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Fighters For Free North Korea Vow to Continue Balloon Launches

Park Sang-hak and my favorite North Korean activist group Fighters for A Free North Korea say they are not intimidated by North Korea’s threats of retaliation against them:

South Korean activists vowed Wednesday to bombard North Korea with propaganda material that includes footage of Middle East protests and urges rebellion despite Pyongyang’s threats to open fire in retaliation.

Friction between the Koreas is already high following Monday’s start of annual South Korean-U.S. military drills, which North Korea has called a rehearsal for invasion that could trigger a nuclear war. The North’s military has also warned that it would attack South Korean border towns if Seoul allows activists to send balloons carrying leaflets critical of Pyongyang.

North Korea, which closely controls the flow of information within its borders, considers the leaflets an attack on its government and regularly lashes out against the South for permitting activists to launch them.

On Wednesday, the Seoul-based Fighters for Free North Korea said it would send about 200,000 propaganda leaflets, 1-dollar bills and USB flash drives carrying videos on the recent wave of uprising against authoritarian rulers in Egypt, Libya and other Middle Eastern countries as early as Monday.

“We won’t yield to the North’s threat and blackmailing,” Park Sang-hak, the head of the group, told The Associated Press by telephone.  [Stars & Stripes]

With Park and his group now launching USB drives it will be interesting to see if the North Korean regime will start blocking the use of USB ports like we do in the US military now?

You can read the rest at the link, but the North Korean regime has continually threatened these activists and just this week sent their useful idiots in South Korea to protest against them.  ROK Drop readers may remember that in the past North Korea’s useful idiots have tried to assault Park Sang-hak and his group. After the brawl this what Park had to say about these useful idiots:

It took more than an hour of pushing and shoving, and the help of a phalanx of South Korean policemen, before Park and others could launch a single balloon.

After it had soared into a cloudless sky and was carried north by the breeze, Park taunted his adversaries.

“You are the running dogs of Kim Jong Il!” he shouted. “You are trash!”

“You are afraid of unification!” they shouted back.

Park replied, “I am going to launch balloons every day, if the weather permits.”


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  • ChickenHead
    11:32 am on March 3rd, 2011 1

    "Free North Korea"?

    Isn't that offer only valid with the purchase of another Korea of equal or greater value?

  • Teadrinker
    4:52 pm on March 3rd, 2011 2

    “You are the running dogs of Kim Jong Il!” he shouted. “You are trash!”

    “You are afraid of unification!” they shouted back.

    With a reply like that, I'd say Mr. Park was right on the mark. If anything, Mr. Park and his group's actions will hasten reunification by encouraging North Koreans to rise up against the oppressive regime under which they attempt to live.

  • Tom Langley
    6:00 pm on March 3rd, 2011 3

    These people oppose giving their compatriots in North Korea access to information & in doing so they think that they are doing the people in North Korea a favor? There needs to be a word that goes beyond stupidity. I know what that word is, the word is treason.

  • archieb
    9:41 am on March 4th, 2011 4

    This is such a great idea that everyone, even the UN, should support it.

  • setnaffa
    11:20 am on March 4th, 2011 5

    I'd almost be willing to chip in; but then they could be considered American Intervention…

  • usinkorea
    5:05 pm on March 4th, 2011 6

    It's great hearing reports that USB devices are being smuggled into North Korea in different ways. I've been saying for a couple of years that I'd like to see North Korea looking like Office Depot's dumping ground.

    The printing press was the tool of revolutionaries and dissidents from its invention. Now, handheld and smaller devices are common place and not too expenses. If the US and/or South Korean and/or Japanese governments were involved behind the scenes, they could effectively undermine the regime within a few years.

  • archieb
    8:41 pm on March 4th, 2011 7

    At least the South is doing SOMETHING against the north after so many years of doing nothing.


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