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Victor Cha Says North Korea Can Have Nuclear Capable ICBM In 5 Years

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I am not buying into North Korea having a nuclear ICBM capability in 5 years unless someone gives them technology for this capability.  However, I do not put it past the North Koreans to pretend they have a nuclear ICBM capability within the next 5 years while they simultaneously work on developing the real capability:

North Korea expert and Georgetown University Professor Victor Cha predicts that North Korea will be able to load nuclear warheads on its ballistic missiles as early as in the next five years.

Cha made the remark during an interview with Japanese daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun that was released Tuesday.

Cha said he believes North Korea will succeed before long in developing an intercontinental ballistic missile that can carry nuclear warheads. He noted the North’s missile program has steadily advanced in the past decades.

Cha projects the loading of warheads will likely be possible within the next five years and added that Pyongyang could achieve this feat even before President Barack Obama’s second term ends.  [KBS Global]

You can read the rest at the link, but Mr. Cha also says it is a big problem that China is not cooperating with sanctions.  I sure hope Mr. Cha is not surprised by this.  The international community has done nothing to make enforcing sanctions against North Korea in China’s national interests so why would they enforce them?  Clearly the Chinese government wants to keep their North Korean buffer state afloat and there is no penalties for the Chinese for defying sanctions so of course they are turning a blind eye to violations of the UN sanctions.

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