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Hours Before USFJ Eases Curfew, E-8 Arrested for DUI On Okinawa

Here is some good news for USFJ servicemembers who just had their curfew restrictions eased:

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — U.S. Forces Japan adjusted its curfew rules Wednesday, pushing back the start by an hour to midnight for servicemembers below E-5 and dropping it altogether for higher ranks.

Servicemembers of all ranks in mainland Japan remain barred from drinking alcohol in public during the 12 a.m.-5 a.m. curfew, according to a USFJ statement.

The Air Force and Army immediately adopted the new policy. The Navy said it was delaying implementation pending further review. In the meantime, sailors must continue to abide by the old 11 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew on all ranks, Commander Naval Forces Japan officials said. [Stars and Stripes]

You can read more details at the link.

Now here is the bad news, an Air Force E8 got arrested for a DUI related accident just a few hours prior to the policy change:

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — A U.S. airman remained in Okinawa police custody Tuesday after he allegedly caused a chain-reaction traffic accident while driving under the influence of alcohol at six times the legal limit, police said.

Senior Master Sgt. Eric Simmons, 41, of Kadena Air Base, was driving after curfew in Uruma at 11:36 p.m. Sunday when his car struck a vehicle in front of him at an intersection, pushing it into a third car, according to a spokesman for Okinawa prefectural police in Uruma. No injuries were reported.

A breathalyzer test detected an alcohol level of six times the legal limit of 0.15 milligrams per liter of exhaled breath, the police said. [Stars and Stripes]

Talk about bad timing.

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  • johnhenry
    7:31 am on February 13th, 2013 1

    That’s a wonderful excuse for driving drunk: “I was on my way to work.” WTF?

  • Smokes
    8:29 am on February 13th, 2013 2

    Why does leadership continue to think that rank is a better indicator of maturity than age? Yes I see the irony in saying this with the 41 year old DUI up there… :P

  • Flunky Brewster
    11:17 am on February 13th, 2013 3

    That reminds me of a true story from when I was in the Army at Fort Hood. Some “tough guy” E-7 who was new to the battalion gave the Friday afternoon “Don’t get in trouble this weekend” speech to the enlisted soldiers, except he gave us an impersonation of “Jake the Snake” and screamed that anyone who was caught doing anything wrong off post would answer to him first thing Monday morning.
    Guess who was DUI-ed later that same Friday night? We heard that he was crying like a baby when the First SGT came to bail him out.

  • Leon LaPorte
    6:22 pm on February 13th, 2013 4

    4. Reminds me of the time I was just about to get a blowjob from a human-trafficed Filipina juicy sex slave, comfort woman, girl – but I farted.

    Who am I kidding? The money was on the bar and the relations continued.

  • jim
    6:34 pm on February 13th, 2013 5

    for the rest of us who like alcohol percent by volume, that equates to roughly 0.19%.

  • Leon LaPorte
    6:55 pm on February 13th, 2013 6

    They are even watering down Makers Mark. Thanks Obama, and/or Bush, or Clinton…

  • Jimbob
    5:27 am on February 14th, 2013 7

    If you drink Makers Mark then you deserve to drink watered-down piss. Meh

  • Denny
    12:31 am on February 16th, 2013 8

    Osprey drops water bottle; Okinawa govt protests

    The Okinawa prefectural government has protested to the U.S. military after a water bottle fell from an MV-22 Osprey aircraft that took off from the U.S. Marine Corps’ Futenma Air Station in the prefecture on Tuesday.

    Ken Kohagura, a prefectural government official in charge of issues related to U.S. bases in the prefecture, filed the protest Thursday when he met with marine corps official William Truax at Camp Zukeran in Okinawa.

    “The incident was serious because someone could’ve been injured,” Kohagura said, asking the U.S. military to take preventive measures.

    Truax explained that the incident was caused by human error, adding that the U.S. military is making every effort to prevent similar incidents, according to Kohagura.

    It is not known whether the bottle, about 20 centimeters tall, fell onto or outside of the Futenma base, the U.S. side told Kohagura.

  • William
    6:59 am on February 16th, 2013 9

    Jokers who decide to drive a vehicle while juiced with alcohol are irresponisble and immature lazy bastards who are more than 10X more lethal terrorists than Al-Queda itself. (10,000 die in USA alone as a result of DUI incidents on the roads per YEAR in USA)

    NO ONE in the military who has been in any unit for more than a few weeks can claim they do not know better. Bullcrap. Jokers want to do what they feel is convenient to them, period and give zero crap about the consequences to others. What assholes! It is entirely to inconvenint to plan ahead and act repsonsibly to these types. Yep, to much of a hassle to ride the bus, pay for a taxi or avoid drinking alcohol, oh the horror of having to do the bothersome thing of getting someone else to get you home…

  • William
    7:09 am on February 16th, 2013 10

    I asked a Soldier who recently got caught in a DUI accident why he drove after drinking. He stated he had drove to the ville to drink several times before and each time took the train home and retrieved his car the next day. this time, he said it was just a miskae and bad decision. no real reason stated why he did that on that day.

    DUI is not a mental disease cured by leader briefings and awareness training. The Army has been doing that FOREVER and has not eliminated this, barely reduced it if anything.

    It simply kills me the senior leadership attitude is Soldiers will want to be exactly like you and blame the DUI on the leader. Sorry, I do not breed DUI drivers. ALL my Soldiers know my view of DUIers as equivilant of national domestic terorists who should be shot by LTs as targets at the next live fire range who need the shooting practice. The deal of wanting to be like the leader only applies when they want to avoid something that the leader is able to avoid, like getting out of PT for a mission or duty. The Soldiers never want ot like a leader who studies his ass off to take 45 Semester Hours of credit in a 3 month period. Never applies in that situation. soldiers NEVER want to save and invest money and NOT spend more than their income. Nope, want everything NOW. That save invest stuff is for the birds and NO ONE wants to be like a leader who spends less than he makes.

  • Avatar of kangajikangaji
    7:14 am on February 16th, 2013 11

    #10: I say Hoo-ah.

  • William
    7:16 am on February 16th, 2013 12

    Here is somethingn else interesting. AR 27-10 (of course this applies to only the Army) states in CH 4 that the commander MAY pursue UCMJ/Courts martial, but will ORDINARILY NOT be pursued UCMJ or Courts Martial against a Soldier who went to civilian court for an offense and received punishment.

    NORMALY NOT pursued, but POSSIBLE.

    So, if say the Commander wants all DUIs addressed by the civilian court system to be addressed ALSO with Article 15 or Courts Martial, the avenue is open.

    Who knows how often or when/if this actually happened in Korea?

    Looking over the Courts martial reports on USFK website, it NEVER mentions someone court martialed for DUI after going through Korean court system.

    Who knows when if anyone got hit with BOTH a court AND an Article 15 for the same offense?

  • William
    7:17 am on February 16th, 2013 13

    #11, Go Speed Racer, Go!

  • Avatar of kangajikangaji
    7:43 am on February 16th, 2013 14

    #13: LOL… he’s getting ready to step into a vehicle…

  • William
    7:54 am on February 16th, 2013 15

    Just saw this news story about a US Air Force Major who allegedly raped his ex-Austrailian GF.

    To summarize the Korean version, the MAJ and the Aussie GF were together and broke up. 5 months later, the MAJ called the GF to meet up again. The GF met him and the MAJ raped the ex-GF. The ex-GF reported the assault to the Military Authorities, but after 5 months, she heard no news about the disposition of the case, so she reported it to the Yongsan civilian Police.

    I see ZERO news of this in the English Korean papers, but it is all over the Korean news on TV and online Korean.

    Suprised I never saw this on ROK drop with all the Korean speakers around and our friend TOM or his replacement…

  • William
    8:03 am on February 16th, 2013 16

    The Maj claims consentual intercourse.

    Of course (no pun intended) there is no physical evidence anymore, (unless she promptly got a SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam) exam somewhere and the eveidence is kept) so she is in a difficult position to get any action of substance if she did not get a SAFE exam promptly.

    Even US Servicemembers who have received multiple briefings on what options are open to them in the case of a sexual assault, even them have a very low propensity to report the crime, like around 17-18 percent.

    Consider an ex-pat living in a foreign land, what do you think is going through their mind as they do not speak Korean. How often will tehy report that to Korean police and collect physical evidence? Heck, even if the victim is a Korean speaking person, what does the police REALLY do in this kind of case? What faith does a victim really have in the Korean Police investigating and the court system prosecuting a rape case?

  • Bobby Ray
    9:45 am on February 16th, 2013 17

    What country is that ex-Australian gal from now?

  • Avatar of kangajikangaji
    10:05 am on February 16th, 2013 18 I translated it all. She’s an Australian national of Korean descent.

  • ::SBS:: US Air Force Major Booked for Raping Aussie Girlfriend- SBS | Kangaji's Thoughts
    10:08 am on February 16th, 2013 19

    [...] William from ROKDROP.COM found this article about an incident getting lots of coveraged in the Korean media and none in the English speaking world. Here is My translation:ROKDROP.COM의 사용자 William에따라 이기사는 한국언론보도는 이기사같은 주제를 다루고있는데 영어언론보도는 거의 없어요. 다음에 글은 저의 번역된 것입니다. The Yongsan police station in Seoul dislosed that it booked a 39 year old USFK Air Force Major Mister J on the 13th on sexual assault charges (Rape) of his ex-girlfriend.서울 용산경찰서는 전 여자친구를 성폭행한 혐의(강간)로 주한 미 공군 소령 J(39)씨를 불구속 입건했다고 13일 밝혔다. [...]


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