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Uijongbu Subway Incident Soldier To Find Out If His Fine Stands In Two Weeks

Here is the latest on the Uijongbu subway incident:

One of six soldiers accused of harassing a South Korean woman on a subway apologized in court Thursday for the incident as he appealed his fine to the court.

Pvt. Damian Roedl, 20, of the 2nd Infantry Division, told the Uijeongbu District Court he wanted to “just apologize for my comrades’ actions. It was very disrespectful and it was uncalled for, and I’m sorry for all this.”

Roedl was among a group of soldiers who railway police say were acting up on a Dongducheon-to-Incheon train the night of Feb. 2 — playing a “boom box” loudly while dancing and shouting — when a Korean woman in her early 20s asked them to quiet down……………

Roedl was fined the same amount by summary order for “insult/indecent act by compulsion/assault,” according to 2ID. However, he opted to contest the fine because he believes he is not guilty and the amount is too large.  [Stars & Stripes]

You can read the rest at the link, but Roedl will find out if his fine stands on November 7th.

Like I figured this case would turn out, the authorities did not have evidence to back up the initial claims that the soldiers surrounded this woman and molested her on the subway. So instead all the soldiers were hit with a fine for pretty much being jerks on the subway. It will be interesting to see if Roedl gets his fine dropped or not.  I would think it would be depended if the witnesses say he was involved in the initial stupidity on the subway.  If he was minding his own business and just got wrapped up in what happened than I think he has a case.

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  • Smokes
    10:32 pm on October 26th, 2013 1

    Yikes, this is still going on? USFK should require all incoming personnel to sit through a documentary about all the crap like this that’s gone down in the last 20 years. If that doesn’t learn you about keeping off the radar while off-post and the retardedness (heh spellcheck wants me to change this to beardedness) that is the Korean Justice System then nothing ever will.

    Next topic, use “beardedness” in a sentence. ;)

    11:44 pm on October 26th, 2013 2

    Sadly, a documentary won’t teach common sense or awareness of environment. Soldiers should be glad that they at least learn those things in ROK where the justice system for the most part hands out slaps on the wrists via fines.

  • ChickenHead
    3:16 am on October 27th, 2013 3

    “Next topic, use “beardedness” in a sentence.”

    You just did.

  • CPT_Ennui
    5:53 am on October 27th, 2013 4

    Actually I agree with smokes…All the things I should NOT do like rape, play loud music in the subway, show porn on the elevator, fight, etc I learn from rokdrop…or wait was it from my mother? But in all seriousness, all incidents should be shed to light…from stars to the no chevron, from dependents to contractors…everyone is fallible. everyone is accountable.

  • Bob
    7:02 am on October 27th, 2013 5


    Your argument is based on tribalism. Are you as ready to defend American soldiers who misbehave or commit crimes in the US?

  • 2ID Doc
    9:40 am on October 27th, 2013 6

    #5 Bob I think his argument is based in 18-21 year old kids who are generally away from home for the first time in a country where even the subway signs are in a an alphabet he does not recognize. They somehow decide that running amok is acceptable because they see local customs that are not familiar, and try crude attempts to imitate them. Of course Smokes would never defend these actions in the US as the kids speak the language, can read the signs and most of all understand the cultural norms of US society. All that said I do not defend Pvt. Roedl or the other soldiers involved. They acted like total jackasses, especially by Korean standards, and if involved fully deserve the fines imposed by the Korean court system. I’ll never claim to have been a choirboy in Korea, but I was taught to mind my manners growing up and that combined with learning about Korean culture kept me out of trouble in Korea, well usually.

  • Smokes
    8:17 pm on October 27th, 2013 7

    Bob @ #5: I had an argument? I thought it was a sugesstion… I’m only stating that perhaps by just going down the list of all the shennangins that have happened here and how they were handled would be beneficial.

    I don’t plan on defending anyone, that’s the lawyer’s job. Only difference here is that there are situations that will quickly balloon into a major incident that otherwise wouldn’t make page 1 of the local newsette stateside. No better way to impress that on newcomers than showing them how it’s already happened.

    Last version of the newcomer’s video I saw focued on dumb stuff like taking off your shoes when enetering someone’s home, how to shake hands, or that it’s common for same sex freinds to hold hands while walking down the street. Crap you can pick up in any Korea 101 class that’s offered in any of the bajillion places it is. They need to focus on things that keep you from getting your own entry on this list:

    Oh and to clarify when I asked “this is still going on?” I meant this particular incident, not the tom-foolery in general. Figured this one was done and settled.

  • Smokes
    8:19 pm on October 27th, 2013 8

    Gah darn typo made it through. :(

  • Baek, In-je
    8:15 am on October 28th, 2013 9

    A lack of evidence never stopped the Korean courts, media, or people from finding Americans guilty for small infractions. Did the soldiers really try to circle and molest that woman on the subway? Koreans are full-blown liars if they say so, and the sheep we all know they are for believing what they hear in their Make Believe Crap (MBC) Broadcasting Company and other straight up fiction-producing media outlets. Some of the Korean media guys need to go to Hollywood and make good fiction.

  • Judge and Jury
    3:23 am on October 29th, 2013 10

    Roedl is prayin’ for it, but it won’t happen. his conviction will uphold the fine. There ain’t no jury to plead to; judge says pay up – all of it.


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