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Recommended List of Korea Related Twitter Pages

Philip over at London Korean Links has a really good posting up about Twitter and how its use has exploded in the K-blogosphere:

If the KCNA has discovered the power of Twitter, tweeting has now gone mainstream in the Klogosphere. Nowadays, no Korean blogger worth his or her salt is without a presence on Twitter. How does Twitter complement the main blog? For me, there’s two main ways:  [London Korean Links]

Click the link to read the rest.

Without a doubt 2009 has definitely been the year of Twitter and everyone has now jumped on the bandwagon to include many K-blogs to include myself though I have been Twittering since 2008.   I mostly use Twitter as a means for finding links to news stories about Korea.  Of course you can follow the ROK Drop on Twitter as well.  If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to my Twitter feed.

Philip has own list of K-blogs worth following on Twitter, but let me add my own list of Twitter pages that I recommend to everyone interested in Korea:

  • KimcheeGI – My favorite Korea Twitter who has a variety of great links from both North and South Korea.
  • Jodi Kiely – The Twitter page for the ex-blogger of the Asia Pages who now moonlights over at One Free Korea.
  • Koreanet – Official Twitter page of the Korean government.
  • USFK PAO – Good list of USFK links though they do need to Tweet more.
  • IMCOM-Korea – More USFK links and they do a good job of keeping the site updated.
  • LiberateLaura – Continuously updated list of articles related to the Laura Ling/Euna Lee incident and other North Korea related notes.
  • Drowcliffe – Lots of misc. links about Korea.
  • Hanguk News – News links from around Korea.
  • Korean Gov – Regularly updated list of Korean news links
  • Tom Coyner – Good guy with always great insights about Korea, but Tom you need to Twitter more!
  • RJ Koehler – Follow the Marmot’ Hole on Twitter.
  • NK News Feed – You guessed it a regularly updated list of North Korea links.
  • Ajosshi – This and that from the ROK and other random links.
  • Koreality – Lots of business news links from South Korea.
  • King Sejong – Some good random Korea related links.
  • ZenKimchi – The Twitter page for the best food blog in Korea.
  • Ask the Expat – Great advice from an expat who has seen plenty in his time in Korea.
  • Korea Tourism – Lots of links to Korean travel and tour information.
  • Yunaaaa – There probably isn’t a Korean with more Twitter followers.
  • Chris in Seoul – Tweets from a writers in Korea.
  • Chosunbimbo – Tweets from an English teacher in Korea.
  • Hub of Sparkle - Twitter page from the Hub of Sparkle blog.
  • Beatdom – Tweets from the writer of the Korean Rum Diary.
  • Korean Class 101 – Great site for those learning the Korean language and culture.
  • Encoreedusud – Twitter site on Korea for those who speak French.
  • ArKellogg – Phd candidate blogging about Korean politics.
  • 10 Magazine – Twitter site for Korea’s 10 Magazine.
  • Brian in Jeollanamdo – Great blog for English teacher & general info about Korea.

Does anyone else have Twitter pages they think everyone should be following?  Please leave suggestions in the comments sections because I am always on the lookout for more good Twitter sites to follow.  If the site is good enough I will even update the list above with it.

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