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Anti-US Political Candidates Linked To Sex Crimes In South Korea

Two candidates running for the National Assembly in South Korea under the United Progressive Party have their sex crime pasts derail their candidacies:

A former journalist has voluntarily relinquished his right to run in the April 11 National Assembly elections on a progressive party’s ticket for his alleged involvement in three sexual harassment cases.

Yoon Won-seok, the former president of progressive news website Voice of the People, said in a statement Thursday that his resignation was to prevent his “unsavory past” from carrying a negative impact on the minor opposition Unified Progressive Party (UPP) with the election only 20 days away.

The 42-year-old was the first candidate to quit the race due to a sex crime, dealing asevere blow to the left-wing party. The scandal has fueled public criticism of the party that is already reeling from a cover-up attempt of another sex crime.

Woo Wie-young, UPP spokesman, apologized for his party’s selection of Yoon as candidate. Female pharmacist Kim Mi-hee will inherit the candidacy, the spokesman said. Woo didn’t provide a detailed explanation about how Yoon was selected as UPP candidate.

He is alleged to have committed sexual harassment three times between 2006 and 2007.

In early 2007, Yoon, then head of the Voice of the People, kissed a female reporter of his company under the influence of alcohol, despite her resistance. The crime was made public in the same year, forcing his company to launch an investigation into the case. The investigation found that there were two other female reporters sexually harassed by him in 2006.

Yoon admitted culpability in to the 2007 case, but denied his involvement in the other two. “I’m very ashamed of what I did,” he said.“I will live with a great sense of regret.”

On top of this, the minor opposition party has been denounced for giving a slot to a progressive activist who is suspected of having attempted to cover up a sex crime.

Chung Jin-who, former chairman of a group of progressive-minded teachers, the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union (KTEWU), came fourth on the list of the UPP’s proportional representation candidates.

Whether or not he will win a parliamentary seat under the system will be determined by the number of ballots cast in favor of the party.

In December 2008, a KTEWU member, placed on the police’s wanted list, attempted to rape a woman. Chung tried to cover up the crime in order to ward off public criticism of his organization.   [Korea Times via Marmot's Hole]

I am actually less concerned by their sex crime pasts than I am by who these people really are.  ROK Heads may remember that the UPP are the leftists that said that if they take power after elections this year they will withdraw from the US-ROK Free Trade Agreement and demand US troop withdrawals from South Korea.  Their allied political party the Democratic United Party (DUP) eventually had to backtrack from the UPP’s stand in regards to these issues in order to win back votes.  To further show the far left backgrounds of these two candidates involved with these sex crimes, the Voice of People is a well known anti-US site that I have checked out to see what narrative the leftists are pushing ever since the 2002 Armored Vehicle Accident.  They were also one of the largest NGO’s pushing the US beef Mad Cow Riots back in 2008.

The KTEWU on the other hand is a well known anti-US and pro-North Korean organization.   This group routinely indoctrinates students with pro-communist propagandaspreads anti-government lies, and anti-Americanism in the classrooms of Korean schools.  To further emphasize where the true loyalties of this organization lies, the political party they were caught giving money to, the DLP was linked to a North Korean spy scandal.  So considering the past activities of this teachers’ union, it is easy to understand why the Lee Myung-bak government has taken measures to rid the classrooms of the teachers.

So just keep in mind that these are the type of people running for political office in South Korea.

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  • Dreamboat Annie
    11:27 pm on March 24th, 2012 1

    Why do any Koreans bother to vote for these parties? Don’t forget, it’s the Korean left that claims to be “the founders of democracy” in Korea. Democracy means doing the will of the people and formulating positive legislation that will help the nation prosper. When was the last time the Korean left passed any meaningful legislation that actually helped their constituents? It seems that all they do is block the National Assembly from doing its job. It’s one thing to stand in opposition to the majority party but it’s another to just be obstructionist, and block everything.

  • Kagura
    6:21 pm on March 28th, 2012 2

    #1 I’m not an expert yet, but I would imagine they’ve been annoyingly loud for the past five years because they have been out of power. I’m interested in seeing a democratic party president elected just as an experiment to see if the conservative party will be just as loud and annoying.

    My bet is they will be.


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