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Election Results Show Park Geun-hye Wins Election Decisively

Below is a South Korean election map that shows that Park Geun-hye pretty much won in every district outside Cholla-do and just barely losing in Seoul:

Image from Yonhap News via the Marmot’s Hole.

For those that cannot read Korean the red shows Park’s vote percentage and yellow shows Moon Jae-in’s vote percentage.

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  • Tom Cat Jones
    10:24 pm on December 20th, 2012 1

    Just a few months ago the Korean left, and their media cronies, and their nutizen pals, thought it was going to be a coronation for their candidate, Ahn. What happened? That woman Park blew up all of their plans to take the National Assembly and to win Cheong Wa Dae. Did they underestimate her because she’s a woman? Well that woman showed them all how to win by mastering elections ina democracy. Now, it’s been over a decade since the Korean left won any election above a provincal post. They sound irrelevent.

  • Mr. Daejeon
    11:59 pm on December 20th, 2012 2

    It’s amazing how liberal the southwest is and how conservitave the southeast is from this graphic. Does anyone know historically why this is the case?

  • JoeC
    12:32 am on December 21st, 2012 3


    It has a lot to do with a legacy of Korea’s old dynastic provinces. But in the modern era it still cleaved to how the country was divided politically. Especially, during the rule of Park’s father and his immediate successors.

    Park’s father, Park Chung-hee was from the Gyeongsangbuk region in the southeast. Many of his political rivals, dissidents during his era who were persecuted were for the southwest, Jeolla region. Remember the Kwangju Riots.

    During the growth for Korea under Park and his military dictator successors the southwest felt it was being intentionally under invested in and left out of it’s share of growth. Kim Dae Jung was from the Jeolla region.

    Korea is still pretty much still divided by that legacy and Ms. Parks election shows she bares some of it.

  • Singleton Stone
    7:49 pm on December 22nd, 2012 4

    2- It’s regionalism, not ideology, that creates the opposition in the SW.


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