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Oliver Stone Participates In March Against Cheju Naval Base

Cheju Weekly has a good article about the recent protest march on Cheju which Oliver Stone participated in:

Stone spoke at 7:45 p.m. to what organizers say was up to 1000 people in Tapdong Square as two groups of campaigners met in Jeju City after walking around the east and west coasts of Jeju, respectively.

Stone warned that islanders’ “lifestyles are going to be changed” by the construction of the planned base at Gangjeong, which would bring the threat of war, pollution and crime to Jeju, he said. [Cheju Weekly]

Korea is always under the threat of war so this comment is irrelevant. All those big resorts and tourists on Cheju bring pollution and crime too which has changed the island lifestyle Stone is so concerned about. So why isn’t he advocating kicking them out too?

Stone goes on to repeat the tired old talking points that the base is just an excuse to put an American base in Cheju to attack China from. What is so ridiculous about this claim is that if the US really wanted a base on Cheju to attack China from an airbase would be built not a naval base. This base is being built in support of ROK defense interests with one of them being a base if operations to defend their claim to Ieodo from the Chinese. Like many of other nations in the region the Koreans have to expand their military capabilities to defend their territory from China’s aggressive territorial grabs.

So if Stone wants to protest something he should go protest China’s territorial claims against the ROK instead of his imaginary American base on Cheju.

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  • Robert
    2:57 am on August 8th, 2013 1

    So if Stone wants to protest something he should go protest China’s territorial claims against the ROK instead of his imaginary American base on Cheju.

    Yeah, but it doesn’t sound as cool without the anti-American angle.

  • 2ID Doc
    4:51 am on August 8th, 2013 2

    He’s about as informed on Far East military issues as he is on presidential history…facts be damned he’ll spout off anything.

  • Simon The Good
    7:52 pm on August 8th, 2013 3

    It’s just like the “Jane Fonda/Sean Penn” Hollyweird liberals who show up for any protest without doing any research or having a clue about the issues. It’s been forever since Stone had any kind of hit movie in Korea so his celebrity status probably means more to expats than to average Koreans.

  • Flyingsword
    4:06 am on August 12th, 2013 4

    Why doesn’t he go protest against nK? What and f’ing idiot…

  • IT OUT
    9:23 pm on October 5th, 2013 5

    STONE –BALKED– and folded in his 9/11 project.

    STONE and Hollywood have been –SILENT– thru
    some 4 decades of Globalist—RED China handover.

    STONE and Hollywood have remained —SILENT— on the
    yet unfolding, EUGENICS ‘friendly’ –RED China Halocaust.

    STONE and Hollywood have –BALKED– some 5 decades of
    milestone anniversaries for he awesomely central
    ———————KIOREAN WAR———————-.

    “The turn on event for WWIII will NOT
    be Iran or anything in the Mid East.
    —-The turn on event for WWIII will be
    —————-( circa 2020 ) ————-KOREA.”
    Joel Skoussen
    World NET Daily

    The Globalits funded and groomed and installed MAO.
    The Globalists BALKED vicotry in KOREA to seal off
    their RED China ‘experiment.
    The Globalists were even behind Japan’s 1910 occuptaion.


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