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Update On the CSM Teresa King Scandal at Ft. Jackson

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I was reading in a recent Army Times an update about what is going on with the whole Command Sergeant Major Teresa King scandal.  I could not find the article on the Army Times webpage so it is likely hidden behind the pay wall.  However, I was able to find an excerpt from the article on the Military Times forums:

Sgt. Maj. Teresa King, the first female boss of the Army Drill Sergeant School, is aggressively fighting her removal, saying she was punished for following orders to enforce standards at the school. She has called for Congressional and Inspector General inquiries into her commanders; she is awaiting the disposition of an Arti*cle 138 objection that alleges she faced racial and sex discrimina*tion and maltreatment; and she has filed a defamation lawsuit against the editor of the website

King’s attorney, James E. Smith Jr., said allegations she was a toxic leader were “reverse-engi*neered” to justify her five-month suspension from the job. Smith said Army officials violated regula*tions when they disciplined King, a charge Army officials deny.

Basically the rest of the article explains how King was sent to Ft. Jackson to enforce standards on NCO leadership that had become complacent.  When she started enforcing things like PT tests and height/weight standards on other senior leaders at the installation she rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  Once the CG that brought her to Ft. Jackson left, the new leadership had a sympathetic ear to the complaints of the other NCO’s and took action against her for basically being a toxic leader.

Since the leadership at Ft. Jackson has never clearly explained exactly what she did to be considered a toxic leader and be suspended I think King does have a point. What I don’t like is how she tries to wrap it all in racism and sexism when what appears to be what is going on is a bunch of her peers getting back at her for probably making them do standard Army things like attending PT and showing up to formations.  The fact she hasn’t deployed despite being in the Army for 30 years and had diploma mill degrees probably only provided further ammunition for them to attack her with once given the opportunity.  As an outsider looking in it is hard to draw firm conclusions on this, but it appears this whole thing could have been handled a whole lot better than it was.

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  • Setnaffa
    10:00 am on November 9th, 2012 1

    As a completely neutral observer, it looks to me like she she’ll never deploy now… And she knows her career is over and needs to pad her retirement package…

    She may or may not have been able to run the school properly; but not now with the standard “racist/sexist/homophobic haters hate me” defense on the record…

  • Baek In-je
    12:54 am on November 11th, 2012 2

    It must be really hard to be under a black female NCO.


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