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ROK Drop’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2013

It is another New Year which means another look at the top stories from the past year on the site.  The below Top 10 postings were all articles that were published on the site in 2013.  These were actually not the most read postings on the site during the year.  That honor goes to my 2010 posting on “Bling Ring” leader Rachel Lee that 41,260 people read last year easily dwarfing any posting that was published on the site in 2013.  Korean penis size (9,677 views), Agent Orange Info (7,530 views), Korean red light districts (6,851 views), the TDC Ville (6,681 views), among a host of other older postings continued to dominate the page view rankings last year.  For those interested the most viewed posting of all-time on the site continues to be unfortunately this picture of the Girls of the Korean Naked News with a 124,013 page views.  The Bling Ring posting though is quickly catching up to it though with 90,746 total page views since 2010.  Considering the time an effort I have put into some of the very in depth postings on the site it is a bit frustrating that some of the most read postings on this site is celebrity gossip stuff that I put little effort into.  It just goes to show this site would be a whole lot more popular if I just posted celebrity gossip stuff and half naked women, but what fun would that be?

ROK Drop’s Top 10 Articles of 2013


1. Six US Soldiers Accused of Sexually Harassing Korean Woman On the Seoul Subway (6,116 views)

The story of how six US soldiers were accused of sexual harassing a woman on the subway was the most read story from 2013 with 6,116 people viewing the article.  I was suspicious of the claims initially and sure enough the story was not what it claimed to be with the soldiers receiving small fines and one even found not guilty of the crime.

2. US Soldier Shot In Seoul After Car Chase with Korean Police (5,803 views)

It is not surprising that the idiots who shot pedestrians in Itaewon with a BB gun and then fled police which led to one of them getting shot was a popular topic last year.  The NCO ring leader of the group ended up receiving a 3-year sentence in a Korean jail for the crimes.

3. Choi Jin-shil’s Former Husband Cho Sung-min Commits Suicide (5,180 views)

The former husband of the famous South Korean actress Choi Jin-sil who committed suicide back in 2008 committed suicide himself in 2013 which ended this strange real life drama.

Choi Jin-sil

4. Former 8th Army Commander General Joseph Fil Has Misconduct Charges Upheld Against Him (5,560 views)

Last year there were many senior leaders in the US military that were brought up on misconduct charges and USFK was not immune to it.  The former 8th Army commander General Joseph Fil had charges upheld against him that found that he and family members accepted improper gifts from Koreans.

LTG Joseph Fil from the Washington Post.

5. High Rise Brothel In Seoul’s Gangnam District Raided (4,518 views)

In Gangnam a Korean man was operating a brothel if you can believe it that was 9-stories high.

6. Military Confirms that the Ville Outside Osan AB is Now Off Limits (4,528 views)

In an effort to change the juicy girl culture in the Songtan Ville outside of Osan Airbase, base leadership put the ville juicy bars off limits that caused protests from the bar owners.  This then caused the leadership to put the rest of the ville off limits as well.

7. Picture of the Day: Yoon Eun-hye Looking Good at Age 29 (4,337 views)

The below picture of the beautiful Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye drew plenty of positive comments from ROK Drop readers.

Yoon Eun-hye image from DF News.

8. 2nd Infantry Division Commander Institutes Alcohol Ban and Other Restrictions Due to Off Post Incidents (4,542 views)

Due to a number of high profile incidents the 2ID command general MG Edward Cardon issued a number of restrictions against his servicemembers continuing this long time trend of showing the Korean public the US military is doing something whenever these high profile incidents pop up.

Maj. Gen. Edward C. Cardon, the commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, center, is greeted by South Korean Army personnel as he arrives at a Korean base near Gimpo in November of 2011. Jon Rabiroff/Stars and Stripes

9. Kim Ki-Hoon, Korea’s Million Dollar Teacher (3,998 views)

The profile in the Wall Street Journal of how a Korean teacher made millions teaching English drew the interest of many ROK Drop readers.

10. San Francisco Bay Television Station Apologizes for Racist SF Plane Crash Gaffe (3,602 views)

After the Asiana Flight 214 crash in San Francisco on air newscasters were tricked into releasing racist names for the flight crew involved in the accident.

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