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Sinclair To Retire as Lieutenant Colonel

This was pretty much expected and not surprising:

A U.S. Army general who became the face of a sexual assault problem plaguing the military was demoted two grades from brigadier general to lieutenant colonel before being retired from service.

Jeffrey Sinclair will be retired at the lower rank as punishment for his inappropriate conduct with women under his command, the Army said in a statement. This is the first time in a decade that the Army has reduced a retiring general officer in rank so severely. [NBC News]

You can read more at the link, but good riddance to Sinclair and hopefully his lying mistress is not far behind him.

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  • setnaffa
    8:12 pm on June 20th, 2014 1

    If they had evidence, he should have been moved to Kansas.

  • William
    8:39 pm on June 20th, 2014 2

    Bust hiz azz to E-MIUNS ONE and have him do CSM detail for a couple years then no retirement.

  • Leon LaPorte
    10:30 pm on June 20th, 2014 3

    He may be a LTC but I’m assuming he’ll still get BG retirement pay. I’m also sure he’ll get a nice contractor job with Cubic, GDIT, or Engility.

  • guitard
    10:59 pm on June 20th, 2014 4

    Secretary of the Army John McHugh wrote:

    Sinclair displayed a pattern of inappropriate and at times illegal behavior both while serving as a Brigadier General and a Colonel. I therefore decided there was sufficient evidence and cause to deny him those benefits.

    CBS News wrote:

    The Army was unable Friday immediately to provide any estimates of how much retirement pay Sinclair might be losing as a result of McHugh’s decision.

    I’m really curious if he’s going to actually lose retirement pay. He came on active duty in 1985, so he falls under the High-3 Year Average Retirement System.

    Does McHugh’s decision wipe out the 36 months Sinclair served as an O-7 (and possibly part of that was as an O-6) for purposes of determining how much Sinclair receives in retirement pay?

    If it doesn’t, the whole demotion doesn’t really amount to much because unlike most retired GOs, he wasn’t going to walk straight into an SES position or be offered those $10K contracts to come to Korea to “observe and provide guidance” for a week during Foal Eagle or UFG anyway. So the only way to really make this sting is to actually cut his retirement pay.

  • Avatar of Leon LaPorteLeon LaPorte
    11:22 pm on June 20th, 2014 5

    4. He’ll be find. Command and staff college is his ticket to ride. But you are right, no cushy, good old boy, general officer mentor jobs.

    But look at a clown penis, abusive scumbag like BG Chuck Taylor who the army had to kick to the curb and from whom 2ID is still recovering and suffering from his ineptitude and general idiocy. He got a nice job as a contractor (he treated contractors like sh1t when he was in) at Raytheon. But at least in his case the system sort of worked. He didn’t make Major General… Of course I wouldn’t have allowed the jack ass to be an E-5 in charge of the wash rack. Charles Taylor was a totally redeemable, pompous, jerkwad. $10,000 Korean gazebo sim center signs were the least of his bad decisions.

  • Flyingsword
    3:49 pm on June 22nd, 2014 6

    As a side note, how much do you think the average contractor makes?

    With every new contract renewal the trend has been decreasing salaries.

  • Avatar of Leon LaPorteLeon LaPorte
    4:11 pm on June 22nd, 2014 7

    6. Many contractors do make less than people think. And of the current trend, that’s true of the technological and worker class but not necessarily true of the contractor aristocracy where LTC Sinclair is likely to land.


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