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Sega Releases Video Games For Urinals In Japan

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I guess the only surprising about this is that it took this long for somebody in Japan to come up with this idea:

Three years ago the “Toylet” was just a pipe-dream for developers at Japanese video game maker Sega, but now the urinal video game has been rolled out at pubs across the nation.

Users target their urine at a sensor inside the toilet which measures volume and speed, with software then matching that to progress in a selection of five video games in a console mounted at the top of the urinal.

“At first, we thought it would really be only young people who would like this kind of game. But … we’re seeing this phenomenon where people are enjoying playing with it, regardless of age,” said Hirotaka Machida, the console’s lead producer.

At 150,000 yen ($2,000) for a single unit, Machida said the original plan had been to avoid the mass market, but tests in pubs and restaurants showed it had broad appeal.

An infra-red device cuts off play if gamers stray too far from the urinal, reducing the amount of mess, according to Sega, making it a hit with pub managers as well.

Toilet humor and raunchy gags are a staple of far from high-brow variety shows in Japan where Toylets were rolled out on general release.

Sega now has its sights on a global expansion plan later in the year.  [Reuters via W7VOA]

I once used a urinal that had a big target with Jane Fonda’s face in the middle. ¬†Maybe Sega can make a urinal game for the US market where you have to hit moving targets of people like Jane Fonda or whoever else happens to be unpopular at the time?

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  • keyinjpop
    7:58 am on January 21st, 2012 1

    I remember reading a Yahoo! article about urinal games in England. Can’t find the article but I take it the trend is going to catch soon. How women can play though…

  • JoeC
    10:33 am on January 21st, 2012 2

    Sneak a super-soaker in during off hours and claim all the high scores. :idea:


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