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Picture of the Day: General Paik Then and Now

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Via the USFK Facebook page comes this article about famed Korean General Paik Sun-yup:

Gen Paik Sun Yup, who rose to become South Korea’s first four star general, has had a long and close relationship with the U.S. Navy. A close friend of Admiral Arleigh Burke, Gen Paik worked closely with then Rear Admiral Burke during the Korean War. First, Admiral Burke and General Paik worked closely together when Burke’s cruisers provided critical gunfire support to the Republic of Korea Army off the east coast of Korea, during heavy fighting on the eastern front. This close relationship continued when both were assigned as delegates at the armistice talks. Pictured here is General Paik aboard the USS LOS ANGELES with Admiral Burke off the east coast of Korea in 1951. The second picture is Gen Paik, center, with Rear Admiral McQuilkin, the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Korea taken recently at a ceremony honoring ADM Arleigh Burke. Gen Paik has discussed his first-hand accounts of the Korean War on several occasions with Rear Admiral McQuilkin. Rear Admiral McQuilkin deeply respects Gen Paik and is grateful for Gen Paik’s insightful recounting of his war experiences.

대한민국 최초의 4성장군인 백선엽 예비역 대장은 미 해군과 오랫동안 친밀한 관계를 이어오고 있다. 미 해군 알레이 버크 제독의 가까운 지인이었던 백장군은 한국전쟁 중 소장이던 버크 제독과 긴밀하게 업무를 함께 했었다. 우선, 두 장성은 대한민국의 동해안 근해에서 육군의 동부전선 전투 중미 해군의 순양함이 중요한 해상사격을 지원할 때, 함께 작전하였다. 이 가까운 관계는 정전협정 당시 대표단으로 같이 참가할 때까지 계속되었다. 상기 사진의 인물은 1951년, 한국 동부해안 근해에 있던 미 LOS ANGELES함 갑판에 버크 제독과 함께 한 백선엽 장군이다. 두번째는 최근의 알레이 버크 추모 행사시 백장군이 주한미해군사령관인 맥퀼킨 미 해군 준장과 함께한 사진이다. 백장군은 한국전쟁시 몇차례에 걸쳐 자신의 초기 임무에 대해서 이야기하고 있다. 맥퀼킨 제독은 백선엽 장군을 깊이 존경하며, 백장군이 자신의 전쟁 경험에 대해에 통찰적으로 이야기 해주는 것에 대단히 감사해 하고 있다.  [USFK Facebook Page]

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  • Kingkitty
    6:03 pm on January 23rd, 2013 1

    Maybe its me but he seems a little older in the second photo

    What do you think?

  • Baek In-je
    1:26 am on January 25th, 2013 2

    i have met the general many times on Yongsan. He is a great guy. When I mentioned that I was interested in his book, he gave me a free signed copy of it the next time I saw him. He is a living legend.
    I asked him to tell me once the most amusing story from the book. He said that in 1961, when Park, Jong-hee took power, some of General Paek’s US Army friends at first thought that it was he who had staged the coup, and were very suprised.


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