


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