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Should the US Build A Hyperloop?

Now here is infrastructure spending I would support. Hopefully Elon Musk can make this a reality.

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  • Star Jjang
    4:40 am on July 19th, 2013 1

    First, can they? Second, sure if it is a system that is suitable based on the transcontinental conditions of the Americas…

  • John in NY
    7:00 am on July 19th, 2013 2

    I would love to see this up before I die. I wonder how they’ll solve the problem of maintaining speeds during turns and changes in elevation. I can see this zipping through as long as it’s a sustained speed in astraight line but any changes would mean they’d have to slow down considerably. Anyway, if they’re seriously considering it, I’m sure they have some ideas. Wow, I can work in New York, go to the beach in Cali, go out drinking in Seoul and then be back in bed all in a single day.

  • Bruce K. Nivens
    5:53 pm on July 19th, 2013 3

    “There are a lot of benefits to a tunnel, though: ‘protection against sabotage, right of way costs, surface congestion, grade separation problems, and noise pollution go away.’”

    Tunnels can’t be sabotaged? Really?

    As for right of way costs, it depends on property rights possessed by the owners of the land up above, at the surface. In at least some states, your property rights extend up into the sky a certain distance and down under the ground for a certain distance. And you’ve still got the problem of building the tunnel, which in some areas (depending upon the local geological profile) may require opening up a trench and digging/blasting down from the surface (instead of using boring machines), which would definitely involve right of way costs.

    Noise pollution doesn’t go away, either. It just goes underground. A continental-sized infrastructure supporting maglev trains running at hypersonic speeds through evacuated underground tunnels is still going to produce noises/vibrations of some type, even if everything is located underground.

    And then there’s the biggest obstacle of all: The current political climate. We’re in an era where people with money have decided they don’t even want to pay the bills we already have. They’re talking about more cuts in defense spending, including the further reduction of benefits and shifting more burden to military personnel and their families, all so that the rich folks can keep their tax cuts (and maybe get even more). Except for the politicians whose states stand to benefit from the lucrative contracts which would be required to build something like this, I can’t imagine many of them supporting a transportation infrastructure project of this magnitude. Heck, we can’t even get them to allocate the money to fix the potholes and cracks in the interstate highways in some states.

    Of course, this is ROK Drop, and maybe I’m not seeing the solution which is staring us all in the face: Pay the North Koreans to do it. They’re master tunnel builders, and they would probably work dirt cheap for the chance to escape -uh- get away from home for a while. :mrgreen:

  • Conway Eastwood
    9:03 pm on July 19th, 2013 4

    So, this is just a super-fast bullet train? Or what?

  • Simon The Good
    5:36 am on July 20th, 2013 5

    Reminds some of the Super Collider.


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