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Bo Xilai Scandal Exposes High Level Corruption In China

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It is pretty amazing that someone that was set to become one of the highest ranking members of the Chinese government would get himself involved in a murder plot:

China's former Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary Bo Xilai (R) and his wife Gu Kailai

The British businessman whose murder has sparked political upheaval in China was poisoned after he threatened to expose a plan by a Chinese leader’s wife to move money abroad, two sources with knowledge of the police investigation said.

It was the first time a specific motive has been revealed for Neil Heywood’s murder last November, a death which ended Chinese leader Bo Xilai’s hopes of emerging as a top central figure and threw off balance the Communist Party’s looming leadership succession.

Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai, asked Heywood late last year to move a large sum of money abroad, and became outraged when he demanded a larger cut of the money than she had expected due to the size of the transaction, the sources said.

She accused him of being greedy and hatched a plan to kill him after he said he could expose her dealings, one of the sources said, summarizing the police case. Both sources have spoken to investigators in Chongqing, the southwestern Chinese city where Heywood was killed and where Bo had cast himself as a crime-fighting Communist Party leader.  [Reuters]

You can read the rest at the link but it appears to be unclear if Bo was involved with the murder but there seems to be pretty good evidence that he tried to cover up his wife’s involvement as well as being corrupt himself.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this case.  I wonder if the Chinese government will try and make an example of Bo Xilai or will they circle the wagons around him because he could possibly expose corruption among the Chinese inner circle as well?

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  • Sonagi
    7:01 pm on April 17th, 2012 1

    Mayors, vice-mayors, and local Communist Party chiefs routinely die mysterious deaths in prison after being convicted of corruption. Bo will not finger higher officials publicly because he will not be allowed access to the media. Bo’s wife will probably take the bigger fall and die either by her own hand or the hands of prison guards before the scheduled trial.

  • someotherguy
    7:04 pm on April 17th, 2012 2

    Their Chinese … if their not corrupt then something’s wrong.

  • Truth
    9:13 pm on April 17th, 2012 3

    Agree its really hard to know what happened. The source here is the ruling elite.
    The ruling elite lie about everything else, so why believe them here?

  • Dreamboat Annie
    6:53 am on April 18th, 2012 4

    So, the British man was involved in money laundering but they argued about his cut so she killed him? Hard to have much sympathy, if that’s what happened. Remember what Hyman Roth said in Godfather, Part 2? “This is the business we have chosen.”

  • Jay K.
    7:36 am on April 19th, 2012 5

    I’ve posted here a couple of times before. I do not consider myself to be an expert and should not be considered as one.

    I will say as an expat living in China for almost 5 yrs, and 2 years ago starting up a business, people being shocked about corruption in China is hilarious. There’s this “inside joke” in many Chinese forums that always defer to the idea of being “numb”. Think of the 5 stages of excitement/depression; 4 and 5 should be changed to “numb”. I def was excited to be my own boss..somewhere in the middle shocked and apalled with what I had witnessed and done also…skip to last stage “it’s normal, i consider it a numbing feeling”let’s move on.

    So many things around them happen so frequently that, it gets “numb” after awhile.

    Needless to say I sold my share late last year to get out of business, because I didn’t have the stomach to continue with it, I personally think I succeeded even if i didn’t make money or lost money.

    The idea is rather simple yet defecating on the simple idea of even Confucian values which the Chinese started to begin with! Let me explain, and this is not for everybody, but those with education and/or power definitely fill this void more in China

    I will make as much money as possible even if it means I’ve got to shank(figuratively perhaps literally also) some people out of their luck and livelihood so I can get out of China (bonus plus if you are trying to move your family out)<–im talking about Chinese who can fill this void

    Those who have immigrated but do come back to China usually fall into several categories 1) old people who can't conform to foreign society; it's understandable though they're old already, why leave? 2) the 海龟(sea turtle, chinese returnees with or without a foreign green card); they're coming in because the risks are high but the rewards are high too especially if u have some foreign expertise the chinese are dying to have..they eventually will make the money and move out again, perhaps to an area with a predominant chinese population or custom. 3) 福二代 (2nd generation rich..think yuppy) mommy/daddy made the money and they know their money or a good portion of i was not clean and know the "dog eat dog" cycle in society and they dont want their kids part of it, send them out (Vancouver is a prime example of a bunch of Chinese expats with cash 4)
    官二代 (son/daughter of powerful gov officials..aka "princelings") in this case bo xi lai, his wife, and son are considered of this "aristocrat" (if you want to call it that..but in a bad way) class.

    #4 is special in Chinese society and many foreigners don't know this. The Communist Party as "righteous"<–(can u feel the hint of sarcasm there?) as it is, definitely is not dumb, so they have enacted this policy/rule no gov official can ever leave the country without special permission. Let me explain a little bit more (I am not expert on this, but it definitely applies to those gov officials that are considered mid to upper strata). As a gov official you can't actually have a passport, instead you get a special booklet with approval and any trips outside has to be approved by your supervisor and I assume others, to leave the country. Without it directly stated, everyone knows why this happens. The commie party knows too well if those "heavenly" civil servants got their hands on a passport they'd high tail it out of China with all the funds they have, and there'd be less people in Chinese society like Mr Haywood; we know his type in the expat community (especially in business) as a "white glove". A white glove takes care of foreign handlings for a person in gov because by law certain forms of business can't be directly controlled by a person in power. So the white glove comes in makes connections and connections outside and does the transaction.

    I personally know of a person who is this type. His part time job was to teach english, but his main cash cow was buying iron ore and other natural resource deposits for some local gov personnel. I will say this about "white gloves" , not everyone can be them..actually most expats can't be them, you actually have to be pretty damn good with a certain persona, usually the majority are near fluent or fluent w/ the language and i would say deeply rooted or knowing of the chinese culture. the person im talking about is a chinese-american. i can with honest truth say I saw that guy get a cut of 20k usd for his service.

    So with me going off and being off-topic, I apologize. I don't mean to be prejudice. But when I went back home and saw lots of Chinese dropping wads of cash on luxury goods back home in NY, I chuckled knowing the majority of that money was what we would call in the West, dirty them it may not be dirty money, just hard earned cash for what they were given or put in, it's just the vicious dog eat dog cycle they had to be in and survive in. I'm not saying they are bad people for going out and spending the money, chances are those people may not know so much how their mom/dad made that money but just take it as is.

  • Truth
    11:20 am on April 19th, 2012 6

    5 thanks for your insight


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