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President-Elect Park Visits CFC Leadership

I have a feeling President-Elect Park will be making plenty of more visits to CFC leadership in the future to deal with more North Korean provocations:

President-elect Park Geun-hye yesterday visited the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command and reaffirmed her commitment to the military alliance with the United States following North Korea’s third nuclear test.

Park becomes the first woman president of Korea on Monday – and the first female commander-in-chief of the nation’s military.

In an apparent move to ease concerns about a possible weakening of national security, Park made the visit to the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command and South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff yesterday.

Park, accompanied by defense minister nominee Kim Byung-kwan and Kim Jang-soo, slated to serve as head of a newly created national security office in the Blue House, met with General James Thurman, commander of the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command.

“Despite South Korea and the international community’s concerns, North Korea continued to develop nuclear weapons and stage provocations against the South,” Park said. “I and the government will never tolerate a nuclear-armed North Korea. We will establish a complete system to restrain the North with a strong South Korea-U.S. alliance.” [Joong Ang Ilbo]

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  • Ole Tanker
    6:55 am on February 25th, 2013 1

    Wow! CFC is kicking off early this year! I suppose donations are down due to tax increases:(

  • JoeC
    1:45 pm on February 25th, 2013 2

    I understand they have titled her policy towards North Korea as something called “trustpolitik.” I am not sure exactly how that is intended to be played out. Sounds like Reagan’s “Trust But Verify” which itself was from the Russian proverb “doveryai, no proveryai.”

    Will Ms. Park do a Reagan and stand at the DMZ and say “Jong-un-ya, tear down these fences!!”?

    I know, addressing him by his given name with the -ya suffix in Korean is only supposed to be used in overly familiar relationships or would be considered dismissive and insulting otherwise. But then its hard for me to imagine how they would relate to each other. She is old enough to be his mother. His grandfather’s regime sent an assassin that killed her mother.

    Any meeting between them would have to be heavily chaperoned by his senior handlers.


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