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Marion Barry Sort of Apologizes for Racist Remarks Towards Asian Business Owners

You can add this to the growing list of controversies between the black and Asian communities in the US:

 Washington Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry spent Thursday firmly defending, explaining and elaborating upon on a comment many feel was disparaging to Asians in his district.

The remark came Tuesday, following his victory in the primary to retain his Ward 8 council seat. During a speech about the dire need for economic improvements in his ward, the city’s poorest, Barry said, “We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops.”

He continued, “They ought to go. I just tell you that right now, you know. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”  [CNN]

Barry ended up sort of apologizing for his remarks:

Washington Councilman Marion Barry said Friday he could’ve rephrased his controversial remark about “dirty” Asian businesses in his district, but he refused to back down.

He said his adrenaline was flowing after Tuesday’s primary victory, when he made the comment, and that he merely was trying to convey that the business community in his Ward 8 needs a new attitude. Asians run a large percentage of the ward’s stores and small shops, he said.

“I said something that I probably could have phrased differently. What you mean is the same. You’re not going to have people who are exploiting us in this community. They’re going to be part of the community. We welcome all businesspeople here … but give us some jobs.”

So basically he meant every word of what he said, but in hindsight he would of liked to have said it differently to avoid the current controversy.  This comes on the heels of the manufactured attempt by the usual suspects like Barry to drive a Korean-American owned gas station out of business in Dallas.  Like I said during the Dallas controversy, there is nothing stopping people in the black community from saving money to open a business and then work the long hours that many in the Asian-American community do to keep their businesses profitable.  Barry should be encouraging people to follow the example of successful Asian-American business owners instead of demonizing them.

You can read more from Michelle Malkin, an Asian-American herself who has her own take on this issue.

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  • Rolston Browne
    8:10 am on April 7th, 2012 1

    When you in the public you have to be careful when you talking about a certain group of people.I knew what Marion Barry meant but other make it seem like it racist remark.When i lived in Brooklyn the Asians would open up all kind of businesses and wouldn’t help out in any causes in the community. Wouldn’t provide a job or nothing so i made it a point not to buy they stuff. It’s just the truth and sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.

  • Thomas Lee
    8:32 am on April 7th, 2012 2

    Rolston, then why didn’t YOU open up a store there and put all your money back into the community?

  • Tom
    8:34 am on April 7th, 2012 3

    As Michelle Malkin eloquently wrote, Asians in America are under racist assault both by black and white. It’s fashionable to make racist comments and make fun of Asians and disrespect them through comments by public people like this, and in the media. The whole of America has the problem – both White and Black peoples with racism against Asians.

    At least Barry is honest. The white guys will keep it under taps and then slip when they’re not careful. Two different sides of the same coin.

  • Rolston Browne
    8:48 am on April 7th, 2012 4

    I won’t believe anything Michelle Malkin say,write or talk about.

  • kangaji
    9:41 am on April 7th, 2012 5

    Wait – what’s the difference between the actions of the black and asian business owners if the both hire from within their own ethnic group? Nothing? I don’t understand what the asians are doing wrong here besides not being black.

  • Dreamboat Annie
    3:15 pm on April 7th, 2012 6

    Since when does Marion Barry have credibility on anything except hotels, hookers, and crack?

  • Teadrinker
    5:48 pm on April 7th, 2012 7

    He’s like Mel Lastman on crack. ;-)

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    5:53 pm on April 7th, 2012 8

    @1 – And what causes in the community are Asian-Americans supposed to help out with? Many of these Asian-American business owners are mom and pop shops that their extended families work in to keep labor costs down and they make just enough money to pay their rent, buy food, and get their kids through college.

    Also as Thomas already stated what is stopping people from the black community from opening their own businesses? It sure isn’t the Asian-Americans. Many of the Asian-American business owners are immigrants who do not have the advantage of fully knowing the language and culture like people born in America should have and yet they find a way to succeed through hard work and determination.

    Like I said in my posting Marion Barry should be encouraging people to learn from the Asian-American business owners instead of demonizing them.

  • Ole Tanker
    7:28 pm on April 7th, 2012 9

    #8, They save enough to get their kids through college?

    That’s saying a lot, most Whites and Blacks tell their kids to get a loan or get a job. :cool:

    Wish more of us had that work ethic. Not a bad thing. :cool:

  • Chemlightbatteries
    7:36 pm on April 7th, 2012 10

    Darn double standards hard at work here again. :shock:

  • tbonetylr
    8:11 pm on April 7th, 2012 11

    Nonsense, plenty of Asians are getting Fed. loans to go to universities, even those who have overstayed their visa. Don’t tell me they’re somehow too special to milk the system? Heck, some of them(1/4 million Koreans) that are undocumented even steal spots at universities and complain later.

  • Teadrinker
    8:35 pm on April 7th, 2012 12

    ” Many of these Asian-American business owners are mom and pop shops that their extended families work in to keep labor costs down and they make just enough money to pay their rent, buy food, and get their kids through college.”

    Yes, that’s the point I was going to make before I remembered another politicians who’s prone to sticking his foot in his mouth.

    Shouldn’t he be blaming himself for the level of unemployment? After all, isn’t attracting businesses one of his responsibilities.

  • Tom
    9:06 pm on April 7th, 2012 13

    Tbonetyler, guess who’s the largest recipients of welfare in America, ranking in order?

    1. Native Indians (practically all of them are on welfare)
    2. Whites
    2. Blacks
    3. Hispanics
    3. Asians

    Sorry to tell you this, but you guys (Indians and Whites) are the biggest milker of the system. When Koreans milk the system, it makes the US news headlines. Sorry but that’s the truth.

  • JAFO
    9:37 pm on April 7th, 2012 14

    Tom is wrong.

    Both whites and blacks receive just under 40% of welfare money. Social Security is included as a welfare program to further skew statistics toward whites who live longer than blacks.

    Blacks make up only 12% of the population.

    Kushibo the resident anti-white racist will not even try to refute these statistics.

  • Glans
    10:22 pm on April 7th, 2012 15

    Social Security isn’t welfare, it’s not based on need, it’s based on payroll deductions.

  • Truth
    1:12 am on April 8th, 2012 16

    When you look at the billions of dollars in aid the USA has given Korea, favorable trade policies and defended Korea (paying for their defense) so Korea could develop business and large amounts of capital and lower taxes for the Koreans, its easy to see why the black community could resent these foreigners from coming in and treating them like shit in their own community. If the USA had helped the Black community as much as it helped Korea, then some of the comments here might make sense.
    #13 Do your stats include all the senior citizens from korea that move to the USA and are coached on how to collect SSI.
    Since you are such the stat guy, do you have stats on how many koreans commit fraud based crimes in the USA versus the general population? I believe if you do, it may reveal an interesting side of the korean people.
    #3 Cry me a river. When Koreans from one for the most racist societies on the planet, bitch and moan about racism, its ridiculous. Korea would never even allow blacks to immigrate to Korea, open businesses, take out loans and badly treat the local population. Koreans are far more racist than any blacks I have met.
    Finally, a word from the borg, if asians want to fit in, they need to do a better job of assimilating. Check their racism at the border and try treating people with respect. It will not solve all the problems, but it should reduce the intensity of many conflicts.

  • JAFO
    2:24 am on April 8th, 2012 17

    I agree with Glans but retirement Social Security income is sometimes included as social welfare income by those promoting the idea that white people are bad. The media sometimes reports these numbers without any analysis. Read this to understand the attitude and how they justify this type of reporting.

    The rebuttal is here.

    Other Social Security programs are indeed welfare programs. This makes it all more confusing. I am referring to SSI, SSD, TANF and others.

    Back to the point. White people commit fewer crimes and require less welfare. Only racists and the media claim otherwise.

  • Avatar of GI KoreaGI Korea
    3:27 am on April 8th, 2012 18

    @16 – The US does not pay for the defense of South Korea. This is a popular misconception that puts you on par with Donald Trump, congratulations. There is a cost sharing agreement in place where the allies split the costs of the upkeep of USFK. Currently South Korea pays 43.5% for the upkeep of US forces in Korea, which really isn’t 43.5%. An argument for a 50/50 split of the cost sharing of USFK is a valid argument but to claim the US pays for the defense of South Korea is either misinformed or dishonest. A final point on this issue is please claim to all the males in Korea that have to do their mandatory military service obligation that the US pays for their defense. I think they would have a differing opinion.

    As far as Koreans developing their economy they did it through tremendous hard work and sacrifice by the older generation of Koreans. Nothing was handed to them on a silver platter. Once again people can learn a lot by the work ethic of the older Koreans who developed the country. Also social security fraud is hardly something that is completely a Korean immigrant problem. This is something that crosses all racial lines in the US and needs serious reform but I doubt it will happen any time soon. Also if you are going to claim that Korean-Americans commit more fraud than the general population then please provide a link with statistics to support your claim.

    Your claims that Koreans need to assimilate sounds just like the people bitching about Hispanics now and the the Chinese, Irish, and Italians decades before. The ones that are going to completely assimilate are the children of the Korean immigrants just like immigrants before them. Once again it sounds like a bunch of scapegoating against Korean-American business owners while still no one has answered the question on what is stopping someone in the black community from opening their own businesses like the Koreans?

  • cricket23
    4:36 am on April 8th, 2012 19

    Asian-American’s vote to!

  • Chris In Dallas
    6:10 am on April 8th, 2012 20

    “Like I said during the Dallas controversy, there is nothing stopping people in the black community from saving money to open a business and then work the long hours that many in the Asian-American community do to keep their businesses profitable.”

    Actually, they could not.

    Oh Blacks are perfectly capable of saving money and working hard. The problem would be that if they were to start up some sort of business in The Hood this way, they would be labeled “Uncle Toms” and get hassled nearly as badly as the Asians and Middle Easterners do. And the dace hustlers wouldn’t come to the rescue.

  • USFKisWasteofTaxDollars
    6:13 am on April 8th, 2012 21

    Why do asian americans have such small units?

  • Tom
    6:35 am on April 8th, 2012 22

    “Korea would never even allow blacks to immigrate to Korea, open businesses, take out loans and badly treat the local population. ”

    Damn right Koreans aren’t dumb enough to let that happen and turn Korea into cesspool full of crime ridden ghettos. Koreans are smarter than that!

    Watch this. Bam! Punched right in the head. :lol:

    Look at the white guy lying there shocked, looking stupid. :lol:

  • Paul
    6:39 am on April 8th, 2012 23

    I’m still confused about the “dirty” part. Does this have a specific implied meaning in American English, or is it just simply as ignorant as it reads?

  • kangaji
    6:40 am on April 8th, 2012 24

    I think the blacks that save up and work hard tend to get the hell out of those neighborhoods or get government jobs and get out unless they are women working got jobs to support an extended family. The immigrants are too poor to open up a store in a nicer area so they are forced to open up business where others will not. So really its the antibusiness atmosphere that these communities create that drives away us citizens from opening up shops there.

  • Truth
    11:41 am on April 8th, 2012 25

    Your figures about the defense of korea seem to be the latest figures. My statements were meant to cover the entire history of the republic of korea. Koreans may have worked hard but they were given billions upon billions of dolaars of us aid. It is unlikely the republic of korea would exist if not for us aid and assistance. Research the total amount of aid, the results are staggering. You may disagree but paying any money to defend south korea in 2012 is saving the south koreans a lot of money. Money which is used to bolster their exports and to manipulate their currency, which hurts american jobs and lead to increased unemployment in the usa. If you look at the big picture, its not about some hard working asians, its the usa building up, subsidising and sustaining south korea at the expense of people in the usa. Why should people in the usa pay taxes to assist south korea, when many do not have enough money to open shops in their own communities.
    To expand the argument, why should the us military be in korea at all?
    If the north and the south wiped each other off the map, would most people even care in the usa? If not for the us soldiers in korea, there is no reason to defend korea. Except for the business tha supply the us military

  • Truth
    11:44 am on April 8th, 2012 26

    And military industrial complex that gains from it, there is no us interest worth spending billions upon billions of us taxes every year. How is it that taiwan can survive without us soldiers facing china, but south korea cant stand against north korea?

  • Truth
    11:49 am on April 8th, 2012 27

    Racism is ugly. You seem to say a lot of bad things about others.
    Unfortunately, the way you think about black people, many people think the same way about you.

  • Truth
    12:09 pm on April 8th, 2012 28

    #18 how much is hard work and how much is myth is debateable. Most poor people indeveloping countries work hard just to survive. South korea was poorer than the north until the 70s despite the billion and billions of us aid. If it was solely hard work, then korea should not have been so poor. What happened? Reparation money from japan in 65, us paying additional aid for south korea in vietnam and finally the japanese bubble bursting in the 90s. Thus, to suggest koreans built their economy solely on hard work is disengenious.
    Plenty of poor world wide work hard.
    To return to the topic, the usa should focus on improving the lives and opportunities of its citizens. Take the money we are spending in korea and use it to provide educational and economic opportunities to a,ericans at home.

  • Tom
    1:06 pm on April 8th, 2012 29

    Truth should rename himself to False since he keeps spouting off all kinds of bull sh*t. :lol: Americans with grandoise ideals of themselves. If they want to take all the credit for success, then they should also take responsibility for failures. I bet Truth would never go for that though. Such shameless typical American style arrogance. :lol:

  • Tom
    1:18 pm on April 8th, 2012 30

    From 1953 to 1974, S.Korea received $7 billion in total aid, from the US. $4 billion in grants, and $3 billion in loans.

    Now compare that to the US giving money to Israel and Egypt.

    And then compare all of them with the amount of money given to Black inner cities in the form of welfare money, and Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” to the tune of $trillions of dollars which bankrupted America.

    Don’t give me the Bull Sh*t, blaming your black poverty on Koreans, Truth. :lol:

    Ludicrous, funny, ridiculous, and typical American way of blaming others for their internal failures. :lol:

  • Truth
    2:14 pm on April 8th, 2012 31

    Reading the article you cite show also mentions other types of aid. Additionally, you need to remember, military assistance and employment of Korean nationals are not in your figures. Your figures disguise the true amount of us money given and spent in korea. You seems to have a lot of stats but i recall reading around 2002 that the usa spent something like 10 billion a year mainting us forces in korea. Im sure you have the accurate figures. In recent congressional hearings, it was mentioned that around 800 soldiers relocate to korea each month. That alone represents a subsidy to korean airlines. Its undeniable south korea have recieved billions of dollars, training, contracts and development aid. Much more then you listed. I think bruce cummingsand other authors have more realistic estimates from the 1960s.
    Money given to american cities at least attempts to benefit americans. American money given to foreigners not so much.
    I am not blaming black poverty on koreans. I am suggesting that without us aid, korea would not be as rich as it is today and the us taxpayer money should help americans not foreigners.
    Indeed south korea would not exist if not for the usa. so for koreans who have benefited from us generousity to condemn the poor in us society is wrong. Without us aid koreans would have been much poorer.
    Finally if the us dollars had been spent in effective programs here in the usa instead of korea,we may not have some of the problems we have here now. Assuming ur korean, you owe a large chunck of your freedom to the usa. Time to use your wealth, intelligence to assist the downtrodden rather than disparage them.

  • Truth
    2:43 pm on April 8th, 2012 32

    In addition, assuming the 7 billion is in 1970s money not adjusted for inflation, that was a lot of money given over 20 years.

  • Tom
    4:00 pm on April 8th, 2012 33

    Yeah, half of that were loans. You know what that is, loans with interest? :lol:

    Maintaining US forces in Korea counts as aid, huh? Go take a hike. After all we gave you cheap military training ground, and a forward base in Asia so that you can play top cop in Asia. As if you’re doing this as charity… uh.. right. :lol: I’ll tell you what, either just shut up and do your job as you’ve been hired to do, or get the hell out. :evil:

  • Teadrinker
    5:23 pm on April 8th, 2012 34


    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, Koreans really did a tremendous job building the country, but without the international aid it received the road would have been a very long one.

    Brian Cummings, the very pro-Korean American historian, is the first to admit that the level of aid that South Korea received from the US from the Korean War until the early 70′s is greater than that which was given to the whole of South America…and that just international aid from the US. I don’t know if Canada paid for, but it certainly built the first nuclear power stations here (I’ve met one of the Canadian construction workers who’s worked on these. He’s truly proud of his small contribution to the development of post-war South Korea).

  • Tom
    5:41 pm on April 8th, 2012 35

    Oh so now you’re claiming Canadians built the first nuclear power plant for Korea, for free? That’s a good one. April Fools joke came late this year :lol:

    Instead of Americans complaining about wasting money on Korea, and blaming for the black poverty in America, how about think about these?

    What kind of money did you blow in wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam? What did you do with the money that bailed out Wall Street? What happened in Sub prime corruption incident? All the tax money that was given to Goldman Sachs? What about the money you used to prop up GM, Chrysler? All the spending that you did to make your rich richer?

    Oh sh*t me.. don’t give me that bs that giving Korea a few dimes (compared to the astronomical money that you guys wasted) so that you guys can get something out of it in Asia, made any difference to your bottom line. :lol:

  • Casanova
    5:56 pm on April 8th, 2012 36

    #35, The U.S. spent money during the Korean War as well. Tom, you are delusional at best and just plain psychotic at worst, you have such a twisted reality of your existence and freedoms you have as a result of what the U.S. did for South Korea that your postings sound as if you are an outcast in society.

  • Tom
    6:08 pm on April 8th, 2012 37

    US spent money on Korean War because it wanted to win the Cold War against Russia, Cassanova. Most American soldiers or their government could care less about Koreans, the strange orientals that they called “g00ks”. Americans did it for America, can you get that through your head? :roll:

  • Casanova
    7:02 pm on April 8th, 2012 38

    #37, like I said, you are delusional at best, Korea owes their sovereignty to the U.S. and that is priceless. Wake up guy, your life would be a lot different if those young men hadn’t given their lives for your family, would you give your life for another Country? I doubt it…

  • Tom
    7:07 pm on April 8th, 2012 39

    They were forced to give their lives by their government who wanted to keep their power in Asia. They were drafted, and they could care less about Koreans. :lol:

  • Truth
    7:23 pm on April 8th, 2012 40

    We know what happened when the USA withdrew from Korea in the 40s. South Korea was unable to defend itself. Without US intervention in the Korean war, Tom would not even be on this board to spout his misguided and ill informed ideas. He would probably be bending over for Kim Jong Un if he is not already. People like Tom make my point for me. With that kind of gratitude for the veterans that lost their lives, with the billions of treasury to korea, and continued defense of his homeland in 2012, convinces me more than ever US should leave korea and make korea pay its own way for once. Once koreans learn the true price of freedom, perhaps they may be a little more grateful for what they have been given.

  • Tom
    7:35 pm on April 8th, 2012 41

    promises promises and more promises. That’s all you guys ever talk about. :lol: Talk is so cheap.

    You guys are pathetic. We’ve lost all respect for you.

  • Truth
    8:14 pm on April 8th, 2012 42

    Wow, you sound like a spoiled child. Someday you will be on your own and it will not be pretty.
    Its still pretty ugly of you to not to appreciate the 40,000 plus foreign soldiers that died to ensure your freedom. Its still shameful to disregard the sacrifices of so many in the development of korea. Its also sad that so many koreans hold these leftist views. A country that celebrates the independence fighters, that did so little to free korea from japan. A country that celebrates liberation day from Japan yet fails to mention who liberated korea. My fathers generation may have been willing to sacrifice blood and treasure to give korea a chance, but my generation will not be so foolish.

  • kushibo
    8:28 pm on April 8th, 2012 43

    Truth wrote:

    People like Tom make my point for me. With that kind of gratitude for the veterans that lost their lives, with the billions of treasury to korea, and continued defense of his homeland in 2012, convinces me more than ever US should leave korea and make korea pay its own way for once.

    Truth, Tom is Beijing agitprop. He exists on this popular USFK-oriented site only to drive a wedge between US military personnel and the ROK population they help to defend. He gives this away when he talks glowingly about how much better South Korea will be when it gets back under China’s wing.

    And that’s my one comment for today. I’ve got a killer presentation I have to do tomorrow and I’m feeling woefully unprepared. :|

  • Denny
    9:12 pm on April 8th, 2012 44

    #42 Afghanistan was given trillions of dollars (much more than the billions given to Korea) and Afghanistan is still in shambles. Same with Haiti.

    It takes both financial aid, but also hard work, to build a nation. Afghanistan and Haiti failed to take advantage of the aid, while Korea did.

  • Denny
    9:19 pm on April 8th, 2012 45

    #31 Do you say that about the $5 billion given to Israel every year?

  • Truth
    9:39 pm on April 8th, 2012 46

    I am not sure trillions is the right number but your point is valid. We do not know the future in afghanistan yet. Im sure in 1953 not many war vets thought that in 40 years korea would rise from the ashes. The billions in aid and other assistance prrobably to korea runs much higher iadjusted for inflation in 2012 dollars. I should hope after 60 years of assistance for a three year war that korea could be a success.

    I have heard the number for israel is somewhere between 1.5-3 billion a year. In addition the usa buys off egypt and jordan with similar amounts not to bother israel.

    My point in all of this, is american money would be better spent on americans. Enough of giving money to foreign competitors when america has a lot of needs at home.

    Does it make sense to tax a working class family to provide indirect subsidies to samsung and lg or any number of irraeli businesses.

    Us aid means less cost for the people there. It means more opportunity and a lesser tax burden. Except for humanitarian aid the us should not provide military or foreign aid.

  • Truth
    9:46 pm on April 8th, 2012 47

    What tom is or is not is questionable. Your argument would hold water if it were true. He is merely voicing fairly common opnions of the korean left. Although things have changed recently, a few years ago, south korea held the most anti american views of any country outside the middle east. Its less than honest to suggest there is not strong anti american sentiment and resentment in korean society. Just a few years ago the majority of koreans believed the usa was sending killer cows to harm koreans. There is a reason the left turns every issue it can to a pan mi one, it becuase a substantial portion of the korean population hold anti american views.

  • Teadrinker
    10:50 pm on April 8th, 2012 48


    Canadian soldiers weren’t drafted to fight in the Korean War. They volunteered. The veterans that I know are so attached to South Korea that they have set up a scholarship fund for the benefit local school kids. When was the last time you did anything which benefits South Korea or South Koreans?

  • Truth
    11:27 pm on April 8th, 2012 49

    Good point and not all american solider were drafted. Many were volunteers.

  • Tom
    4:09 am on April 9th, 2012 50

    What is the message that Truth is trying to say? A racist American politician says Koreans are to blame for American’s problems with poverty and says Koreans are dirty and that Koreans should be driven out of the neighbors. Truth comes along and agrees with him and says Americans shouldn’t give any more money to Korea. :roll:

  • Vince
    4:42 am on April 9th, 2012 51

    How should Asians better assimilate into the black areas they move into?


  • Dr.Yu
    7:03 am on April 9th, 2012 52

    The first time I visited the amazon jungle I realized that not matter what you do, how hard you try, some people seem to be predestined to be what they are … those people in the jungle live in such a poor condition but even if you give them the means to overcome their harsh reality they would just continue to be what they are … you can teach them how to fish but they would still prefer you to give them the fish …
    Sometimes I think that black people follow the same principle … (No, I´m not racist)

  • Burma Bob
    7:20 am on April 9th, 2012 53

    Hmmmm. Surprised nobody is bringing up much about Marion Barry’s colorful past.

  • Sonagi
    5:55 pm on April 9th, 2012 54

    Wouldn’t Amaxonian tribespeople already know how to fish, having lived off the river since their ancestors arrived more than a thousand years ago? Maybe they’re not interested in trading in their fishing poles for indentured servitude on plantations carved out of the Amazon forest.

  • setnaffa
    6:46 pm on April 9th, 2012 55

    Sonagi? :roll:

  • Dr.Yu
    6:58 am on April 10th, 2012 56

    Sonagi, “teaching them to fish” means teaching them to make their own living intead of depending “ad aeternun” on others …. sure those people know how to fish, but the brutality of the climate condition where they live gives them no option but to assume a passive role in the jungle, depending on what the jungle gives them to survive ….

  • Sonagi
    5:38 pm on April 10th, 2012 57

    Oh, okay, thanks for the clarification on the meaning of a common English proverb. The indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been making a living for ages. They are being turned into dependents because the natural resources that sustained them are being converted to commercial uses.

  • Dr.Yu
    6:12 am on April 11th, 2012 58


    1. Teaching someone to fish is not an exclusive American proverb. We use it a lot here too.

    2. If you read carefully your first comment, you were begging for an explanation and I was kind enough to give it to you. Oh, yes, I sensed some level of irony in your comment but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and be nice with you. So bad you did not appreciate it.

    3. You are obviously trolling with me and paid no attention to what I said about the brutality of the climate and people surviving with what the jungle give them to survive …… Tabatinga, this is the name of the city where I have been in the Amazon …. a city that borders with Colombia and Peru and is an important drug traffic route … If you go to the google earth and check the place you will notice that is just green all over the place for thousands of miles ….. so no commercial exploration of the natural resources there …

    4. For those who are familiar with the jungle they call it the green hell, because it is as inhospitable for human life as some deserts are … Life expectation here is short, so people with 45 years old are considered granny …. Humans have to compete with the animals to obtain food, the soil is poor so you cannot plant food there, if you are lucky you can eat every day but if not you have to starve for some days and food quality is so poor that people cannot afford to spend their energy all day long, so they move slow and focus their strength on essential activities. I have been with them in their houses in the jungle and eat their food, so believe me when I say they depend on what the nature give them to survive.


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