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Public Executions, Crackdowns, & Food Shortages Continue in North Korea

It looks like things are still business as usual in North Korea:

NEW YORK: North Korea is using public executions to intimidate citizens and has imposed restrictions on long-distance calls to block news of rising food shortages, the UN investigator on human rights in the reclusive nation said yesterday.

Vitit Muntarbhorn also told the UN General Assembly’s human rights committee that North Korea had imposed more severe sanctions on people seeking to leave the country and on those forcibly returned, and still detained “very large numbers” of people in camps. (…)

Mr Muntarbhorn cited the “great disparity” in the access to food by the country’s elite and the rest of the population, non-existent political participation, rigid control over the media and those professing religious beliefs, and the persecution of dissidents.

Mr Muntarbhorn added: “Some inhabitants watch clandestinely video and TV programs from the South, but in 2008 there were reports of crackdowns on South Korean videos.

“From information received, the authorities have imposed restrictions on long-distance telephone calls to block the spreading of news concerning the current food shortage.

“Particularly disconcerting is the use of public executions to intimidate the public,” he said. “This is despite various law reforms in 2004 and 2005, which claim to have improved the criminal law framework and related sanctions.”

Mr Muntarbhorn said persecution of people professing their faith was “pervasive, with families sent to prison for adhering to religious beliefs”.

His remarks to the committee and to reporters coincided with a warning from the head of the UN food agency in North Korea that millions faced a food crisis.

Jean-Pierre de Margerie, the World Food Program’s country director, said some areas in the northeast were facing “a humanitarian emergency” and that about 2.7million people on the west coast would run out of food this month. [The Australian]

These executions have been going on for years and a Japanese television station was actually able to smuggle out video of one of these public executions taking place. I went over to the Amnesty International webpage to see if they bothered issuing any report condemning North Korea over this recent UN report and of course there is nothing posted.

The front page of the site however has a picture from Amnesty’s Wear Orange Day nonsense and a link to their site promoting the closing of the Guatanamo Bay Prison Facility. Once again Amnesty is more concerned with freeing terrorists then closing gulags in North Korea.  On their North Korea specific site, it has posted nothing new in regards to North Korean human rights and in fact hasn’t issued any reports at all since April.

However, if you go to their South Korea site they have a long running list of reports condemning the South Korean government for human rights violations due to the mad cow protests all the way up to this month. It is incredible that a so called human rights organization would rather advocate for these crazy cow protesters which have long ago proven to be frauds, then advocate for the North Korean people who legitimately suffer from the worst human rights conditions in the world.

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  • foflappy
    2:12 am on October 25th, 2008 1

    Once again Amnesty is more concerned with freeing terrorists then closing gulags in North Korea.

    I understand your sentiment and statements. However, your statement, listed above…is that really an acurate assessment of Amnesty Intl.'s position on N.Korea?

    I find no evidence, on their website, which you have linked here, to provide that assertion. I found plenty of articles dealing with 'executions' and 'torture'.

    I find no assertions as to "freeing terrorists then closing gulags in North Korea".

    Mind you, I don't like, nor support that nasty regime in the North. However, I find your criticisms of Amnesty International to be void of anything constructive. I have my own criticisms which I shall not list here.

    My question, dear sir; Do you find no good in Amnesty Internationals works, at all?

    Avid reader,


  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    2:43 am on October 25th, 2008 2

    Amnesty International has ceased from being a human rights organization. It is a political organization for leftist causes. How else do explain the steady stream of reports of mad cow nonsense and no reports on North Korea's human rights situation since April?

    North Korea is the world's worst human rights violator and you would think Amnesty would at least have a featured front page link on their site to show viewers how bad the situation is, and yet there is nothing. Every time a major report on NK human rights is released such as this recent report from the UN, the first thing I do is go to the Amnesty International webpage and not once have I seen a front page story on NK human rights.

    The fact that they have a front page link to an entire site dedicated to Gitmo is evidence enough that they are more concerned with freeing terrorists at Gitmo then the North Korean human rights situation.

  • Gerry
    1:28 pm on October 25th, 2008 3

    I believe South Korea has come out and said there is no food shortage in North Korea this year. The weather has been good and there have been no floods as they had last year. The harvest has been adequate. The North east which has always had a food problem will be no different with food being a problem as it always has been. A little reported but significant statement from the south.

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  • kathreb
    9:47 pm on October 26th, 2008 5

    wy would Amnesty International release a report at the same time as the UN? They don't respond to UN reports. What is the link?

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    10:56 am on October 28th, 2008 6

    Just for everyone's information Amnesty International has yet to issue any report since April of this year. Also if you look at the reports for North Korea over the years the average about one a year. A country that is the greatest human rights abuser on the planet averages one report a year from Amnesty International while South Korea has monthly reports condemning the government over the fraudulent mad cow issue.

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